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What Bai Zemin expected, a terrifying explosion that would completely destroy the entire city and kill at least 90% of all life in it, was probably what all the soul evolvers belonging to the Transcendent faction's army were expecting. This was particularly true for Feng Tian Wu, Shangguan Xinyue, and Nangong Yi, as well as their respective mounts. This was because they were the ones who knew best how powerful the attacks they had launched before.

However, not everything always went as one expected and things did not always happen the way one wanted them to.

When the protective energy shield that covered the entire Russian base was shattered after seeing its weak point pierced and then repeatedly hit by such powerful magic attacks, the huge ball of elemental magic that was made up of fire, wind, frost, lightning, and light swelled up as if it was going to explode soon. It was just at that moment that Bai Zemin saw the small golden-colored ceramic plate releasing a bright golden glow before disappearing as if it had been devoured by the union of all the magical attacks.

The already disturbed air currents suddenly shuddered, and as if something or someone was calling or summoning them somewhere else they began to move frenetically toward the same spot.

"And now what?!" Nangong Yi was already up to his nerves as he looked toward the center of the enemy base with red eyes.

"I can't use those gusts of wind at all!" Shangguan Xinyue was surprised as this was the first time this had happened to her since she acquired her skill Climatic Control.

Just above the sky over the base but yet lower than the place in the sky occupied by them, a great whirlwind formed and engulfed the giant magic sphere. That wind quickly began to turn golden in color, and 5 seconds later all the magical power began to be sucked away.

"... You've got to be kidding me." Nangong Lingxin had been preparing to ward off the shockwave that she thought would definitely happen, but when she saw how all the magic was sucked out by that small ceramic plate floating in the sky she was speechless.

That combined attack was enough to shatter an entire city with ease but it was actually suppressed by something so small?! Nangong Lingxin could not believe it; no one could believe it!

Bai Zemin looked at the small golden-colored ceramic plate floating in the sky and without hesitating he launched himself down at lightning speed.

That object was at the very least an Epic grade treasure, but Bai Zemin was willing to bet his underwear that it was definitely Legend grade!

An item capable of absorbing all those amounts of magic and destructive power definitely couldn't be simple. How could Bai Zemin pass up such an opportunity when it was right before his eyes? If there was anything he lacked it was precisely a high quality defensive treasure since he had attack to spare!

Just as he reached forward to take the gold-colored ceramic plate, a cold snort echoed from somewhere in the city. His expression changed slightly when with a buzzing sound the ceramic plate suddenly flew like lightning into the distance as if it had been summoned or called by its owner.

Fortunately, Bai Zemin already knew that getting hold of a Legend grade treasure would not be an easy task. This was because he had his storage ring, which was also Legend grade, so it was no problem for him to guess that probably all treasures from Legend grade onwards formed some sort of connection with their owner's records.

Before disappearing into one of the alleys with the goal of taking that treasure, Bai Zemin's voice sounded like thunder throughout the city and spread out into the distance outside: "Charge! Except for women, children, and the old people. kill everyone without mercy!"

However, his order was not necessary as Shangguan Bing Xue was already leading the troops.

"Soul evolvers first, soldiers second, men at the bottom of the list. Remember that raping women is strictly forbidden even if they are enemies and the sanction is death." Shangguan Bing Xue's voice was already beautiful to listen to in the past, but it was different now.

Her voice seemed to carry some kind of passive charm as anyone listening to her felt the need to carry out her command. Although she was still cold and proud like a queen on the outside and her voice conveyed that coldness, there was now a kind of sanctity or purity and pride different from the past.

"Kali, Meng Qi. You two take care of the heavy weapons of the enemy, focus mainly on the walls." Shangguan Bing Xue extended her snow-white hand outward and a silver magic circle glowed on her palm.

"Ice Aegis!"

An ice shield composed of five different layers being each one smaller than the other but way stronger than the previous one suddenly appeared 200 meters in front of the allied army as the air grew frosty, just in time to receive the more than 20 magic cannon shots fired from the walls.

Boooom!!! Boooom! Boooom!!! Boooom! Boooom!!! ...

Although most of the weapons had already been taken away and the Goblin Magic Cannons on the walls had been given priority, there were still about twenty or thirty cannons waiting to be taken away. However, the Russian army was already retreating and these weapons were abandoned.

The only ones left behind were some soul evolvers who volunteered to buy time for their allies.

After shattering only the first two layers of the five total layers of the shield, Shangguan Bing Xue waved her hand forward. The giant shield flew up and like a missile crashed into the front wall.


There were cries of wailing as 70% of the wall collapsed. The debris flying through the sky froze, and everything 300 meters beyond the front wall was sealed under a thick layer of ice.

Meng Qi and Kali advanced at the same time. The runes on their two mechas lit up and the eyes glowed as if they were real living beings.

The two girls, one big and the other small, jumped high into the sky. Although their robot bodies were hit by a few cannon shots, the thin layer of light blue energy that covered them not only protected them from all damage but also spared them from the impact force after absorbing it and converting it into energy.

Bai Zemin had used the shield technology he obtained from America, the shields that belonged to the defensive system of the Artemis-type war helicopters. These shields could barely withstand the attacks of a Third Order soul evolver above level 150, and as long as they were not destroyed and there was energy the enemy could also forget about damaging Kali or Meng Qi.

Soon, both sides clashed, and the Chinese faction's advantage was evident from the beginning. The strongest did not even have to move as the others took it upon themselves to slaughter the enemy.

Although the Russians were more in numbers, the Soul Power purity of the Chinese soul evolvers was at least double in comparison. This meant that at the very least, the weakest Chinese soul evolver could take on two of the Russian soul evolvers.

Leaving Bai Delan in charge to take care of the troops, people like Shangguan Bing Xue, Chen He, the Nangong brothers, Fu Xuefeng, Cai Jingyi, and others rushed further into the city.

Although they scattered, none were too worried about each other. They were confident that they would be able to take care of their enemies and even provide help to their allies if necessary. Besides, the faster they darted into the depths of the city and reached the important points, the greater the chances of encountering some really powerful soul evolvers or stealing the high-level technology they controlled.

Killing a high-level soul evolver or taking the technology from the other side would definitely weaken the enemy a lot, and the chances of victory of the 20,000-strong army of allies would skyrocket more and more. However, among the Russians, there was no lack of brave and intelligent strongmen.

Wu Yijun had just turned to enter a dark alley to cut across the road when suddenly her skill Danger Sense made all the hairs on her body stand on end like those of a cat. Although she wasn't that good at physical combat, her reaction wasn't bad as she quickly jumped to the side in a frantic attempt to dodge whatever it was that was coming.


The wind blew from the right, and although Wu Yijun managed to dodge the deadly danger she still wasn't agile enough to dodge the enemy's surprise attack completely.

Her pretty face that seemed to be the description of innocence turned slightly pale and a flash of pain shone in her pearl-black eyes. After moving 60 meters away she hurriedly turned around, and while touching her shoulder pierced from side to side she looked at the person in front of her with surprise and caution.

This person was a man who appeared to be about 22 or 23 years old. His hair was dull blond and his eyes were ice blue, but the most striking thing was that his body did not look completely human.

"Queen of Nature, that's the code we gave you in our faction." The man bowed slightly in a gentlemanly gesture and said in a cold voice, "You are so arrogant that you know nothing about us, and that will be the reason you will lose this war. As for you... I fear you will die a horrible death."

Wu Yijun frowned slightly when, to her surprise and disbelief, her self-healing and passive regeneration skills did not work as they normally would. The wound on her right shoulder had clearly been made by something with great penetrating ability, but there was something else Wu Yijun could not see.

"My name is Eugeni Pavlovich and my rank is General. As for why your skills aren't working well..." Eugeni Pavlovich extended his hand that looked like that of a strange insect outwards, and under Wu Yijun's well-attentive eyes a kind of needle wrapped in flames appeared out of nowhere. He pointed coldly, "As I said, you will die. You and your friends were too arrogant to come here without knowing anything about us, but we know a lot about you."

Things like bribing a few people was no problem for a large faction if it was willing to extract large amounts of resources and managed to do it secretly. The Transcendent faction had millions of survivors, so it was impossible to keep them all under control 24/7.

Although Wu Yijun and the others knew there were traitors and were clearing them out bit by bit, this was a time-consuming task and could not be done too hastily to avoid alerting the other side.

As a consequence of all this, Wu Yijun had fallen into a dangerous situation.

Eugeni Pavlovich moved his hand at lightning speed, and Wu Yijun quickly reacted by extending out a hand towards the ground.

The ground split as a large vine over 20 meters in diameter and 90 meters long rose in front of her into the sky.

"It's useless."

The voice of the Russian soul evolver rang out as Danger Sense warned Wu Yijun. She took a great leap backwards, and only half a split second later the place where she was standing exploded as if it had been hit by a grenade.

Wu Yijun watched coldly as her now scorched vine squirmed. She noticed a small spot and immediately understood that the enemy's needle had pierced it from side to side with complete ease, just like her shoulder before.

A dozen fire needles danced around Eugeni Pavlovich as he approached step by step and said casually, "Although I am not yet a Third Order soul evolver and your level is a lot higher than mine, my skills are meant to be mortal devourers of yours. I was injected with human modification serum especially to deal with you after all."

"Human modification serum?" Wu Yijun frowned slightly as she remembered that Evangelien had said something similar before.

"Do you feel it's unfair?" Eugeni Pavlovich extended his hand towards her, and in response, the dozen needles pointed as if ready to pierce through her body, "Don't worry, I've paid the price. Even though my level is so high I will still die in five years if I fail to ascend to the Third Order and later in twenty years if I fail to break into the Fourth Order."

China was not the only country with outstanding and courageous humans who were willing to do anything in exchange for power to survive even one more day. Eugeni Pavlovich was proof that in Russia there were also brave people willing to sacrifice their distant future for the security of a nearer one, particularly because all of them had already lost too much in their lives and did not want to continue losing what really was important to them.

"In your next life you'd better stay at home."

Wu Yijun's black eyes reflected the dozens of strange fire needles flying towards her after the Russian soul evolver said those words.

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