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Chapter 24 – Departure

The imminent starvation state had been avoided thanks to eating Hado’s soul.

My red right eye returned to its original black color as the tide ended.

Such a relief, I’d no longer have to wear an eyepatch. No need to explain it as an injury when I meet someone who knows me anymore.

By defeating Hado――one of three Burix siblings, I felt one weight that had been attached to me disappear. There were still two to go, but I can’t do anything yet since they were currently not in the capital.

There was still one problem, Roxy. She’ll leave for Gallia tomorrow.

Perhaps only select few servants on the mansion were informed about this. Most likely those who managed other servants.

There was no way I would be told. That made me somewhat frustrated and had been piling up deep down.

Well, to them I was just a powerless human, so what’s the point in telling me? Most likely, Roxy did so out of consideration for other so as not to upset anyone and raise any anxiety.

I hunted several goblins along the way, raising my previously bottomlined stats to an acceptable level. As I walked in the dark toward the mansion, Greed said,

『You want to be trusted while hiding your true identity……such arrogance』

[Shut up.]

『Give it up already. It’s such a bother.』

[Then, shut it!]

People walking nearby were taken aback and gave me scrutinizing looks, since that last sentence was said in a rather loud voice. Unable to handle those gazes, I anxiously rushed back to the mansion.

I sneaked back to my room inside the mostly dark mansion through a window on the first floor.

I jumped to the bed as it is, leaving Greed on the bedside as I closed my eyes to sleep.

This was weird…..

I didn’t feel sleepy even after working myself up taking Hado out.

The swirling thoughts didn’t die out. Afterward, thinking about Roxy caused me to be unable to sleep at all, and morning came before I knew it.

『Fate, let me tell you something good. A first rate warrior can rest anytime he wants. Being disturbed by mere thought, makes you even lower than a third rate.』

『Why do you feel upset? I can’t feel compassion, but you are my wielder after all!』

[Shut up]

『Hahaha, it seems you still have some spunk left. There, it has become hectic outside.』

I was so caught up with myself that I didn’t notice what happened outside. I could hear footsteps from two or more person from the corridor. It was something unusual for the usually prim and proper employees here. This much running, there was only one thing that came to mind.

This morning, other employees finally been told.

I dashed up off the bed and got out from my room.

The sight of seemingly saddened employees entered my vision once I was outside.

I also joined the waves of people and headed to the mansion entrance.

Roxy was being surrounded by a lot of servants.

Almost everyone directly around her was crying.

Roxy noticed me approaching, and called out to me.

[Fate, good morning]

[This……what on earth is happening here?]

She was about to depart for Gallia. I knew that already, but in front of her I still had to ask.

[This morning, and order arrived from the castle, telling me to proceed to Gallia at once. It was a great honor.]

That’s not it. It had been decided from a while ago. Until this morning……this fact had been concealed from the employees in order to prevent the retainers of Heart family from rebelling. The Heart family was loved too much by the people of the kingdom after all.

Most of that feeling was directed toward Roxy who was the head of the Heart family.

Concealing my real intention, I said,

[Today’s Gallia is far too dangerous. Even your father……]

[Indeed it is. But where my father failed, I will prevail.]

[How long will you stay in Gallia?]

[Since there are large number of demon gathering, perhaps 3 years as usual.]

No good. If it’s that long, the Heavenly Dragon will definitely attack. She’ll die.

It was a living natural disaster. It kills people like they were nothing. Holy knights were no exception.

[Don’t give me that face, I’ll be safe. Also, I want Fate to stay working in here while I’m away. That way, the Burixs won’t be able to lay their hand on you again.]

[I’ll also……]

[Fate, what’s wrong?]

I could not say it. I couldn’t ask her to bring me along.

A monster with Gluttony skill. Gaining power from eating his enemy’s soul…an existence that defied the rule of god. In this world, I’m but a sinful heretic.

If this became known, I’ll most likely be rejected. With that thought, my mouth was unable to move.

Leaving me, Roxy soon proceeded.

I wasn’t qualified to stop her. As an employee of this mansion, I could only see her off like everyone else.

[Fate, let’s meet again someday]

[……Yes, good……luck]

Roxy finally left the mansion after saying goodbye to all of the employees. Together with other servants, I remained there until I could no longer see her in the distance.

Afterward, Roxy went to the military district and led the standing by soldiers toward Gallia.


Ignoring the still noisy employees, I returned to my room.

Greed still laid there on the bed.

I had to prepare now. But since I only had one or two sets of clothes, Greed, and the skull mask, the preparation was done in no time.

Then when I finally grabbed Greed again,

『So you have decided.』

[Yeah, I’ll also go to Gallia. Not as her employee……but as a freelance warrior]

『I see』

When I got out of the room, the Head Servant was already there.

There was some sort of certificate on her hand.

[Fate, take this. It’s from Roxy-sama. A recommendation letter for working in the territory.]

It’s what Roxy had mentioned a while ago. However, it’s no longer necessary.

[Pardon me. But I cannot accept it. I will live as warrior from now on.]

I showed her the black sword that is strapped on my waist.

[But…… isn’t your body weak? Becoming warrior is impossible. Take this and don’t say anything else.]

After I stubbornly kept rejecting, the Head Servant took out 5 gold from her breast pocket and handed it out to me.

[I can’t force you, so I guess it can’t be helped. Here is the salary for working here up to this day and the retirement allowance. Use it sparingly.]

[Thank you for the kindness up to now. I’ll use it sparingly.]

Since I didn’t have a lot of money, this gold had saved me a lot of trouble. With this amount I could even ride a carriage instead of walking on foot.

I thanked the Head Servant, then made my leave.

On my way, I met the gardening master. He grumbled [This stupid apprentice]angrily at me.

He seriously thought me as his successor, and planned to raise me well.

Saying our goodbye, master said [If you feel like it, come back here.] to me, which I won’t forget.

After bowing deeply in front of Heart mansion, I began my journey.

I made a visit to the commercial district along the way, buying some preserved foods. I’m a big eater, so a lot of food was necessary.

Oh right. I also need to show my face there. Otherwise, they’ll think I have died, and the barkeep will put flower on the reserved seat.

I stopped by to the regular drinking place. It’s still early so the shop is still being prepared. Did I come at an untimely manner? ……while I was thinking, the barkeeper showed his face.

[What the、it’s still early morning. The bar isn’t open yet.]

[No. I merely came to say goodbye.]

Hearing that, the barkeeper had an indescribable expression, then went back to the shop. What are you going to do….? After waiting for a while, he returned with a bottle of wine.

[Here, a parting gift. The wine you often drink, your favorite, right?]

I laughed instantly. I drunk wine but not because I liked it. The barkeeper also knew this, so this was more of a joke if anything.

[Come visit again next time. I’ll serve different wine than this one at that time.]

[Yes, thank you very much.]

I received the bottle and shoved it into the gap on my bag. It’s already filled to the brim that it seemed like it awas about to burst out.

Reluctantly saying my farewell to my regular drinking spot, I marched on.

Exiting the commercial district now. From here, we’ll go to Gallia by hitching a ride on the carriage.

It’s somewhat nostalgic as I standing here. Carts moving in and out, warriors recruiting for goblin hunting.

It felt like it’s been a long time ago since I first obtained Greed――and started hunting goblins here.

Finishing the procedure to ride in the carriage, I looked back toward the castle. I was a gatekeeper, and everything started when I killed that thief.

And now, I’m about to travel to Gallia, the origin of monsters on this kingdom.

If I say that I was a former gatekeeper, what would people think? Perhaps they’ll simply tell me off as a fool.

[Dear passengers! We are about to depart!]

The carriage I took left the royal capital of Seyfat kingdom.

There were a lot of hardship, but there were also valuable memories there, on that place.

I’ll return back here someday.

Until then, good bye…..

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