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Chapter 35 – The Red Lightning

My first attack. The black sword caused a deep gash on its body.

The sand golem’s reaction was a bit slow. The blows from its arms were a real threat, but it didn’t matter if they couldn’t hit. While making it flinch, I continued to carve away at its body.

Moved to its back and stabbed with the black sword. Without stopping, I followed with a horizontal slash.

Ee? What the…. There was no response. I retreated some distance, feeling something was unusual.

If it was a normal monster, their movement would be dulled after receiving that kind of attack. However, the sand golem didn’t show any signs of having taken damage.

[Could it be、this sand golem has a core inside its body just like those sandman?]

『So you finally noticed、after 3 attacks、you still have a long way to go』

[I think I noticed it pretty early though]

In other words, the core turned natural sand into rocks, and molded it into a humanoid form. That’s why no matter how hard I attacked the outer shell, it received no damage since the attack didn’t reach the core. Only an attack that directly damaged the core will knock the body down.

Where the hell was its core located? I thought of a solution immediately, but I had no power to do it myself,

[If we cut it down、it will become smaller]


[Shut up]

Besides, I had other goals in mind. It was to improve my experience in a one on one duel.

Before, when I fought my first Crown monsterーー【The Wailing One]Assault Kobold, I felt the difference in battle experience and thus avoided direct confrontation. Therefore, I used hit and run tactics taking the advantage of Greed’s first rank form the black bow.

I guess back then, since there were people of Heart’s territory on the line, I couldn’t afford to lose in that battle. However, if I continued to fight like that, I wonder if I could survive till this afternoon.

『Well、you can take it easy、and use this as a practice。However、don’t underestimate it……it’s a Crown-tier after all』

[……Ou、you don’t need to tell me that]

Apparently, Greed had the same idea. He liked to joke around. But when it came to battle, he always payed attention to his user, me, properly. Although the way he talked was still as annoying as usual….

『Then、go ahead』

I grasped the black sword, and charged in once more.

The sand golem reacted at once. It raised both of it arms to attack.

Too slow.

I cut away with the black sword and evaded its attack. Then I used that chance to hack at its arms.

As I looked at the two arms that were flailing away in the air, a thought came across my head. This was too easy, wasn’t this supposedly a battle against Crown-tier monster? The ones I fought before were so much harder, this was like cutting meat and those were like crushing bones.

Either because I had enough battling experience, or because the sand golem was too passive. At that moment, while I was questioning myself, Greed warned me through 《Mind Reading》.

『Fate、retreat as far as you can!』

The sand golem acted almost immediately. Its body expanded, then ejected countless rocks from its body in all directions at once at a blinding speed.


A rock larger than my body was moving towards me at a terribly fast speed. I jumped up in the air so that I wouldn’t collide with it.

I was hit by a strong shockwave, and I ended up being pushed back further than I expected.

Even after I landed, I was still rolling slowly on the ground,

[Even its whole body is weapon]

『That’s why I told you to be careful』

I coughed out the blood that had been collecting inside my mouth, while watching the sand golem from a distance.

I was blown quite far away. Perhaps, if I didn’t block the hit with the black sword, it might’ve been an injury where I won’t be able to rise back anymore. That was too dangerous.

Well then. I think I understand how the sand golem fought for quite a bit. This was good training

[Let’s go、that rock barrage、is our chance to aim at the core]

『Fate、use this me well』

The floating core of the sand golem was attracting countless rocks back to it. It started to reform itself.

I changed the sword into a bow, then began my approach again.

I ran across the sands whilst shooting the fire arrows. All of them were aimed at the core, but the rocks acted like a shield and blocked everything.

No matter, that wasn’t the real aim. The winding sand and explosive flame hindered vision.

It was at that moment, I truly aimed at the sand golem’s core.

Before its shape was completed, I had to cut its core. Greed’s shape changed into the black sword once more.

However, before I could get close enough, the sand golem looked like it was about to explode its partially formed body.


But since I saw that coming, now that my eyes had gotten used to it, I should be able to do something with my agility.

『Fate、charge ahead。Don’t back down!』

[I know]

Rocks flying one after another, but I simply cut through or knocked down anything that came in my way.

Again, it tried to block me away from reaching the core.

Sand was kicking up from under my feet.

This was the Sand Golem’s 《Dust Magic》skill. It created a sandstorm, taking me along with it, trying to crush me with the rocks that floated in the air.

Greed responded immediately to the situation, giving me advice. I knew what to do..

『Fate! Scythe form』

From black sword to a scythe. The sand storm was instantly cut down in a single sweep.

The effects of the skill were dispelled. The rocks that protected the core were also falling off after accidentally being cut down by the scythe.

What remained was only the sand golem core. Even if it utilized its dust magic again, I’ll simply cut it down with the scythe. It seemed like the sand golem had ran out of tricks.

And with that, I’d be able to cut the core with my scythe.

I made a huge swing when I tried to sever the core.

『Fate、quickly put an end to its life』

[Even if you say that……]

Knowing that it couldn’t win, the core slipped itself to the ground and made its escape. I was dumbstruck by the escape.

However, you can’t escape far. The Sand Golem had been decided as the main dish today. I’ve stored to much hatred that to miss it, this hatred would not be solved so easily. If I let it escape, another warriors group will eventually come across to it, and damage would surely be incurred.

Even if it’s somewhat impossible, it had to be done. While thinking that I switched to the bow form.

[Greed、I’m going in。Use 10% of my total stats]

『10%? That won’t be enough。We don’t know where the sand golem is。Perhaps, it may even have hidden itself at the bottom of the sand。I’m going to need 20% to pierce that deep』

Unreasonable, as usual. Well, if I don’t do it now the sand golem will only go further away. There is no time to hesitate.

[Understood、please do]

『In order to win、there is no need to worry about losing stats。Good attitude! Then I will take it、20% of your stats!』

Power was drained from my body and entered the black bow. Despite the feeling of weakness, I kept grasping the bow in hand.

It turned into a much bigger, malevolent weapon.

I pulled the string and formed the arrow. Not forgetting to add fire into it.

I took aim at where the core had released itself and made a hole on the ground….then simply let go from there.


Releasing a huge backdraft as usual when I released it, the bow shot an arrow of light that burned brightly. It pierced through the ground, through the hard rocks, all the way into the deepest part.

On its trail, that area of the desert was completely divided into 2 big valleys

And then, the bottom of the ravine turned into a sea of flame. Because it sent up a large amount of smoke, it was hard to breathe for a while.

While wondering if I managed to kill it or not, an organic voice rang on my head.

《Gluttony skill activated》

《Durability+538000、Strength+494500、Magic+311500、Spirit+353000、Agility+120000 will be applied to your stats》

《Dust Magic is added to your skill list》

Oh, not only the sand golem, all the sandmen that the arrow had passed through were also killed in the process. Luckyー!

The Gluttony] skill was also rejoicing after eating another Crown-tier monster. It’s time to show the result for today. I didn’t get drowned by the shock flowing directly into my heart, I endured and endured.

[Gugu……fufu……fuu〜。How’s that、I didn’t ended up like last time、Greed!]

『You have somewhat endured it。But you are still drooling a little』


Wiping my saliva, I used the black sword as a mirror to check my eyes. Both were black.

I was able to control the gluttony skill to some degree, and endured being in a semi-starving state. I think it’s a considerable progress.

Because the starvation of the [Gluttony] skill only gets worse overtime, secretly….I was worried about whether I’d even reach Galia. But with this, I think I’ll be able to manage somehow. I guess the light of hope had become visible.

I heard someone calling out to me. It was a member of the large party from before. Not all of them were here, but it seemed that they reorganize a new party to rescue me, then returned here.

The leader was completely dumbfounded upon seeing the newly rearranged desert before me.

[Did, did you do this……一what on earth……where is the sand golem?]

Then, as if waiting for that right timing, the core of the sand golem fell right in between me and the leader. The core was badly cracked, and the color had turned from red to blue.

[There it is、what’s the matter?]

Well, what’s with that? Anyways, I got to do, how did Greed put it? [Levelling the entire area] into practice.

Maintaining my cool as much as possible, I approached the core and patted it lightly.

Meanwhile, the warriors that has been assembled to help me dropped their jaw, as if they’d forgotten how to breathe.

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