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Bai Zemin felt the temperature in the area plummet. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a huge ice structure in the distance rising steadily. He also glimpsed what appeared to be countless ant-like goblins doing their best to climb the ice walls in search of an opening.

"So she's already made her move. Not bad."

He muttered to himself as he nodded calmly. His voice was cold and indifferent, like that of a demon from hell out for blood rather than the voice someone usually used to praise somebody.

At his feet, Geminder's body lay limp and if it weren't for the groans that escaped from his mouth occasionally or his tear-filled eyes informing that he was still alive, anyone would have thought he was a corpse lying in the middle of the road.

Geminder used both his hands in an attempt to stand up, but his legs would not respond no matter how much he ordered them to move. He couldn't even muster the slightest amount of strength to stand up, let alone walk.... No, instead of saying that he failed to muster the necessary strength, it would probably be more correct to say that Geminder couldn't even feel the existence of his legs.

The entire lower half of his body was completely cut off from the sensory nerves of his brain! He had lost all sensibility completely and even pain was no longer something to worry about!

"Wh- What did you do to me...?" Geminder asked in what could only be described as a terrified and almost meek voice. 

That high and mighty voice he had used in the beginning, when he met Bai Zemin face to face for the first time could no longer be felt anymore and even his anger-filled voice had completely disappeared. The current Geminder was like the polar opposite of his past self and did not seem to have the same pride he enjoyed and brimmed with before.

Bai Zemin looked at him with his eyes looking down, not even bothering to lower his head a millimeter. 

Geminder's body was curved into a peculiar angle, impossible to reach unless one's body was literally invertebrate. Blood was constantly pouring out of his back, staining the ground on which he lay red.

Furthermore, the thorn protruding from Bai Zemin's deep black armor on the knee was stained with blood and his right leg also had a large gush of blood running freely down to his boot.

He didn't even bother to answer back to Geminder. In Bai Zemin's eyes, Geminder was no different from a corpse at this moment. If previously he was willing to let him go to avoid major losses and for the long-term good, the current Bai Zemin would not let the goblin in front of him go alive even if the world collapsed before his eyes.

Geminder had said words that Bai Zemin could not tolerate let alone forgive. If what the main leader of the goblin army in the northern area of China had done was just insult him or threaten his life, then Bai Zemin would have simply scoffed just as he had done with all the enemies who eventually ended up falling to their knees in front of him.

But what Geminder did was threaten the safety of his family, the ones most precious to Bai Zemin and the very reason he fought in the first place. His family was the motive why Bai Zemin did not collapse even now despite the great burdens his seemingly formidable but in reality extremely fragile back bore. They were the reason why despite being only 20 years old he was acting like a mature old man most of the time.

Therefore, anyone who threatened the safety of those important to him, even if it was just empty words that Bai Zemin believed would never be carried out, was something he could not tolerate. However small the possibility, Bai Zemin would not let go of any uncertainty of such magnitude.

Slowly, he turned and faced the gazes of Inac and Kreir.

The last two leaders of the goblin race standing stared at him as if they were looking at a monster. Neither of them dared to attack Bai Zemin at all. If even Geminder who was twice as powerful as them was crushed as if he was an insignificant ant; then it was clear to both Inac and Kreir that they would not be able to change anything even if they tried.

Inac's most powerful attack proved it, being casually parried by a kick from Bai Zemin. 

The human didn't even turn his face and simply kicked his weapon!

As if that wasn't enough, it was still controlling those strange but lethal blood threads to take the lives of hundreds of goblins per second! Even now, the goblins were still dying one after another, and the army of previously close to 100,000 that had stayed here had now been reduced to less than 60,000!

"You two... Just leave." Bai Zemin waved his hand impatiently as he looked at Inac and Kreir before saying casually, "By the way and just in case... Take these filthy beasts with you and run, run as far away as you can before I change my mind."

"..." Inac's eyes flashed strangely when he heard this and he secretly exchanged glances with Kreir.

The goblin archer seemed to have thought about something when he suddenly raised his bow and activated his skills to power up his attacks before launching without warning an extremely powerful arrow that didn't miss at all with the previous one.

His target was, of course, Bai Zemin!

Inac was sure that the reason why the human before him had uttered those words was because after demonstrating superior and overwhelming power on such a scale, he had most likely exhausted himself completely and could no longer fight!


Inac suddenly frowned as he felt a huge amount of sharp pain from his chest. He lowered his head in confusion but a moment later he figured it was better not to have done it.

The powerful arrow struck 'Bai Zemin', causing his body to explode into pieces. However, it wasn't blood and flesh nor was it bone fragments that flew everywhere; it was only tiny flashes of lightning that flickered for an instant before disappearing.

"At the end of the day, a beast is still a beast no matter how smart they look." 

Like the voice of the demon, Bai Zemin spoke indifferently from behind Inac.

His fist had completely pierced through the skin of the goblin archer. Not only did it pierce the skin on the back, it also completely destroyed the left shoulder blade and went even deeper, destroying Inac's heart and smashing past the lungs exiting through the front area of the body.

By activating the second ability of Lightning Movement and creating a perfect clone of himself in conjunction with the skill Invisibility, Bai Zemin had switched places with his clone after he said those words. Then, he used Shadow Blink to blink at the shadow of the goblin farthest away from him but closest to Inac before finally taking advantage of the goblin's roars and cries to camouflage the sound of the lightning flashing on his body.

Inac didn't even notice when Bai Zemin had appeared at his back and by the time he launched his arrow, it was too late for regrets.

[You have absorbed the Soul Power of Second Order 'Inac' level 74....]

Bai Zemin waved his hand casually, sending Inac's lifeless body flying and finally freeing his arm stuck in the goblin's chest cavity.

Without a word, Bai Zemin's indifferent gaze fell back on Kreir several dozen meters away; a distance that for beings with the high Agility they possessed could be closed or extended in just an instant.

"I'm leaving! I'm getting the hell out right now!" Kreir shouted anxiously as his fear-filled eyes met Bai Zemin's and for the first time in his life he wished to never meet with someone ever again.

"Just get the hell out of here, you scumbag." Bai Zemin replied calmly.

Kreir didn't dare to challenge the patience of the demon in front of him and hurriedly let out a shrill howl towards the sky. 

The goblins that were being slaughtered stopped stupidly trying to charge forward and paused at the leader's call. As if it was foreseen, the more than a thousand blood threads also stopped and ceased slaughtering the green-skinned creatures; these blood threads had cut the bodies of so many enemies that blood was constantly dripping from them, which made them visible to everyone and they had already lost the surprise factor a long time ago.

Even those goblins that were a kilometer outside the base and more than three kilometers away from the central battle site stopped their assault on the ice bastion erected by Shangguan Bing Xue after hearing Kreir's call. They all looked towards the base with their ugly faces and mouths slightly open before they began to run quickly in that direction, completely abandoning the mission they seemed so determined to complete no matter what.

Bai Zemin watched all this from the side and his heart trembled with lingering fear as well as envy.

Fear because if a goblin of the Third or even Fourth Order were born among the goblins, then that supreme existence would immediately obtain an army that would listen to it and carry out its commands without hesitation. 

Envy because he longed for an army as orderly as that of the goblins. Obedient to the point of ignoring their own wills. Even though he knew that such a thing was not possible for mankind, it did not stop Bai Zemin from wanting such a thing.

Kreir took a last sidelong glance at Geminder, who grunted on the ground and looked at him with bloodshot eyes as if he wanted to swallow him alive for being a traitor. Then, ignoring the gaze of the former main leader of the goblin race, he looked at the corpses of the three goblins who less than ten minutes ago were standing and enjoying overwhelming strength just like his own.

After doing so, Kreir once again howled towards the sky before running off into the forest in the distance without even looking back.

The Unclassified goblins and the less than ten First Order goblins that managed to survive from the blood threads hunt looked at Geminder for a second before following in Kreir's footsteps. 

Because Geminder had been terribly weakened by Bai Zemin's relentless attacks, his Soul Power had been suppressed accordingly. Therefore and as a consequence of this, Kreir's Soul Power seemed to be much higher so that all the lower goblins followed him and obeyed without hesitation.

It did not take more than two minutes for the goblin army to completely disappear from Bai Zemin's line of sight. They had arrived in a mighty and ostentatious manner with numbers approaching 150,000 which included dozens of First Order and even 5 Second Order beings. However, less than ten minutes later, that huge army left again, except that not all of those who arrived left.

Most of the First Order goblins had been slaughtered like flies, the Unclassified goblins were destroyed and would have been wiped out in their entirety in a couple more minutes. Even four of the five leaders leading the goblin race, four of the five most powerful Second Order existences had fallen like dogs; among them, the main goblin leader had even been captured alive by the enemy.

Bai Zemin surveyed the chaotic battlefield that was finally silent once again and a sigh of relief escaped from his mouth, letting out all the heavy air in his lungs.

The first large-scale confrontation between Bai Zemin's faction and the goblin race had finally concluded. The final result had been the overwhelming victory of the humans, achieving a perfect record of 0 deaths!

All this was achieved only with the perfect union and synchronization of two people; a man and a woman!

* * * * * * *

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