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Standing on top of the highest building in the privileged area from which the entire region could be seen clearly to the eyes of the most powerful, Bai Zemin watched as a hooded silhouette left the nightclub with his back slightly curved forward like that of someone defeated by life.

His body moved softly and disappeared, appearing on the north wall of the base not long after.

Looking at the figure running at lightning speed, raising a cloud of dust behind him before disappearing completely without a trace, Bai Zemin snorted in his heart.

‘You chose that family over the one that could have given you true happiness. You can only blame yourself for having eyes but not being able to see and for having heart but not being able to feel.’

Xuanyuan Wentian abandoned Shangguan Xinyue and the baby in her womb, choosing to stay with his wife and elder son. Was it wrong? It depended from which point of view one looked at it.

In Bai Zemin’s eyes, Xuanyuan Wentian made the biggest mistake of his life and because of that he was going to regret it for the rest of his life.

Bai Zemin looked up and his eyes sparkled as he saw a small white paper rising into the sky. He stretched out his right hand and using Gravity Manipulation drew that paper towards him with ease.

Such a feat might have been impossible to accomplish in the past, but with his soul seal cracking more than before and releasing part of his memories of his life in that 10 thousand year illusion Bai Zemin had become much more proficient in the use of Gravity Manipulation.

Looking at the small piece of paper, Bai Zemin noticed at a glance that it was the one he had written and left next to the black cloak on the dungeon door for Xuanyuan Wentian.

There, the address where his now ex-wife lived after getting herself a lover as well as the place and time that his legitimate son whom he adored so much visited daily were written clearly. 

Bai Zemin turned over the sheet of paper where he had written a simple sentence, and underneath was written a reply that was somewhat complicated to understand.

Bai Zemin wrote: “The one who has tied a knot will have to untie it.”

The reply he received took him by surprise, but eventually brought a small smile to his face.

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“Out of the blackest clouds falls a water that is clean and fruitful.”

A spark of deep blue fire burned at his fingertips, turning the sheet of paper into ashes that rose into the sky before being scattered by the strong wind blowing from afar.

If Xuanyuan Wentian had truly learned and seen what Bai Zemin wanted him to see, then they might one day meet again. Hopefully, if that day came it would not be as enemies not for the sake of the two of them but for the sake of other people.

It was true that today’s Earth was no longer what it was the moment Xuanyuan Wentian lost all contact with the outside, but Bai Zemin was certain that a person like him would eventually find his own way back to the top.

A gentle breeze blew beside a pensive Bai Zemin, and after a brief silence Lilith’s curious voice asked, “Are you sure not to kill him? That person will become really powerful once he breaks the next Order.”

Bai Zemin looked at her silently. His black eyes looked into her ruby eyes for several seconds before he opened his mouth, but instead of asking the question he had in mind he said something else completely different, “Correct your mistakes if you have made any, and guard against them if you haven’t made any… If my choice is a mistake it will be proven in the future, but I am already prepared against it.”

Lilith nodded and murmured that she understood before turning her face to look off into the distance with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Bai Zemin looked sideways at her for a long time before smiling and turning around. It was time to get on his way.

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When he came down from the wall with a leap, Shangguan Bing Xue was waiting for him along with Kang Lan and Bai Shilin.

Shangguan Bing Xue knew what he had done but said nothing about it. In her heart, all the resentment and hatred she had felt for the man named Xuanyuan Wentian had died just as any other emotion she might have felt toward him when she was still a little girl longing for love had died.

If Xuanyuan Wentian ever appeared again and showed the slightest sign of hostility, Shangguan Bing Xue herself would put a real end to it all and unlike last time no one would be able to change her mind.

One day later.

Several people had gathered in the main meeting room of the government building of the only base in Changping District.

Military, government cabinet members, technology developers, magic engineers, soul combat type soul evolvers; they were all gathered there. 

Of course, it was impossible for each and every core existence of the Transcendent faction to physically gather in such a short time so there were dozens of members who were present at the meeting using computers.

The meeting seemed to be at its peak after having been ongoing for the past forty minutes.

“So the existence of Gods and Demons is real…”

“The dragons that attacked America belonged to this faction called the Dragon God Realm?”

“Americans definitely cannot fight against these Higher Existences…”

“Your Majesty, are you sure that attacking Russia at this time is a good idea?”

“Please reconsider.”

“I propose that we meet with these Leaders. Since they cannot interfere directly with our affairs perhaps we can come to an agreement with them.”


Only a small handful of people particularly close to Bai Zemin knew of the existence of beings like angels and demons, the rest were completely oblivious to this information until minutes ago.

Of course, when Bai Zemin revealed the hidden truth to everyone the chaos that arose was not small.

Although he was clearer than anyone that revealing the existence of such powerful beings, real heroic legends, would probably provoke sly foxes who smiled like harmless rabbits to have unfunny ideas, Bai Zemin had little to do in this matter. 

The truth would come out very soon, and if he continued to try to hide the reality from his subordinates it would probably end up causing resentment in their hearts. Besides, by revealing the truth the poisonous snakes hiding in their holes would soon come out.

Bai Zemin only had to bother not to let himself be bitten and not allow those bites to hurt those he cared about. The rest would be a simple task.

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“We will attack Russia within a month.” Bai Zemin slammed the table and silenced the place completely. His eyes roamed over everyone physically present and paused on the computer in front of him for a moment before he said coldly, “Many of our brothers and sisters suffered because of the Russians, it is time we let them pay. This is a decision made so none of you need to try to convince me otherwise.”

“In that case-” Wu Yijun was about to say something when her expression abruptly changed.

Not only she but everyone, whether they were physically present or not, had drastic changes in their expression.

Bai Zemin stood up and the chair he was sitting on exploded into millions of pieces as he stared at the red dot on the screen in front of him.

An image of the world map covered everyone’s screen, and that red dot moving at great speeds moved from somewhere in Italy towards the ocean coast.

Wu Keqian’s face was pale as he exclaimed in shock, “Nuclear missile!”

This was the first time that Bai Zemin or any other important member of his faction received information from a European faction without them really seeking it. But little did they expect that the greeting from the so-far silent Europeans would be the activation of a nuclear missile!

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