Boku to Kanojo ni Furu Yoru - Volume 1 - Chapter Pr

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It was the memories of a distant day.

That no longer was an event which had drove to oblivion. However, it was an event elaborated in the days gone by indeed.

The boy, met the Makai Jutsushi.

Stricken by despair, the boy was heartbroken. Before his despair stricken expression, there was a girl dressed in an all black outfit.

"I am, a somewhat officious Makai Jutsushi!"

With that mischief way of smiling, the face of the girl was very impressive. Considering it — that was probably the guy's love at first sight . At that time the girl's visage was burnt into the boy's mind with his eyes, never again to be forgotten.

The girl swang her hand once, and from her fingertips light grew, then struck the fround.

It was solidified to the shape of flower.

The girl spread her hands, myriad flower of light bloomed around the surrounding. The flowers emitted light brilliance like no other, it was seriously a fantastic scene of myriad petals whirled up in the wind.

Was only by watching it, the boy forgot the sadness until now, and was fascinated by the mysterious power.

"This is the power of Makaiju"

The boy asked toward the little boastful girl. About how himself can activate that power. The girl who heard the words of the boy, was seemed taken aback a little.

"Huh? Is it also possible to you? Yes. With hard work, I think that it can be done. Your talent is likely"

That being the case the boy's answer was decided. By that power the boy was completely — no, had been a captive of the girl was the reason.

"Hmm? Do you want me to teach Makaiju? Yes. Very well. Only while I am in this city however, I'll teach so if that is alright with you"

The boy was delighted. A new power that came to hand, and from now on will be able to meet with a beautiful girl, both of it was the happiness.

"Then...the first step of the class — first, from now on call Tea-Meister"Teacher" for my callings.


Meister. It means "Teacher" in German. With a little shy the boy called out Meister"Teacher", the girl blushing more than the boy.

"Ugh, it is embarrassing......but, alright, a good feelings it is"

Looking at the shy and joyful girl, he thought something warm inside the chest of him seems bursting out.

Thus the boy and the girl, it would become the continued secret meeting of the two.

Currently, the boy was fighting. Desperately, struggle of one's life at stake was unfolded.

However, that didn't mean unfolded in a bloody mortal combat. Because there was no appearance of the other party to fight. In other word, the boy was fighting, because he himself through the age of fifteen years had build an opponent called reason and common sense.

Bang, the sound of explosion shook the surroundings. In front of the boy's look, passenger cars that were parked on the street exploded. Whether it ignited the fuel, the car was burnt and elevate the orange colored flame as it was.

"Wha-what, is that, exactly?"

Unbelievable, the mind of the boy was full of thought.

The boy while escaped, few moments ago, was ruminating the sight he saw in the city — it was a strange duo. The whole body was hid covered in mantle and hood, two people in the strange appearance. The two them were fighting in the middle of the city. But it was not just a fight. The two danced in mid air, it is as if they had been doing as much of the destruction in the city while holding out the lightning and flames from the hand!

Not a magic trick, it was a sight that does not seem nothing but supernatural no matter how one look at it. It was the strangest, in spite of the city there, there was completely no appearance of others. Even if the sun had sank, per hour became dark such as that, it was abnormal that there was no one in the middle of the city.

Had feel the abnormality the boy meant to flee however, the mysterious person was aware of the presence of the escaping boy. The witness would not be forgiven in that kind circumstances, the boy only became the one that was pursued since then.

He would had ran much longer. It was feels like being chased for many hours, actually at best would be less than ten minutes time. The approaching terror from behind had derailed the sense of time.

And, this time the vending machine that was in the transverse explode. From within parts of the machine, debris of the exploded cans, and juice inside it scattered around.

Even while screaming as to overlap the plosive sound, the boy did not loosen his leg to escape. Even if his legs

didn't stop slightly, he would be killed at that moment — his survival instinct had told so.

While running, he saw the back in an instant. Come chasing him, Dark red, the the tall phantom wrapped the whole body in congealed blood colored mantle. The face was not known because the head also same with the hood's color the phantom were wearing but, the height was easily over two meters. The phantom moved as if gliding, soundlessly came after the boy. Whiten that, each time the elongated arm was extended out from between the cloak, around the boy occurred a new explosion.

The boy decided to fled to the alley with resolution. For the boy it was the only advantage, that was the place which can be called the home ground of his. The town which he had been lived for fifteen years from birth. There was not any road and street in this town that the boy never walked. Because even an intricate alley, was no different than a garden for the boy. It was a strategy utilizing the geographical advantage against the opponent.

It was ridiculous the boy running trough between the alleyway. That area was a consequence of unplanned urban development, that was why the alley assembly like a maze. Once went astray, it was enough to make even locals struggles to get out. If it was run away there — the boy was so confident.

Five minutes that he ran the alley — turned around, verified that there does not seem to be any sign of pursuers figure behind, the boy finally got an afford to fix his breath.

Stand by leaning his back to the wall, the boy with the uniform sleeve wiped away the spout out sweat.

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