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One of the requirements needed to break the limitations imposed by the time chain?

Bai Zemin sucked in a breath of cold air as he realized that he was probably the first Second Order level 100 soul evolver in the history of creation to have accomplished such a feat.

"Although I have no idea how the others did to obtain the title 'Demigod' it definitely must not have been an easy task to complete." He reasoned aloud as he narrowed his eyes in search of his new and improved records, for although the Soul Record did not exist in this universe that did not mean that Bai Zemin had lost his connection with the system.

Bai Zemin had only obtained the title Demigod after learning four Manipulation-type skills, and one of those four skills was a skill that presumably only Bai Zemin himself and the Soul Record were familiar with; he even suspected that were it not for the fact that Soul Manipulation was an EX-grade skill he probably would not have been bestowed with such a title.

Four Manipulation-type skills, one of them being of a grade never seen or heard of before...

"The soul of a normal soul evolver would not even be able to withstand a single Manipulation-type skill. Only a genius among geniuses with extremely powerful records would be able to withstand the information pressure that commanding a universal law involves." By simply thinking about this, Bai Zemin realized how difficult it was to obtain the title Demigod.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Bai Zemin's lips at the thought.

He couldn't help but chuckle, and as he raised his head to look up at the sky, he muttered, "So, the great Dragon God, the supposedly all-powerful God of Heaven, and all the others are nothing but Demigods..."

However, Bai Zemin soon realized that it made sense.

"A Demigod grade treasure like my Collector's Pocket Watch has its own world and its own rules, rules which even the Soul Record cannot change or interfere with at will. A God grade treasure would probably break all the boundaries of the Soul Record the same way Sirius, Skadi, the Barbarian King, and others did in the past."

It would be a lie to say that Bai Zemin was not relieved now that the distance between him and the proud Upper Existences had closed considerably, even if he was still unable to fight even the weakest among them.

Although Bai Zemin behaved carefree and proud in front of the Dragon God and the rest of them, he was just a young man in his 20s with the weight of the sky on his shoulders as the lives of countless others depended on his existence.

It would be impossible to think that he didn't have any fear and a thousand worries in his heart, even if he never let it show... and he would never let it show.

[Demigod (Title): Your life expectancy is multiplied up to x5 times depending on your level, Order, and the purity of the records that complement and compose your existence. If you are a Leader of a faction recognized by the Soul Record, the cooldown time of your skills and those of your subordinates is reduced by 50% when fighting enemies in a world under your control.]

"Life expectancy x5..." Bai Zemin didn't know how to feel about it as he sighed regarding this passive effect of his new title.

If he failed to surpass the strongest in the cosmos in 5 years, there was at least a 70% chance if not more that his life would be over.

Besides, Bai Zemin did not want a life of loneliness.

What he wanted was to live forever with those he loved and those he considered important.

"But, this cooldown thing is really something else..." Bai Zemin finally began to understand why the factions of Higher Existences fought for control of other worlds every time a neutral world evolved into a Higher World.

Leaving aside the immeasurable amount of valuable resources, simply controlling an extra world meant that faction would control that part of the universe since it would be very difficult to fight against an army whose skills could be used at half the expected time.

If, for example, a faction of Higher Existences managed to control 90% of Higher Worlds it would be equivalent to controlling 90% of the territory within which the Higher Existences were allowed to fight and move with complete freedom... In other words, the factions with the least number of Higher Worlds would not only have fewer resources at their disposal but would also end up being pushed back and eventually surrounded!

As Bai Zemin grew stronger, many questions to his doubts began to be answered automatically.

"The answer will come eventually when I have sufficient strength." Bai Zemin nodded with new resolve shining in his eyes, "Everything will fall into place in due time."

He simply had to keep working hard and not give up in the face of the difficulties that surely awaited him ahead.

"It's okay..." He took a deep breath to calm his heartbeat, and as he clenched both fists, he whispered to himself, "I'm stronger now."


[Air Manipulation (First Order active skill) Level 5: Air Manipulation is the universal law that allows you to control the air and its molecules after becoming one with that law.]

[The scope of the skill depends on knowledge, magic power, Magic stat, and purity of records. Its activation requires 5 Mana points but the consumption may vary depending on its use, being higher but never lower.]


The description of Air Manipulation was enticing and powerful despite its simplicity, but Air Manipulation was only a First Order skill at present.

No matter how powerful Bai Zemin was, if the skill was not strong it could never bring out its true potential.

Of course, this did not mean that Air Manipulation was weak; not at all.

As if to prove his thoughts, Bai Zemin raised his right arm and pointed with his open palm at a three-story building two streets down.

When he activated Air Manipulation, Bai Zemin immediately felt the surrounding winds move according to his will.

The wind gathered in front of his palm at the same time as the coolness of the altered breeze blew his hair and over his face.

"Air Cannon!"



First, a blast of wind echoed in the surroundings as a giant bullet approximately 10 meters in diameter shot out at speeds impossible to follow with the naked eye.

In just an instant, the air cannon closed the distance of approximately 200 meters and struck exactly in the center of the small three-story pale white building. The building practically disappeared the instant it was hit by the air cannon, and its walls crumbled into tiny fragments that flew like shrapnel all over the place.


Bai Zemin slowly lowered his hand with a satisfied expression as he felt the building he was standing on trembling despite the distance he had fired from.

The same skill that Qiao Long used seemed to be a completely different skill in Bai Zemin's hands.

If Air Manipulation in Qiao Long's hands could pierce through the physical body's defenses and leave bloody holes behind, the same skill in Bai Zemin's hands could easily turn a person or even a powerful mutant beast into bloody mist!

It was like comparing a small 9mm to a missile launcher; even the comparison was laughable!

However, Bai Zemin was not satisfied yet.


Approximately two hours later.


[Air Manipulation (Third Order active skill) Level 5: Air Manipulation is the universal law that allows you to control the air and its molecules after becoming one with said law. This can include torrents of winds, rising tornadoes, and even the ability to remove oxygen from an opponent's limbs. It can generate strong winds, storms, tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, etc.]

[Passive effect: The power of Fire, Water, Lightning, Blood, Ice... type skills is greatly boosted when the power of the wind is used in their favor but weakened if used against them.]

[First Activation (Heavenly Wind): During the limited time period of 10 minutes, increases Agility by 5000 points. The body will experience a great degree of pain during and after activation. It consumes 1200 Mana points to activate and although it can be used unlimitedly the consumption, as well as the consequences after each activation, will be multiplied x2 within 24 hours after the last activation.]

[Second Activation (Immortal Shield): Cast a wind barrier using the density around you. The power of the spell is multiplied x1000 when used in conjunction with gravitational, spatial, or sonic skills intended for defense. Consumes 10.000 Mana points to activate and has a cooldown time of 20 minutes after its activation.]


Bai Zemin sat on the roof of the building as he looked at the new Air Manipulation with a big smile on his face.

He didn't dare use the power of Air Manipulation here, but Bai Zemin knew that if he let loose completely he could easily use the wind from a good portion of the atmosphere to give birth to tornadoes and even hurricanes whose destructive power could easily wreck entire cities in a matter of minutes without him doing anything!

In fact, things like breathing underwater were already considered child's play to him.

"With the first activation 'Heavenly Wind' my combat ability just experienced a massive boost." Bai Zemin couldn't help but think of Saint of the Absolute Felix: "I think my movement speed and attack speed might not be much less than his if I trigger Heavenly Wind..."

However, even he couldn't be too sure about it.

Felix was fast, really fast.

Bai Zemin even suspected that he had yet to see his full speed.

"But, this second activation..."

A thousand times more defensive power when coupled with other skills....

The defensive power of Immortal Shield born from the wind density of the atmosphere would certainly be colossal. However, if that defensive power was multiplied 1000 times...

"If I use Gravity Manipulation to build up a gravitational shield around me.... That would be one per 1000..." Bai Zemin could feel his own heart trembling as he muttered under his breath, "I wonder if Ruler of All Matter will count as another shield as well..."

Bai Zemin's face began to turn redder and redder after losing control of his blood flow completely and his heart began to beat at completely abnormal speeds as he realized something.

"I-if it's like this then- Then I could really..."

No... Bai Zemin realized instinctively that it was no longer a simple "could" but that thanks to Air Manipulation, or more precisely thanks to its second activation, a HUGE door had opened for him.

"Immortal Shield's power doesn't need to be doubted even if I've never used the ability before... Now all I need is the right place..."

Bai Zemin knew that what he had in mind was, to say the least, extremely crazy.

However, he simply couldn't calm his heartbeat after he thought about it.

"I can't tell Lilith about it, or she'll go mad at me." He realized that this was no small thing, in several ways.

The whole universe would tremble!

There were many things that needed to be thought of and planned first, and so far it was nothing more than a thought that Bai Zemin had.

However, the more he thought about it the more he realized how possible it was to carry out his plan.

"If... If I succeed then Earth will finally become a world where those damned won't be able to interfere freely."

No... He had to succeed.

Because the consequence of failure was his death.

As for the place...

Bai Zemin had one in mind.

* * * * * * *

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