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On the ground.

Magic skill after magic skill was activated; lightning arrows, earth pikes, fireballs, ice cones, wind blades, summoned beasts, poison clouds. The soul evolvers of the human side who focused on Magic and Mana as their main stats stood on the high walls of the base and used each of their skills with practically 0 rest as they could not afford it; every time a skill with a predetermined cooldown time became usable again, it was immediately cast even if it was to end the life of just one more enemy.

The cold flash of the swords glittered on the lugubrious battlefield. The corpses of the mutated goblins piled up to form mountains even though individually they were small and occasionally there was some red blood mixed with the green blood of the creatures, forming small puddles that in a matter of seconds joined with several more to form pools of blood, pools of blood that in a matter of another few seconds joined with several more to form lakes, and those lakes soon converged to form rivers.

Although the humans fighting against the seemingly endless sea of goblins were unquestionably fewer to the point that the difference was simply incalculable, 80% of the goblins that charged towards the base were goblins that had just been born recently, and forget about carrying weapons, they did not even have any hides to cover their naked bodies.

These newborn goblins were between level 5 and level 10, so weak that a single attack from a soul evolver of level 15 or higher could take out several at the same time. If a First Order existence attacked an area, then at least all goblins within a 50-100 meter perimeter would be wiped out.

As for the attacks of powerful Second Order soul evolvers….


The earth shook fiercely when Zhong De’s giant mace turned the body of a First Order goblin into flesh paste before smashing the ground in front of him. Cracks of great size and thickness spread out with the point of impact as the center and the 500-meter diameter crater began to spread wider and wider.

Goblins shrieked and cried as they fell into the cracks before being crushed by those falling behind them. The more fortunate ones simply turned into blood mist as the shockwave that extended over 700 meters reached them.

Zhong De took a deep breath and as he raised his mace towards the sky, he roared mightily, “Follow me!”






The group composed of approximately 200 soul evolvers roared like a single machine and without hesitation followed in Zhong De’s footsteps, moving deeper and deeper into the sea of goblins. The eyes of the warriors were bloodshot, none of them could be bothered with things like elegance and they simply slashed with their swords or stabbed with their spears in all directions; at the end of the day and regardless of where they decided to aim, a goblin at the very least would definitely be hit as not even 5 seconds had passed since they entered the wave of enemies before they were surrounded.

Zhong De was like a meat grinder. Every time he swung his heavy two-handed mace and even before the true blow struck, the bodies of the goblins that crossed his path would blast out into blood mist after being smashed by the powerful air cannons that were generated by the pressure resulting from the weight of the weapon and Zhong De’s monstrous Strength.

However, there were also powerhouses among the goblins.


Zhong De’s eyes suddenly widened as a goblin different from the rest managed to parry his attack. Being caught off guard, Zhong De had no choice but to take several steps back; each step he took was so heavy that his footprints were firmly imprinted on the ground.

The goblin that had tried to use the other goblins as cover and attack the human unawares was also forced back. The eyes of the creature widened with a tinge of surprise, and as he looked at the human male he couldn’t help but praise in a hoarse voice, “Human, you’re strong. Not bad!”

The expressions on the faces of the human group following Zhong De closely turned ugly as their seemingly unstoppable charge was halted. With their steps now stagnant, the group was forced to press even further into the small territory they held as they slaughtered the goblins that hopped towards them with fierce grins on their ugly faces, trying to suffer as few injuries as possible and avoid death.

Zhong De looked over his shoulder and figured that at this rate, they would all be exhausted to death. Therefore, after a deep breath, he gave the Second Order goblin in front of him a cruel glare; fortunately, the level difference was not something he could not deal with thanks to his very pure Soul Power.

Approximately 6’6″ or 6’7″ tall, leather armor, scaled helmet, and what appeared to be the femur of some sort of mutated beast. The Second Order goblin had a peculiar appearance but one that radiated strength from his muscles and the vicious flash in his bright yellow eyes made it clear that he was not one to mess with.

Under normal circumstances, Zhong De would need a few minutes to deal with this kind of enemy, but if he was willing to pay the price things might be different. A wild glint flashed in his eyes as he stomped the ground beneath his feet, and by the time the cracks began to widen, Zhong De had already turned into a brown flash charging straight at the goblin that was as big as him.

The Second Order goblin was no slouch either and when Zhong De charged forward, he did the same, turning into a flash of bright green light.

“Beast Strength!”

“Double Weight!”

Both Zhong De and the Second Order goblin activated their respective skills before swinging their weapons straight ahead.

However, the eyes of the Second Order goblin widened in shock as he realized that he had made a mistake. The Second Order goblin believed that his fearless on the battlefield was big enough, but it was clear that the human he was up against today was even crazier!


Zhong De’s eyes were like those of a beast and the roar that came out of his mouth sounded more like an animal howl than words said by a human being. He changed his hand movement at the last moment, and using all the strength of his wrist swung his mace straight towards the goblin’s head in front of him, ignoring the giant bone that in an instant would hit his left side.


The head of the Second Order goblin exploded in the same way a watermelon would explode if someone threw it from the tenth floor of a building. Even at the moment of his death, the creature couldn’t believe that he would meet such a lunatic!

However, even though the Second Order goblin had died, the movement already made did not slow down at all.


Zhong De’s body was struck full on by the white bone, and at the same time as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, he was sent flying like a kite whose string had been cut.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!….

All the Unclassified goblins in the trajectory in which Zhong De’s body flew exploded into hundreds of pieces and their broken limbs flew everywhere.

“Team leader!”

“Team leader!”

“Quickly, help team leader Zhong!”


Those being led by Zhong De went into a frenzy at the sight of the person who had saved their lives on several occasions for as long as this war had started being sent flying; life or death unknown.

Despite the rush of the human soul evolvers, the pressure of thousands upon thousands of enemies simply rushing towards them willing to exchange their lives for at least a bloody scratch was simply too heavy, therefore, it would still take at least a few seconds for them to reach the place where Zhong De’s body had fallen.

But the problem was that by that time, Zhong De’s body would have already been eaten by the goblins surrounding the entire area!

It was just as everyone despaired that a fierce roar thundered from the midst of the sea of goblins.



A powerful explosion wiped everything a few hundred meters around and the goblins turned into a bloody mist that quickly gathered in the sky after merging with the even bigger blood cloud floating on the battlefield.

“Team leader!”

“Team leader Zhong!”

“Hahahaha! He didn’t die after all!”


The now 192 soul evolvers practically burst into tears of joy when they saw Zhong De standing a few hundred meters ahead of them.

Zhong De’s body was a complete mess. His plate armor had completely broken off on the left side and several not-so-small cracks had spread all over the armor’s body. He could feel that he had at least two or three ribs practically pulverized and his internal organs had been damaged at a medium level at the very least.

However, the smile on the young warrior’s blood-covered face revealed that he was very satisfied with this kind of result.

In fact, Zhong De laughed out loud and shouted ignoring the pain, “Hahahaha! Big brother Bai, I, Zhong De, owe you another life from now on!”

Only Zhong De understood his joy and the meaning of his words.

The fact that he had survived that attack was not due to his own pure power; it was all thanks to the boost that all of his stats had received when the power of his Loyal Follower subclass came into play after his life was in mortal danger.

Zhong De gritted his teeth and as he ran towards his group, making a bloody path as he swung his mace in wide arcs that only aggravated his condition even more, he roared again, “Brothers, sisters! Let’s kill all these foul goblins until not a single one of them is left!”





The eyes of everyone were fierce and no one said anything about retreating even though they had all suffered wounds of varying magnitudes. No one thought about stepping back, because behind them were their homes, their families; the small space of land they wanted to protect.

Actually, this kind of scene was not only happening in the battlefield led by Zhong De.

Nangong Lingxin, Wu Keqian, Sun Jun, Feng Hong, Feng Tian Wu, Liang Jing, Teng Hua, Zeng Yun, Chen He; all Second Order existences led troops into the sea of goblins and risked their lives while fighting against millions. Many of them had already faced one or more Second Order goblins and had suffered in one way or another to finish the fight as fast as possible because they lacked time, not what they had to spare.

A fleet consisting of 139 battle tanks, 321 IFVs, 953 military vehicles with mounted machine guns, and approximately 300 bulldozers split into four groups and charged into the sea of goblins under the protection of 2000 armed men carrying electromagnetic rifles that had been brought from the ruins.

The humans were giving their all in this war of a magnitude never before seen by anyone present. They had no choice but to give their all.

This was because it had been approximately 20 minutes since the fleet of goblin zeppelins had appeared.

The goblin zeppelins were the terror that forced the humans to leave the defense and jump into the attack in search of an end that was not yet in sight.

Indeed, the battle on the ground was fierce… But the battle in the sky was several times worse!

Amidst the clouds of mana and furious lightning, accompanied only by 10 combat helicopters, a single beautiful woman of only 22 years of age was bravely and decisively facing the air forces and the strongest troops of the enemy faction.

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