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Chapter 9 Devouring greedily

I was single-mindedly running through the goblin prairie in the night.

And then, whenever I passed by bushes and found sleeping goblins, I swung my black sword Greed to behead their necks.

[Glutton Skill Activated]

[Endurance +30, physical strength +40, magical power +10, spirit +10, agility + 30 have been been added to status]

I have heard the inorganic voice several times.

It’s still not enough. More. My starvation won’t be satisfied from such things like this.

However, I have been running constantly from the Royal Capital to here. I halted my movement and took some time to breathe.

The full moon rose high in the sky without clouds, and illuminated the body of the goblin that I knocked down a while ago.

In normal hunting, to get the subjugation reward, we needed to chop off both ears of the monsters as evidence. However, I don’t have much leisure time to do it, so once my breathing settled down, I stepped over the corpse and began running again towards the next target.

Nn? I heard footsteps running at me from the prairie.

The footsteps on the grass, not only from my back, but also my front, and my sides. There’s a considerable number.

Apparently, while I’m being too focused running around the area, the goblins acknowledged me as a dangerous entity. So they woke-up the other goblins and gathered to crush me who was harming their kind?

While I checked those fellows signs, I moved lower than the bushes.

After that, the footsteps that were running behind me, could be heard one after another.

When I looked around, the goblins have surrounded me.

It seems that there are around 50 of them, it’s quite a lot. Maybe because my eyes have accustomed to the night, I can see the goblins appearances.

The enemies are familiar ones, Goblin Fighter and Goblin Guards.

If I use black sword Greed, I can cut their swords and shields into two pieces.

And also, even if they increased their numbers, I don’t need to prepare a specific strategy against the goblins, especially since I was in a starvation state now.

When I stared at them with my red eyes, the goblins who had lower-ranked status were unable to move at all. I took glances to the surrounding goblins, and when they stopped moving, I hunted them one by one.

The goblins who realized the abnormality tried to escape, but it was too late.

Anyone who saw it might be thinking that killing them are an easy task, but it’s easy because it was me who did it.

And then I cut down the last goblin. The goblins fell down, their corpses laid by one another.

[Glutton Skill Activated]

[Endurance +40, physical strength +20, magical power +10, spirit +10, agility + 10 have been been added to status]

Fuu, I have satisfied it just a little.

I used the black sword Greed that I have polished like a mirror and checked my face.

There are still red eyes.

[I have defeated a lot, but my hunger seems to be unsatisfied…]

I have defeated more than 150 goblins. And yet my starvation state has still not subsided yet.

Greed answered my question, who slowly became impatient.

[How much longer until I became satisfied?]

[Umu. With your current condition, it seems you won’t be able to be satisfied at the goblin level. You should go hunt the high-ranked Hobgoblin]

I accepted Greed’s suggestion, so I went from Goblin prairie and entered the forest in the west.

This place is called Hobgoblin forest. It is said that the goblins who lived in the prairie, after they evolved into hobgoblin, would migrate and live in this forest.

There are three kinds of hobgoblins. Hobgoblin Fighter, Hobgoblin Guard, and Hobgoblin Archer.

About the Hobgoblin Fighter and Hobgoblin Guard, both of them are similar to their Goblin versions.

The problem is the Hobgoblin Archer. Even though their numbers are few, they lurked in the bushes. They shoot arrows from long distances. It’s really troublesome and dangerous because they smeared the arrowheads with their feces, which could cause an infectious disease if it hit.

The warriors in the Royal Capital, even they are fearful when fighting against these Hobgoblin Archers.

I got these pieces of information from the fellow servants of the Heart family, since there was a person who used to be a warrior when he was young and I was taught various things by him during our meals. Most of the information were about his battle experiences – and his bragging, but I listened attentively because it was interesting.

I express my deep gratitude for him, because it made me cautious when advance in this forest.

Since the Hobgoblin are not nocturnal monsters, they must be sleeping soundly right now.
So I just need to kill them while they sleep like I did to the goblins.

Oh, I saw one. There was a Hobgoblin leaning and sleeping against a big tree, its height as tall as me. Its physique was much more muscular and solid than I am.

Although I’m not sure about the skin color because it’s night… As expected of a high-ranked goblin, its color is kinda greenish.

I activated [Appraisal]

– Hobgoblin Fighter – Lv 12

Endurance: 230

Physical Strength: 340

Magic: 110

Spirit: 110

Agility: 230

Skill: Two-handed Sword mastery

Hobgoblin Fighter, huh? There was a big sword on its feet, so its might have used that to attack. The skill is also suitable, two-handed sword mastery.

Its status was not a big deal.

When I approached it quietly, oops, from the other side of the gigantic tree, there is another one there.

I used [Appraisal] even though I could guess what it was based on the shield leaned nearby it.

– Hobgoblin Guard – Lv 12

Endurance: 440

Physical Strength: 220

Magic: 110

Spirit: 110

Agility: 110

Skill: Endurance strengthening (Medium)

Oh, it seems to have endurance strengthening (Medium)? As I predicted last time, there seemed to be a stage in the status enhancement system. (Small), (medium), and then there should certainly a (large) based this flow.

When I finished checking, I first cut off the neck of the sleeping hobgoblin guard. It was dead while sleeping soundly, it passed away without suffering.

[Glutton skill activated]

[Endurance +440, physical strength +220, magical power +110, spirit +110, agility +110 have been been added to status]

[Endurance Strengthening (Medium) has been added to skills]

Well then, one remained… Ah, it seems it woke-up.

The Hobgoblin Fighter seemed to have woken-up because it sense something abnormal and it tried to speak, it might call for reinforcements.

Like I will let that happen. I thrusted the black sword Greed into its mouth where the yellowish teeth lined-up.

[Glutton skill activated]

[Endurance +230, physical strength +340, magical power +110, spirit +110, agility +230 have been been added to status]

[Two-handed sword mastery has been added to skills]

After I devoured the hobgoblin, I was filled compare with the goblin.

If it’s like this, I wish I went to the forest and went straight to Hobgoblins without massacring the normal goblins like earlier.

Since I still felt starvation, I used [Appraisal] to check my own status.

– Fate Graphite – Lv 1

Endurance: 8041

Physical Strength: 8011

Magic: 2501

Spirit: 2501

Agility: 5591

Skill: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind Reading, Concealment, One-Handed Sword Mastery, Two-Handed Sword Mastery, Physical Strength Strengthening (Small), Endurance Strengthening (small), Endurance Strengthening (Medium). 

Well, the night is long. I continued wandering around the forest looking for my next prey.

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