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The next day.

Joelson and Elena were already on the street.

It was crowded at the moment, and many pedestrians were hurrying along the huge street.

At this moment, Joelson was really starting to size up the city.

It hadn’t rained last night, but the ground was as wet as if water could be wrung out.

The floor tiles were made of marble, and there were many dirty stains on them.

It seemed that the sanitary conditions of the underground city were not that good.

The air was very humid, but the temperature was very cold.

Elena subconsciously scrunched her shoulders up, trying to hide her neck into a warm coat.

Elena somehow found a pair of crutches for Joelson, but he didn’t say anything and just used them.

He couldn’t suddenly tell her that his legs had suddenly healed after seeing this pair of crutches.


Joelson sighed helplessly in his heart.

As expected, if a person told a lie, he would need to use another ninety-nine lies to make up for it.

If he had controlled his actions last night and told Elena directly, he would not be so embarrassed now.

With his crutches, it was much easier for him to move. He did not need Elena’s help. Without the help of the sleigh, he could move around by himself.

Of course, this was only from Elena’s perspective.

Elena and Joelson walked on the streets of the underground city.

Not far away, a young man in a suit was very polite, which attracted Joelson’s attention.

It wasn’t that the young man was handsome but that he was handing out flyers.

On the flyers, there was information about the auction.

For this unfamiliar underground city, Joelson needed to understand all kinds of information.

After all, there was information about the resplendent gem, and he could not let go of any information.

If he really missed the news about the resplendent gem because of his carelessness, then Joelson would really chase after his chest and stomp his feet. He would be vexed for a very, very long time.

Narrowing his eyes, Joelson’s gaze suddenly flickered.

With the support of magic power, Joelson was still able to clearly read the content written on the flyer even though they were dozens of meters apart.

The general content was that an auction would be held in an auction house owned by the Kardas family in the outer city soon.

At that time, many treasures would appear. Hopefully, everyone would be willing to come and participate in the auction.

“Joelson, that guy in front seems to be handing out something.”

Elena pointed at the young man in a suit.

“He should be handing out flyers.”

Joelson was about to tell Elena about the contents of the flyer.

However, when Elena heard that he was handing out flyers, she immediately became interested. She hurriedly trotted towards the direction of the young man who was handing out flyers.

Joelson had no intention of going over. He just held onto his walking stick and waited for Elena.

Not far away, Elena chatted with the young man in a suit for a while and immediately ran back.

Elena’s small face was filled with excitement.

“Joelson, guess what news I heard!”

Joelson raised his eyebrows and said in a calm voice.

“I guess you heard that the young man is a flyer bearer. He is from the Kardas family, and his status is not very high. The flyer bearer is because his family is going to hold an auction.”

“There are a lot of treasures in the auction. I hope everyone will participate.”

Elena was stunned when she heard what Joelson said. The expression on her small face was very interesting.

“Joelson, how did you know?”

Joelson shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe my eyesight is better. I can see the contents of the leaflet clearly from this distance.”


“Mr. Joelson, since you know, why didn’t you tell me? You made me come here for nothing.”

“Didn’t you run away before I even opened my mouth…”

Joelson said helplessly.

Elena seemed to have realized that she was a little reckless, so she stuck out her little tongue.

“In that case, let’s go to the auction.”

Elena said to Joelson.

Hearing that Elena was going to the auction, Joelson raised his eyebrows.

Why did this girl suddenly go to the auction?

Shouldn’t their target now be the resplendent gem?

Seeing that Joelson was extremely puzzled, Elena couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Mr. Joelson, I guess you just looked at the flyer from afar. You must not have seen the back part of the flyer.”

Joelson was a little puzzled and asked.

“What’s printed on the back of the flyer?”

Elena took out a flyer that she had just taken from the young man from her pocket and handed it to Joelson.

The front of the flyer was exactly the same as what he had seen earlier.

However, when he turned the flyer upside down, his pupils constricted.

On the flyer, there was a picture of a resplendent gem!

The meaning of the resplendent gem to him was self-evident!

This was an existence that he had to get his hands on.

Since the resplendent gem was most likely related to the Kardas family, it was necessary for him to make a trip to the auction that was about to start.

Joelson held the flyer tightly, deep in thought.

Standing aside, Elena looked at Joelson in puzzlement, not disturbing his deep thoughts.

How much snow crystal coins was a resplendent gem worth?

Joelson thought to himself.

Although Elena was indeed a little rich and didn’t even blink when she bought the medicinal herbs for more than 5,000 snow crystal coins, 5,000 snow crystal coins was child’s play compared to the resplendent gem.

Joelson conservatively estimated that if the Kardas family knew the use of the resplendent gem, they would need at least one hundred thousand snow crystal coins to obtain it.

One hundred thousand snow crystal coins was already an astronomical figure in the outer city of the underground city.

Of course, this wasn’t much to the current Joelson, even though he didn’t have a single snow crystal coin.

But if he took out any of the treasures in his storage space, it would probably be enough to exchange for an extremely exaggerated number of snow crystal coins.

But if he did that, it would definitely attract attention. This wasn’t what he wanted.

At this moment, he and Elena were in the underground city. Everything was very unfamiliar. Before he could find out about the enemy’s situation, he felt that it was better to keep a low profile.

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