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Crossing from Changping District to Yanqing District was not an easy task nowadays. 

After the bridge of over 100 kilometers long collapsed when the Earth went through its second evolution and expanded to more than three times its past size, the great sea between the two districts which connected to the ocean became a nightmare for humans. 

It was impossible to pass through water as the sea creatures there were feral. A simple crossing of what was now approximately 900 kilometers was enough to kill many soul evolvers; particularly because there were creatures like the Jet Fish capable of firing shots from its mouth with the force of a cannon as well as the Kangaroo Shark that could leap over a thousand meters in the blink of an eye to devour its prey and then return safely underwater.

When the army of 20 thousand men led by Bai Zemin arrived at the Yanqing District base they were greeted by the mayor of the place as well as the soul evolver with the highest power there.

“Boss!” Xiao Ming immediately got excited when he saw Bai Zemin and out of pure instinct called out to him the way he used to when the Transcendent faction was no different than a small group of uneducated mercenaries.

Some soul evolvers who viewed Bai Zemin as if he was the God of War could not help but frown when they heard the way Xiao Ming addressed him. Although Xiao Ming was a Second Order soul evolver, among those present there were over 7 thousand Second Order soul evolvers and most of them had never seen Xiao Ming in their lives.

However, all those ugly faces disappeared when they saw Nangong Yi who was well known throughout the faction advanced to pat the shoulder of the unknown man.

“Yo, Xiao Ming You are still as untamed as ever.” 

“Shut up surname Nangong.” Xiao Ming chuckled and slapped his back hard.

Back then it was Xiao Ming and his team who saved the Nangong family’s life when they were being chased by the North Camp. The two always got along well, and since they were both simple men the difference in status at present did not form any gap between them even though the opportunities to sit and chat were practically nil.

Bai Zemin nodded with a faint smile, “It’s good to see that you are well. I heard you married a very beautiful former American reporter? Not bad.”

“Pahahahaha!” Nangong Yi burst out laughing and remarked between laughter and tears, “This dude already has 4 women in his house. At this rate he’ll end up dying of starvation even with how good his payment is!”

Xiao Ming coughed and his face turned a little red at the mention of this.

Bai Zemin shook his head and said nothing on the matter. As long as no one forced anyone everyone was free to do with their lives as they pleased, laws like mandatory monogamy were meaningless in this new world anyway.

“Mayor Kang, it’s good to see you well.” Bai Zemin nodded politely towards the middle-aged man in front of him.

This man was over 50 years old, but thanks to his good nutrition ranging from mutant beast meat, vegetables with high concentration of pristine mana, as well as potions that helped rejuvenation he looked like he was only 40 with some white hair and slight wrinkles at the edge of his eyes.

The reason why Bai Zemin treated this man with some respect was due to his identity.

“Your Majesty, your words are more than this Kang Chan deserves.” Kang Chan bowed deeply without daring to show any disrespect.

Bai Zemin forced a smile and said no more. He looked at Kang Lan, but seeing her shake her head he did not say another word.

This man was actually Kang Lan’s father, and the two reasons Bai Zemin let him hold such an important position in the only base that connected southern Beijing with the rest of China was that besides being the father of a person Bai Zemin trusted, Kang Chan was also surprisingly capable in government affairs and management.

Kang Chan looked at his daughter and nodded with eyes filled with affection. Kang Lan smiled slightly in return and nodded without saying anything.

The relationship between the two was good and there were no inconveniences, but Kang Lan knew that this operation was extremely important for the future of the faction so she did not move forward to say anything as time was of the essence.

Bai Zemin was also grateful with this because indeed, time was tight.

“Mayor Kang, is everything ready?” he asked in a serious voice.

Kang Chan’s face also became serious and he nodded, “This way please.”

Under the guidance of Kang Chan riding a level 10 brown deer and Xiao Ming riding a level 27 Purple Eyes Black Horse, the army of 20 thousand men entered the base.

The survivors there were already on both sides of the large main road with armed soldiers guarding the perimeter. 

“Your Majesty!”

“Leader Bai, crush those Russians and take revenge on our brothers!”

“Look, that’s Lady Bing Xue!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen her in person.”

“Isn’t that Lady Wu Yijun? It is said that out of love she even opposed her family from the old regime, and thanks to her they all now have great positions in our new China.”

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“This… I recognize several of the people there. Isn’t that person riding the Black Lightning White Tiger the Legion Leader Chen He? And that person riding the Iron Armored Behemoth Elephant should be Lady Nangong whose defensive barrier is said to be able to block everything below a nuclear missile.”

“His Majesty’s wolf is the brightest of them all.”

“Yes, that wolf… Wait a minute, did it just bark?!”

“My God! His Majesty actually took a dog to be his mount!”

“Idiot, who cares about that? It’s clearly a very intelligent Third Order mutant beast.”

Several shouts and murmurs were heard from the crowd. Some commented on the leading soul evolvers while others marveled as this was the first time they had seen most of them. For more chapters, please visit

The heavy pressure released by the army of 20.000 men did not dissuade the more daring ladies from shouting their fanaticism towards the men most of them dreamed with.

“How does it feel to be famous and be looked at by thousands of women with heart-shaped eyes?” Meng Qi smiled faintly as she quietly approached her brother. She was riding a Phantom Blue Bird, a level 76 flying beast capable of fighting enemies above level 80 thanks to its ability to turn into mist for short periods of time.

Bai Zemin rolled his eyes and sneered, “What about you? Look at those young men over there looking at you. You’re already 18 now so you’re of marriageable age princess.”

This time it was Meng Qi’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Maybe if you marry her.” 

A voice that lacked emotion sounded from behind Bai Zemin’s back, leaving both him and his sister, as well as everyone else nearby, dumbfounded.

Bai Zemin looked over his shoulder at the little porcelain doll and said with a serious face, “Little Kali, does your little butt is still itching?”

Kali’s expression changed slightly, and although she snorted she said no more as if she was really afraid of getting more spankings. She wasn’t afraid of anyone in the past, but Bai Zemin was the one exception that even if he reprimanded her or spanked her on the butt he couldn’t make her build up the slightest amount of hatred against him.

Mayor Kang raised an eyebrow but said nothing. The complexity of other people’s family matters was not his problem, and although he knew his position was good and his daughter’s even better, Kang Chan was a down-to-earth man who knew there were things he was better doing on account he hadn’t heard.

A few minutes later, the group arrived at the base’s waterfront.

The dock stretched for over 5 kilometers and was surrounded by a total of 6 walls one behind the other so that for the sea creatures to pass through there they would first have to break through the 6 walls before reaching the city. In addition, on top of the walls were over 50 Goblin Magic Cannons as well as 3 thousand heavily armed soldiers waiting for the slightest sign of trouble to turn any enemy into a sieve.

There were several warships at the dock, including luxury ships and large fishing boats moving close to shore. However, the target of Bai Zemin and his army were the four strange-looking ships docked at the edge of the place.

“Thousand Moons Battleship. Its maximum capacity is 20.000 humans. Its firepower is capable of turning even a Second Order Steel Belly Whale into mush. It has a total of 25 cannons on each side and a total of 50 lightning arrow launchers on board to deal with overhead enemies.” Kang Chan’s eyes flashed as he slowly explained, “Its consumption is a bit too much but its capability is unquestionable… Too bad we’ve only been able to build these 4 during all this time, but within 2 years we should be able to have an entire fleet.”

This Thousand Moons Battleship was a weapon of war that was made up using technology and knowledge from multiple sites. It used Rank 2 and Rank 3 metals, had the cannons and launchers that could be built using blueprints obtained from killing monsters, and its construction process was carried over by Bai Zemin when he returned to Earth from Oblon World.

“It will do.” Bai Zemin nodded, and after taking his leave divided the army into 4 groups each group with 5000 men.

Although each Thousand Moons Battleship had a capacity of 20.000 men, one could not forget about the mutant beasts… and since most of them were large in size it was necessary to leave at least 2/3 of the capacity of each ship for the mounts, and although he could send those mounts to the Collector’s Pocket World what Bai Zemin wanted to do was to get these beasts and his men used to fighting in different environments and circumstances since he did not know what they would run into in Russia.

When Bai Zemin boarded the Thousand Moons Battleship at the helm, carrying around 5000 soul evolvers with him, four beautiful smiling faces greeted him.

“Big brother!”

“Big brother Bai!”


“Dadd- I mean, big brother!”

Luo Ning, Xiao Xiao, Wen Yan, and Wen Yun. These four lolis were waiting for Bai Zemin clearly excited.

Bai Zemin glared with stern eyes at the mischievous twin before smiling, “Alright everyone, time to leave. Remember we won’t be stopping all the way so if we don’t fish anything along the way we’ll starve to death!”

Bai Zemin could cross the eastern sea using some of the airships he stole from the goblin race… but any large-scale operation needed resources. However, Bai Zemin was not willing to take resources from his homeland to enemy land as he did not know what might happen there, and therefore, he decided to get those resources on the way.

Food? they could get it for themselves.

Water? That was even easier to obtain.

As for shelter…

Was it necessary to worry about having nowhere to spend the night when Bai Zemin had the Collector’s Pocket World?

With the help of the pink little dolphin Xiao Xiao, several sea creatures from the eastern sea fell prey to the human soul evolvers. One day later, the group crossed the 900 kilometer distance between the south and north of Beijing, reaching the border of Inner Mongolia. 

They had managed to obtain more than 20 tons of meat. Although 20 tons sounded like a lot, in reality it was not that much considering that there were 20.000 evolved human troops and another 20.000 mutant beasts whose appetite was even bigger than that of the evolved humans.

They were now only one district away from crossing the border between China and Russia.

“We should be breaking through to Russian soil in another 3 days at the very worst.” Wu Yijun walked over and drew a line on the map in front of the leaders. She looked at Bai Zemin and said in a serious voice, “From what I am informed, the Russians already know of our actions… so they have prepared a large army to fight us at the border.”

“Oppose and perish, submit and prosper.” Bai Zemin waved his hand and stowed the four Thousand Moon Battleships in his private world before turning to face north, “Nothing has changed. Crush anything that says otherwise than what we say.”

This invasion was bound to be bloody, and Bai Zemin would probably not be frowned upon for a long time. However, considering how bad the current situation was, there were many sacrifices to be made for a tomorrow to exist… therefore, Bai Zemin was fine being the bad guy in the movie if it meant that his precious ones would see a new sunrise.

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