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Chapter 31 – Good City Management

The huge wall gave me a sense of oppression. As expected, a city managed by Holy Knights would feel different from other towns.

That feeling was probably one of rejection. You could almost feel the coldness of excluding everything except for what they believe in.

The carriage entered the city through a huge gate.

[What the… is the city being closed?]

[ Well, since this city is governed by the Holy Knights, a strict class system has been imposed on its people]

The peddler taught me that the classification was divided by the kind of skill a person has.

1. Holy skill…… Holy Knight

2. Attack skill…..Warrior

3. Production skill……craftsman, merchant, etc.

4. Other, unfavorable skills……serf

The holy knights are, of course, of the highest position, followed by the warriors that can fight monsters.

The third tier was made up of those who crafted weapons and armors for the Holy Knights and of those who sold those equipment.

Even here, it’s only about people who were blessed with the skills they were born with.

People with useless skills are at the bottom. Irrelevant skills and also those that don’t make sense are included in this class.

For example, let’s take someone who has a enhancement skill. Even though this person has Magic Strenghtening (Small), if he/she doesn’t have the essential magic talent, then it would be meaningless.

If you have Physical Strengthening (Small), you might be able to beat down a weak monster without having to rely on a skill like One-handed Sword Mastery. But there is a strict combination of skills determined by the Holy Knights that you have to have, otherwise you wouldn’t be recognized as being part of the warrior class.

Deep inside, I felt thankful that I wasn’t born in this city. With only the [Glutton] skill, I’m not even fit to become a serf and would have most likely ended up disposed of.

Good-for-nothings like you will only make other citizens look bad. Aah, that reminded me of my days as the gate guard for the Burix. Similar things are done at a much larger scale in this city.

[Does the class system apply to travelers too?]

[Of course not. If it did, there wouldn’t be any visitors coming here. It would be bad for the city if trade stagnated and there is no flow of people]

[Indeed….I’m relieved to hear that]

[Well, since you are a warrior, I think you could make a living if you decide to live here]

The warriors have better treatment here… However, they have to risk their life fighting monsters.

This means that they are actually mere meat shields at the mercy of the Holy Knights’ beck and call. The Holy Knights created this system. Of course it’s meant to be beneficial to them.

[I still have something to do, so I don’t think I’ll stay here for too long.]

[ I see. But I must remind you, do not speak ill of the Holy Knights at all times]

[ Yes, I’ll keep that in mind]

The carriage was stopped by the city officials. From here, it’s a business negotiation.

[Sonny, here is your pay of 3 silver. Take it.]

[Alright, see you at the border]

[Yeah. At that time, I’ll be counting on you again.]

I still got the money despite not doing anything. Such was an escorting job. It doesn’t mean that we had to have fought. Though I felt kind of weird for not fighting at all, perhaps because of the Glutton skill forcing me to fight monsters from time to time.

I woke Myne who was still sleeping up.

[O〜i, we’ve arrived]

[Eh…one more minute]

[How long are you going to sleep? Wake up!]

When I’m about to wake her up forcefully, Greed suddenly spoke to me for the first time in a while.

『Stop that. Don’t force her to wake up. It’ll be troublesome if she gets mad.』

[Troublesome? What do you mean?]

『If she’s serious, she could make this city disappear without trace. [Wrath] is the best among the Deadly Sins in term of explosive power. So there is no other choice but to carry her on your back. Also, don’t forget to bring Sloth here as well. If you forget, it’s possible that it may escape again』

What the hell, an angry Myne is that scary? How dangerous can it be that even Greed does not want it to happen?

At the very least, he finally opened his mouth.
[So, are you acquainted with Myne?]

『It was a long time ago. I am surprised that she’s still alive……this tenacious woman. Either way, it’s something I can’t get back anymore, should just give up……』

[What do you mean?]

『Dunno, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want to get involved.』

Greed shut himself up again afterwards. I guess if I want to know more, I’ll have to hear it from the person herself. And judging from the way he acted, it will be troublesome for me if I were to know.

But, it’s getting late. I should start helping this girl out immediately.

Concerning the Deadly Sins skills, there must be others like me and Myne. Myne said so herself. As owners of these skills, we’ll naturally be able to feel the another skill owner.

Then perhaps, this feeling I have… may be similar to what Myne felt.

Regardless, I’m heading out to Gallia. I don’t know what Myne wanted from me yet, but I’ll lend her my power just this once.

After that, we’ll walk different paths once more.

I piggybacked Myne who was still asleep. Now that I thought about it, I couldn’t activate my Appraisal skill on her. It’s the same as when we met at the Heart Family territory. The skill was not effective on her.

Then, is this black axe called Sloth the same kind of weapon with a mind like Greed is?

Oh, I could use 《Mind Reading》 to check!


It’s sleeping. This weapon is sleeping. No matter how I poked it, there was no response.

This is bad, I can’t raise it. What should I do with this weapon?

I knew Greed had a nasty characteristic, but this weapon didn’t lose out one bit.

Greed began to laugh through the 《mind reading》skill.

『This guy is sleeping as usual. It’s just that lazy.』

[Can you wake it up? I couldn’t get through]

『Impossible. Only the owner can do so.』

It’s a weapon with weird habit. Just like Greed…. Oh right.

[Hey, now. Please tell me everything you know about weapons like you and Sloth here]

『……very well, in the old days, we were called the Deadly Sin Armaments. We are far superior than those toys called Holy Swords.』

It was stronger than a Holy Sword for sure. Back then, I was able to cut down Hado’s Holy Sword fairly easily.

Moreover, as he went up in rank, Greed could assume new forms. Though it absorbed my own stats to do so, he certainly helped me immensely through the battles I have fought so far.

Sloth might have a similar power, but kept it a secret. Now that I think about it, it lurched the carriage when it was put down. Weight….hmm, it should be more than that. Well, it will show itself once Myne gets into a fight.

Meanwhile, the negotiation between the peddler and the official was over, and the carriage started to move again. Let’s move out so as to not obstruct it.

With Myne on my shoulder, and the black axe as well, it was really a chore. So I just dragged the axe by the handle and carried Myne on my back.

At this rate I won’t be able to stroll around the city, so decided to find an inn first.

Just as I entered the city, I was greeted by well-maintained buildings that betray the usual portrayal of a city’s suburb area. It’s no exaggeration that it’s comparable to that of the royal capital.

It’s truly the opposite of the countryside-like Heart Family territory. This must be how it would be like if you emphasise on building a town rationally.

Going down the road, I was stopped by two guards. Did I do something wrong?

[You must be a traveler]

[Yes, I’m looking for an inn to stay.]

When I answer truthfully, the guards pointed at the opposite direction.

[There is an inn for travellers on that side of the city. Beyond this point is citizen-only area.]

What the!? To think this city imposed such a limitation for the travellers…. It’s too thorough.

Also, I noticed the black tattoo on the guard’s neck. When I tried to ask about it,

[This is a citizen mark, to be exact, it shows that I’m a warrior class]

[Oh… does everyone in this town has similar marking according to their class?]

[Yeah, that’s right. It’s part of regulations. Now, then, please turn back, or I will have no choice but to put you into prison]

No thanks. I immediately headed toward the inn that I’d been directed to. The way this strict city was, was too scary.


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