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Chapter 25 – Nostalgic Hometown

Half a day riding on the carriage. I arrived at a medium-sized town called Tetra. It was only one-tenth of Royal Capital’s size, but it’s considerably lively regardless.

Because it’s the southern logistic base for the kingdom.

All kinds of products from the south were gathered in Tetra, and merchants from the capital would come to buy these products. It can be said that this is a merchant town.

Gallia was still further southward.

Although I wanted to find another carriage to hitch a ride, it’s almost sunset. The possibility to be attacked by monsters rose at night.

When I actually tried to arrange for carriage ride, I was immediately declined, saying that it was impossible.

Well, it’s not like I’m in a hurry, so let’s stay in an inn for now. Tomorrow morning I’ll come back and continue my journey.

I got quite a lot of money from the Head Servant after working as an employee in the Heart mansion. I won’t be low on money until Gallia unless I splurged. Perhaps she had seen through my intention of chasing after Roxy to Gallia.

That’s why the Head Servant also attempted to stop me.

[Use it sparingly]

I gripped the gold coins tightly in my hand so I wouldn’t drop it as I walked across the merchant town.

I had been here once before. When I was travelling to the capital, from my hometown.

I was driven out of the village back then, so I barely had any money. I remember I had to sleep in the alley back then.

Also, I bought 3 loaf of breads with the little money I had, then travelled to the capital on foot. Back then, I thought that I’ll be able to live well on the capital. But even after arriving there, it was still hard work….

The past that I don’t really want to recall passed my head as I looked at the town’s current state.

It was then, guuuuuu……..

Apparently the insects within my stomach were requesting for food.

I could just eat the preserved food I had brought from the capital, but since I’m already here… let’s give the food I hadn’t had a chance to eat when I was here a try.

Great, there’s that bar with a billboard hanging on a tree. After what I’ve been through today, I could use some drinks, so let’s head there.

I opened the vintage styled door, and entered the bar.

There were 30 seats. It’s actually wider than that bar I frequented in the capital. The decoration was also gorgeous for a bar.

Whilst observing the interior, I sat on the bench at the corner of the counter. That’s the position I always take no matter which bar I visited.

Immediately, a clerk who were wiping the glass behind the counter called out to me.


[Yes……any suggestion?]

[Red wine if you want liquor. For meals, it’s the baked rabbit meat soup with extra butter. All those will cost you 20 copper. How about it?]

[That’s expensive. Someone else will consider it a rip off. Make it 15 copper, then I’ll order.]

Afterward, the clerk told the order to the bar kitchen whily smiling wryly.

I paid the 15 copper in advance, then continued to observe the interior.

Half of the guest were merchants. The other half were warriors. Everyone was fairly well dressed. I can see that they were all people with plenty of money to spend. Is that why the price for the liquor and food were higher?

While enjoying the food that had been finally served, I started to think about tomorrow.

Using the carriage, I can as far south as possible by passing through big cities. I could easily replenish my supplies that way. Because once approaching Gallia, there will be nothing.

After I’m done with my meals, and was drinking the wine, I heard a commotion. I turned around to see what had happened

Over there, there were 6 warrior sitting on the same table looking down to the floor.

A single man was prostrating in front of them.

That man bowed to the warriors several times. And the warrior cursed at the man each time. The more I knew about what happened, the worse my feeling became.

I wouldn’t give a damn if it’s the usual unrelated stuff. But, I recognized that man’s face.
That guy…. Why did he beg to the warriors in this place?

Unaware of me watching them, their conversation continued.

[Because of Gallia’s influence there are a lot of monsters around, and it’ll be too long to wait for the subjugation request to arrive. Here, please take this money, please help us drive away the monsters!]

[Please, if we take too long my village will be annihilated]

[Shut up, try the others! Can’t you see that I’m still eating?]

[Why……Why, won’t you help? The others have also declined……there is only a little time left. Please……please save my village.]

The man bowed his head desperately, then a bearded guy stepped on him.

[If you want to lower your head, do it until it touch the floor. Show some more sincerity. You know, sincerity.]


The man’s tears dropped on the floor. When the warriors saw this, they began to laugh out loud.

After getting tired of laughing, the warrior removed his leg from the man’s head.

[I understand]


[Yeah, but you see, if you petition a subjugation now, how long will it be admitted? One year after I think? Even so, we can march to the mountain now. But you’ll have to pay us 10 gold in advance.]

[That……there is no time to borrow that much money. I only have 10 silver at the moment]

Hearing that the warrior laughed out loud once more. He then took a swig of his beer before replying.

[Then it’s a no. Try another.]

[No way, for once……be a little lenient. I beg of you]

[Nope. Helping you won’t give me any benefit.]

Even so, the man didn’t give up. He banged his head against the floor, and asked over and over again.

Being persistence, the warriors continued to make fun of him, and that only served to irritate me more.

[Don’t be so conceited, you aren’t even that strong. Just shut it.]

One of the warrior grabbed the man by the collar.

[What your village will become, it’s none of our problem!]

The right hand formed a fist to hit the man.

It was the power of a warrior even if the said person wasn’t that strong. If the man took that punch head on, he would surely receive some nasty injury.

Ha.. before he knew it, the bearded warrior’s fist was already stopped by a hand.

[Oh, this level of strength is just so-so.]

[Bastard, you should’ve just watched from the side. You’re finishe……]

I put some strength in to my fingers, and pressured the warrior’s fist slowly.

Soon enough, the bearded warrior was brought down to his knees.

[I understand……I understand, so please let go]

[Then eat your meal quietly. It’s a bother for others.]

[I’ll do so. So please, release my hand……it’s breaking.]

The bearded warrior who understood the difference in our ability obediently sit back on his table, and everyone quietly continue their meal.

I turned toward the man who were asking for help.

Upon seeing me, the man fell back one step. He was unable to hide his surprised face as he put his hand to his mouth.

Let’s just say, he was a childhood friend from my hometown that I didn’t even get along with.

[It’s been a while. Five years has it?]

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