Bu Sha - Volume 11 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 : Let’s go find Liola

“Hey! I say, can you guys stop being so excited? I don’t care if you’re just researching, but don’t tell me you’re really going to use this magic. If you destroy this secret base, Barbalis will skin you all alive.”

Kaiser said loudly, but on the other hand, his eyes were racing. He finally realized, out of ten people who research magic, nine of them have problems in their minds. He had originally thought only his great-grandpa Gle was a psychopath who would research magic circles to destroy the world. He had never thought, after arriving at the Aklan School of Magic, he would find such psychopaths in the world weren’t rare at all.

No wonder the Magicians would be extinct, because they were all impractical lunatics! Kaiser, for the 3588th time, cursed these Magicians who had nothing but magic between their eyes and the back of their heads.

Originally, these two thousand something Magicians were still gritting their teeth at the Great Devil King Gle, accusing him as the main reason why Magicians declined, and something about him being the unforgivable culprit. However, the moment Kaiser used Gle’s magic circles, one could not imagine how fast their attitudes changed!

Gle immediately turned into the greatest king of Magic. Though their title for Gle remained identical as before*, but their tone of voice changed dramatically, changing from a discriminatory voice to an incomparable respect. The Magicians even wanted to go to the other world to welcome back the greatest highness himself.

[T/N: Literal translation: Big, magic/devil, king. Because the word “Demon” in Chinese, can be interpreted both demon/monster or magic, their name for Gle changed from big demon king to big magic king, even though the characters are identical.]

To this, Kaiser only made one response, “You crazy?! This world is messed up enough with just a Dragon Emperor. If we add another ‘Great King’ to the mix, we’ll be close to the end of the world.”

Kaiser looked at a bunch of frenzied Magicians, and he felt quite a headache. Nevertheless, these people were indeed specially discovered by Barbalis; their potential were amazing, and they quickly learnt to handle Gle’s magics. Kaiser believed that, before long, they would definitely make a horrifying bunch of dangerous people.

However, these Magicians all seemed to share a common “illness” among Magicians: they liked research, and they had little interest in actual combat.

Kaiser even had to use his great-grandpa’s magic as bait to make these Magicians practice battle with Knights.

Could such a hurried training be enough to defeat the large Knight armies of the Dragon Emperor? Kaiser was unsure, but one thing he was sure of, whether victory or defeat, many of the Magicians and Knights in front of him would be consumed in the tides of the upcoming battles.

Thinking about this, Kaiser felt heavy in his heart. He wasn’t at all prepared for the atrocities of war, and he even believed he couldn’t possibly ever be prepared. Nevertheless, for his companions, he had no choice but bury his nervousness under the disguise of a ruffian’s smile.

Got trouble? Look for Kaiser… at least he had to made them feel Kaiser was always behind their backs! He held his fist tightly, and yelled again loudly, “Hey! You bastard, stop sneaking out for research! Go back to training with your Knight! Or otherwise you won’t be attending my next lesson on magic circles!”

Kaiser clamored, but without directing his words at anyone in particular. Strangely enough, a few Magicians ran panickedly out of the crowd, and they pulled their robes as they ran towards the training grounds, fearing that they might not be able to learn the magic circles.

Kaiser raised his eyebrows. There were more than two thousand Magicians here, only God knew he couldn’t have possibly kept track of who ran back. Nevertheless, whenever he occasionally yelled like this, there were always a few idiots who ran back to practice obediently. Tsk, these idiots were supposed to be the talented Magician geniuses. It must be a very fine line between idiots and geniuses.

Surely enough, the only true genius was the one and only Kaiser… or so Kaiser thought to himself.


Kaiser tilted his eyes, and said lazily, “What?”

Daylight sprinted over, and grab ahold of Kaiser, then began running. It was so abrupt that Kaiser almost flew in the sky like a kite in Daylight’s hands.

“What? What? Help! This guy is kidnapping me!”

Kaiser yelled loudly. Unfortunately, the surrounding Magicians backed off as they saw Daylight charging by, letting him go completely unhindered. There was no one who wanted to rescue such a noisy prisoner.

Daylight grabbed this “kite” back to his room unimpeded. After he closed the door, Daylight turned around to see, the two blue-eyed men were already staring at one another.

The gold-haired, blue-eyed man seemed to be unhurried. He looked at Kaiser with a relaxed attitude, and he would occasionally make a face, which made Daylight rather confused.

No matter how much he was unwilling to, Kaiser still spoke, and he asked depressedly, “What did that guy do now?”

“Who?” Mizerui acted as if he were puzzled.

“Who else?! That trouble-loving bastard who turned on his own words!” Kaiser was so mad that his hairs were almost standing up. He kept pacing back and forth while murmuring, “That jerk. I already have enough to worry about, and if I get anything else, I will be bald soon… If he causes me anymore trouble, I-I will go pull out all of his hair! So he can be bald with me!”

Daylight couldn’t refrain from bursting into laughter.

“Too bad! You wouldn’t be able to pull his hair this time. He’s technically not the culprit behind what’s happening now.” Mizerui smiled as he looked at Kaiser’s head full of green grass, imagining it turning into a shiny bald head. Mizerui’s smile grew bigger and bigger. Seriously, it actually made him want to cause more trouble for Kaiser.

“Technically not the culprit? So he’s the accomplice?” Kaiser grabbed his hair, completely forgetting he was just talking about his balding problems moments ago, “What exactly is happening?! Stop trying to torment me!”

“The Dragon Emperor has sent an army to fight Miluo.” As soon as Mizerui said what he said, a Magician and Knight froze next to him. He added, “And our Prince Silver Moon is the one leading the army.”

“Dragon Emperor attacking Miluo?” Kaiser frowned even more. He murmured, “They’re on the same side… Ah! I know, they’re having a fake war!”

Kaiser jumped up, and yelled loudly, “The war is just a cover up. The truth is, the Dragon Emperor was about to annex Aklan into his hands!”

Mizerui nodded with satisfaction. Kaiser indeed lived up to the best advisor Meinan trusted; he had quickly grasped the truth of the matter.

“Then it shouldn’t affect Liola much, since there’s no danger at all.”

After spending three seconds thinking about Liola’s situation, then judging it to be harmless, Kaiser decided to put that on the side, and began to think about the situation with Aklan. If Aklan were to fall into the Dragon Emperor’s hands, he figured, the lunatic would never let it go again. Truthfully, there weren’t enough people of importance on Kaiser’s side to demand Aklan back.

If Qiusi didn’t wake up, even if the Dragon Emperor were to offer Aklan, the representatives wouldn’t even dare to accept! Though Meinan might have controlled the real power of Aklan, but to those representatives, Meinan was nothing.

“We do really need Qiusi after all…” Kaiser frowned, and thought… wait! Something as important as the Dragon Emperor attacking Miluo would not take long to reach them. If so, why would Mizerui come all this way to simply tell them this?

Kaiser looked at Mizerui skeptically, and he looked up and down as he said, “You… look like you have a lot of time on your hands?”

“Me? Why would I have a lot of time? The Dragon Emperor now knows I’m a spy, and I’m busy trying to avoid being assassinated.” Mizerui said with a laugh, completely unlike a person who was worried of being killed.

“If you’re so busy, why would you come all the way to tell me something I might know in the next minute? Hmm?” Kaiser raised his voice towards the end of the sentence, to indicate his extreme mistrust.

“Aiya!” Mizerui acted innocent, “I’m worried about you guys, so I couldn’t wait to come and tell you that.”

Kaiser’s expressions changed dramatically; his face was filled with a disgust like he had just seen poop. He waved Daylight over, “Daylight! He said he’s worried about us! The wanted criminal Mizerui would actually worry about us! No one could possibly believe that. Tell me, do you believe him?”

Daylight glanced at Kaiser, then at innocent-looking Mizerui. He felt a bit helpless like he was stuck between them. He smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know.”

Kaiser waved his hand impatiently, then turned to look at Mizerui, and said with a showdown tone, “Fine, fine, stop playing. Tell us now why you’re really here!”

Seeing this, Mizerui put away his innocent expression, and he said with a smile, “I’m here to see if there’s anyone who’s interested in sneaking the successor off during the chaos of war.”

This sentence sounded like a thunder, and it completely froze Kaiser and Daylight. A few minutes had past before Daylight finally looked happy. Nevertheless, he looked towards Kaiser with uncertainty, and the latter began to think after the shock. Sneak Liola away during the chaos? But, if Liola wasn’t willing to leave, and called in reinforcements to capture them, they might have a hard time escaping. After thinking about this, Kaiser began to frown again.

“This time, I will help you.” Mizerui said lightly.

Kaiser quickly turned his head, then yelled, “Are you telling the truth?”

Mizerui lifted his eyebrows, as if he was unhappy with Kaiser doubting him, “Yes, really.”

Kaiser jumped up, and yelled, “Then what are we waiting for?! Hurry, go bring that guy back. I’m going to pluck all of his hair!”

“Great.” Daylight cheered as well. They could finally get Liola back. He said excitedly, “I’ll go grab Meinan and Purity.”

“No!” Kaiser and Mizerui both said in unison.

Daylight, who had already turned around and was about to leave, froze and then asked, “Why? They want to go save Liola too.”

Kaiser shook his head, “They are both too important, and we can’t risk their lives. Meinan has control over the people in the Aklan secret base, and Purity is the Red Commander’s precious daughter. If they were to fall into the Dragon Emperor’s hands, everything will be terrible.

“But there’s no way they wouldn’t get involved.” Daylight frowned. He, too, knew the specialness of Meinan and Purity’s identities, but had he been in their shoes, he would never stay behind.

“That’s why we can’t tell them.” Kaiser glanced at Daylight. Undoubtedly, Daylight wouldn’t stay behind, so he said directly, “So us two will go.”

Daylight nodded, just like Kaiser had predicted, without a bit of hesitation.

“Great! Then let’s go.” Mizerui suddenly said.

Kaiser paused, and asked back, “Now?”

“Of course.” Mizerui didn’t seem to think of it as strange. He shrugged and said, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t now.”

“W-Wait! Isn’t that way too fast? I haven’t even written a will yet… wait! What the hell am I saying?! I mean, I haven’t told them what to do if I die… Damn! Why can’t I say something not so ominous?” Kaiser frowned, with frustration on his face.

“Shut up! Are you saying you’re doubting what I do?”

Mizerui seemed to be full of confidence. Without another word, a few rays of light shone from his hand, and a bright magic circle appeared in the air. Without waiting for the two’s reactions, Mizerui walked into the circle, not caring about whether they followed.

Daylight looked at Kaiser, waiting for his response. Kaiser buried his face into his right hand and cried, “God, you’re raised by my great-grandpa Gle… who the hell wouldn’t doubt you?!”

Daylight smiled, and he had understood Kaiser’s decision. Without any further hesitation, he turned and stepped into the magic circle…

* * *

The blue skies were completely clear, and the sun rays were fierce enough that sweat was running down everyone’s back. The air was also tense, without the slightest breeze. It was as if the heavens and the earth noticed the tension of the situation. The skies were filled with mounts and Knights, and no one had ever seen as grand of a scene as this.

Three thousand Knights with flying mounts flew by. Of them, two hundred had gold lining on their uniforms, eight hundred with silver lining, and the rest had blue linings. A formation and an army like this could only be formed from the base of all Knights — the Dragon Empire. Nevertheless, before today, nobody could’ve guessed the Dragon Empire could form such an impressive army.

It was probably enough to take over the world… that is, if there were no secret base organized by Qiusi and Barbalis and their 2400+ Magicians, 900+ Sorcerers with special abilities, and if there were no Gladiolus and his Knights.

On the other side of the Knights was the airspace above the Aklan capital. It was filled with flying lesser-Dragons, and the ground was also covered by restless lesser-Dragons. This place used to be a crowded city, but now one could only hear the angry cries and footsteps of the lesser-Dragons.

On the other hand, the Knights stood by with discipline, and only sound from their side was the sound of their Dragons flapping their wings.

Though there was no sound, but one could tell from their passionate eyes, how much they wanted to raise their weapons and exterminate these evil lesser-Dragons. Some were even fantasizing whether they would be the hero who would drive the heart into the Black Dragon King.

Everyone was waiting for the successor’s voice.

“Hey, what do you think we’re waiting for exactly?”

Yiyu asked his brother with a whisper. He had already been impatient while standing on his brother’s Water Dragon. However, when no one else was moving, he couldn’t just simply charge in. It’s not like he wanted to be on a suicide mission, but waiting for such a long time had made him quite frustrated. He was looking with dissatisfaction at the successor ahead of him.

Yizhou’s patience was far better than his brother. He was practically admiring the successor. No one had ever heard stories where the commanding officer was standing at the absolute front of the army, especially when they were only one kilometer away from their enemies. To these flying lesser-Dragons, one kilometer was only a matter of a sprint.

“Ah, ah, the Prince is just way too handsome.”

Flower, despite her bad temperament, didn’t seem impatient at all. She could spend her entire life watching that handsome back.

“Bit**.” Yiyu grunted.

“What did you say?” Flower’s seductive eyes slowly turned around, but a vein could be vaguely seen on her forehead.


Yizhou quickly reminded, because the successor had finally moved. The white Dragon slowly flew around, and the successor, with a black Knight’s uniform, had a solemn expression. His thin lips slowly opened, and said lightly, “Is everyone ready?”

Despite how quiet he was, all three thousand of them heard clearly.

“Yes!” The Knights answered thunderously with their high morale, as if they were shouting with all the emotion bottled up inside from waiting.

Did they need tactics? Probably not… Silver Moon thought to himself. They weren’t here for a battle, but instead a massacre. Moments ago, Idojin had already used magic to inform him, the strongest group of lesser-Dragons had already been called back to Freesia by Miluo. The only ones left behind in the Aklan capital were simply cannon fodders, so all they needed to do here was simply perform a thorough massacre.

A massacre would allow the Dragon Emperor to acquire the Aklan continent, let the Knights awaken the boiling fighting spirit in them that had been asleep for long, and let the whole world rest, because they would think the Black Dragon King would have failed.

To Silver Moon, massacre was simply nothing but a visit to his old profession…

With a fatally beautiful shine of silver light, the Broken Silver had been unsheated. The silver light reflected off the eyes of every Knight present, to the point where a bystander couldn’t tell if the Knights’ eyes were shining or if it was the flashing light of the Broken Silver.

Broken Silver pointed straight at the place occupied by the lesser-Dragons. The silver-eyed man yelled with a crisp voice, “Charge!”

Almost at the same time, all the Knights shouted. Be it bloodlust or passion, everything would turn into a sharp sword that would make a river of blood run through the capital city of Aklan.

The Knights charged by Silver Moon, towards the restless lesser-Dragons. Silver Moon no longer had any emotions on his face. He fully understood, at this time, he didn’t need to fake anything else. The bloodthirsty Knights could no longer see him in their eyes. Other than the blood of their enemies, nothing else could attract any of their attention.

Silver Moon stayed still quietly, as if the killing and shouting around him had nothing to do with him. When the first Knight who charged up to the Aklan city plunged his sword without any hesitation into the body of a lesser-Dragon, and then pulling it out, large amount of blood spilled out. The whole world seemed to have turned black and white, and only the bright red color of blood could bring the world any bit of color. All the Knights went into a frenzy and charged forward as if it were a race. The lesser-Dragons began to counter-attack, but they were no match for the strong Knights…

As the roars of the Dragons continued, the metallic walls of Aklan city were now more like waterfalls of blood. The corpses of the lesser-Dragons had been stepped on and torn into pieces. The red from the blood and muscles of the lesser-Dragons looked as if it formed a thick, colored carpet on the ground. It was nauseating yet had a strange appeal.

“Yizhou, quickly! Let us go kill!” Yiyu yelled with excitement on his face.

Yizhou shook his head. Although he loved battle as well, he knew the mission of the immediate Knights was to protect His Highness, and they can never leave his sides under any circumstances.

“You! Whatever, I’m going to go and kill.” Yiyu didn’t seem to care about what his brother’s response. He wasn’t a Knight after all. He used his levitation, and threw out a few fireballs he had prepared impatiently.

When Yizhou frowned and was about to call back his brother, he heard the successor’s voice.

“You can all go.” Silver Moon said lightly.

Yizhou turned around to look at the successor. Since the successor had given the order, and he remembered the successor’s strength had far surpassed his, staying to protect the successor was indeed fairly pointless. Therefore, it would be better for him to follow orders and go to accumulate his combat experience.

Thinking about this, Yizhou nodded, “Yes, sir.” Then quickly flew forward to rendezvous with his brother, so they could cooperate with one another to kill.

At this time, only Silver Moon stood alone outside of the battlefield. He didn’t not receive an order from the Dragon Emperor to kill lesser-Dragons himself, so he didn’t move. He was simply waiting for the moment when this ground-staining massacre would end.

He didn’t like the smell, the smell of blood. This made him remember Qiusi’s blood… Silver Moon’s hand shook slightly. What was he thinking? He… was actually “thinking”? This was not allowed.

Silver Moon drove the thoughts out of his mind. Cold and heartless, was all an Assassin should have.

At this time, a lesser-Dragon panickedly flew away from the battlefield. Silver Moon remembered, this was a specie called Pterodactyl….

When the panicked Pterodactyl saw a Knight alone, its animalistic instinct reacted, and it charged at Silver Moon. Silver Moon’s eyes flashed, and Broken Silver mercilessly cut the Pterodactyl into two halves. The warm blood sprinkled from the air. The White Dragon did not move because it did not receive an order to do so, and the blood fell on Silver Moon and the White Dragon…

* * *

“Hmm, I saw a bunch of beasts running on the ground. They look a bit like the transformed Baolilong.” Purity said with a sniff.

“They are Earth Dragon.” Kaiser observed and concluded.

“Kaiser, what about the snake that’s about a dozen meters long with spots all over its body?” Liola asked lightly.

“Dragon Snake.”

Meinan asked with a shake, “T-Then, the ones flying in the air, with thin wings like a bat, and a thin and long face, what are they called?”


* * *

Was this his illusion? Yizhou didn’t know what to do. At first, he saw a Dragon charging towards the Prince, and he instinctively turned around to rescue, even though he knew it wasn’t needed…

Sure enough, as soon as the lesser-Dragon reached the Prince, he had already neatly split the Dragon in half. Yizhou saw much blood spilled towards the Prince, but he did not dodge. ‘Was there something in the Prince’s eye…? It was Dragon’s blood, right? It’s not, and it can’t be, his tears.’

What reasons were there for the successor to cry in such a clear and complete victory?

Yizhou thought it was strange, so he thought he must’ve made a mistake. It must’ve been blood. He didn’t think about it anymore. Without anymore thinking, he commanded the Water Dragon back into the fray… On his way back, he suddenly felt something in his heart. He instinctively turned his head to look, and he suddenly realized, three unknown figures appeared out of thin air next to the Prince, and they were all attacking the Prince.

“Protect His Highness!” Yizhou instinctively yelled, while turning his Water Dragon once again.

Unfortunately, Yizhou did not have a presence like Silver Moon. In a situation where the air was filled with cries and chaos, not many Knights actually heard him or realize the situation. Yizhou charged as fast as he could. He saw a semi-transparent force pushing onto the successor, and the successor released his blood Aura in defense. However, another green-haired Assassin raised his gun, and a couple of white bombs were shot towards the successor. With the force upon him, the successor only barely managed to dodge the bombs.

Yizhou suddenly noticed those white bombs could actually turn. When the successor dodged them, they immediately turned around to attack again. This time, however, the successor did not manage to dodge one of them. The bomb pierced the blood Aura, and a bloodied hole appeared on the successor’s shoulder.

“A Knight is coming! Daylight, go handle him.” The green-haired Assassin yelled loudly.

‘Daylight?’ Yizhou recognized the name. Wasn’t he a student in the Aklan School of Knights? Indeed, he recognized this blue-haired Knight to be the same person as one of the successor’s companions. So why would he be here to Assassinate the successor?

Yizhou didn’t have time to think. He suddenly noticed, despite the fact that this Knight was still wearing a blue-lined Knight’s uniform, his power level was nowhere comparable to a Blue Knight…

His strength was immense, and he continuously attacked and defended at the same time. Yizhou suddenly realized, Daylight’s pike was dancing around in a perfect circle. While he was attacking, he was also defending. What kind of pike technique was this? He had never seen anything like it…

Yizhou would never think for a moment he would lose to Daylight. The fight he had with Daylight before was unfair, and he believed he was no worse than Daylight, so why was he having a hard time handling Daylight now… He ignited his unyielding spirit, and completely released his Silver Aura. His attacks suddenly had increased strength.

Daylight’s eyes still looked as determined as ever. A warm and comforting light was emitted from his body. The fluent circles kept attacking and defending, and not even a drop of water could pass through. It was just like Daylight’s personality — though not sharp, but every step he took was firm and steady.

White Aura! The Aura unique to the Paladin actually appeared on Daylight’s body!

“How is that possible?!”

Yizhou yelled in surprise. With the lapse of his concentration, Daylight’s pike accurately landed on his abdomen, then another hit landed on his chin. Yizhou grunted, and he felt dizzy. The Water Dragon realized his master’s disadvantage, and quickly flew away from the Fire Dragon.

Yizhou shook his head, trying to shake off the daze. He suddenly remembered, he was here to rescue the successor. He immediately looked in the successor’s direction, but he saw something that made his heart tremor: the successor was bound by materialized gravity, and the white fireballs were hitting him mercilessly. Though he had a Blood Aura in his defense, but the piercing abilities of the fireballs were horrific. They forced through his aura, and created blood fountains everywhere they hit.

“Sorry! This is the only way to take you away.” The green-haired youth looked quite pained. He practically said the words after taking several deep breaths.

The successor didn’t answer, and he was using his Blood Aura to resist the pressure coming from the gold-haired man. But when he was being flanked on both sides, and his wounds were increasingly severe, losing was just a matter of time.

Yizhou knew, he had no chance of rescuing the successor by himself. He couldn’t even handle just Daylight. He commanded the Water Dragon to fly towards the battlefield. He must attract other Knights’ attention onto the successor…

However, when he turned back around, he noticed a Fiery Dragon with a Knight in white uniform slowly descending in front of him. Yizhou could tell, based on Daylight’s determination, he couldn’t possibly get through.

Yizhou’s face sank. He asked with a lowered voice, “Do you know what you’re doing? You’re attacking the successor of the Dragon Empire.”

“No!” Daylight refuted loudly, “He’s not any successor. He’s our companion, Liola.”

Yizhou froze a bit, but he didn’t know how to respond. If he’s their companion, why would they be attacking him? Confused, Yizhou felt like something was wrong, but as the successor’s immediate Knight, his only choice was raise his weapon to protect his Prince.

Daylight raised his pike again. The duel between the two Knights was again in motion. This wasn’t the first time they fought. The last time they did was for their own academy, and this time was for the same person. Different names, but the same person nevertheless: his Prince, and his companion.

Daylight held tighter to his pike. This time, he decided to be the one to attack. Flames seemed to have sensed its master’s determination, and it quickly charged. When it was just about to collide with the Water Dragon…

A solemn yell could suddenly be heard. It was enough to cause the earth to tremble, which revealed how powerful the source of the voice was.

“The Knights of the Dragon Empire! What are you doing? Can’t you see your Prince is under attack?”

The Knights who were focused on killing suddenly paused. They all instinctively looked towards the place where the successor was. Their faces instantly turned pale as they saw the successor being flanked by two people, and he was seriously injured with blood dripping from his body. He was also under heavy pressure with many white bombs circling him, and they looked like they were about to attack at anytime.

And this angry voice came from the person in the air; he was riding a white unicorn, with the title of all Knights’ role model — the Paladin Lancelot.

Lancelot mercilessly glanced at the Knights, then immediately turned to rescue the successor. The unicorn quickly flew towards the successor.

Yizhou finally relaxed. With the Paladin here, and successor’s own incredible strength, the successor’s safety shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Yizhou looked towards Daylight, because now, he thought, he could give his all in a duel without having to worry about the successor’s safety…

Daylight looked up towards the Paladin. Without any hesitation, the Fire Dragon flew towards the Paladin.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

Yizhou yelled. Daylight simply turned and smile, then said, “We’ll have our fight some other time.”

“You really plan on fighting with him?” Yizhou paused, then said, “You know… that is the Paladin, right? You can’t possibly win.”

The Paladin was one whom all the Knights looked up to. Never mind fighting with him, even having a friendly spar with him was considered an idiotic act… Wasn’t this common knowledge among all the Knights? Why would this Knight charge up to him without any hesitation?

At this time, the fiery Dragon had already left with its master, and the only words left behinds were, “I never thought about winning, as long as I can hold him off, for my companion…”

‘For his companion…’ Yizhou looked towards the successor, and he understood it wasn’t a fight he could join. He could only quietly watch and observe. What exactly was companionship… Could it have been more important than a Knight’s loyalty to his superior?

The Fiery Dragon was flying practically at its limit, and it appeared in front the unicorn in an instant, which caused the unicorn to panic as it tried to stop. When it realized it was a Dragon in its path, the unicorn, which was even more prideful than Dragons, let out an angry cry, and its crisp sounds of anger roared through the skies.

Lancelot was visibly surprised, because of both the fact that someone was blocking his way, which he thought only Blood Wolf would do something like that as a prank, and the person blocking him was a familiar face who had, in the short timespan of a year, attained the Aura unique to him.

Indeed, this Aura belonged to only Daylight. Lancelot clearly knew, this wasn’t like his Aura. What was different was that, if Lancelot’s white Aura was a blinding sun, then Daylight’s white Aura was more like comfortable sun under which people would want to lie down for a sunbath.

To someone like this, Lancelot’s eyes were actually filled with appreciation, but Daylight’s actions made it impossible for him to give him praise. His face sank and he yelled, “Why are you attacking the successor? Didn’t he used to be your companion?”

Hearing this, a sense of pain flashed across Daylight’s eyes. Be it him or Kaiser, could any of them want to hurt Liola like this? But with them being surrounded by Dragon Empire’s Knights, other than seriously injuring him and taking him away, did they have any other choice?

Daylight held his fist, and yelled loudly, “Do you seriously not understand, Paladin?! Do you seriously think the Silver Moon now is the same person as Liola before? Are your eyes completely blinded that you can’t see Liola’s changes? He had already turned into the thing you hated the most — an Assassin!”

Lancelot’s body shook. How could he not have known? But…

“Don’t think you can shake my resolve! As a Knight of the Dragon Empire’s Royal Family, I will not allow you to continue your offenses against the successor.” Lancelot yelled loudly, but no one knew if the words about his resolve was aimed at himself or Daylight.

Daylight held his pike tightly. He didn’t think his powers were enough to defeat the Paladin, but even if it were to cost his life, he would use his body to stop the enemy for his companions. Having never served the Dragon Empire Royalty, this was Daylight’s own way of the Knight!

“This is bad… Why didn’t you guys act faster? Lancelot and I are both here, and you guys still aren’t done?”

A lazy voice could be heard from the other side, but his actions were vague at all. The Dark Knight’s legendary black pike was already in his hands, and the giant black wolf under him was also showing its teeth, ready to attack.


Kaiser growled. Liola wasn’t far from collapsing, and they would’ve been able to take Liola away in a moment… But now the two rank-X Knights appeared, and all the Dragon Empire’s Knights also realized the situation. If they don’t run now, he thought they could then go have a free lunch in the Dragon Empire jail. Or worse, they could go see how the death sentence was carried out in the Dragon Empire.

“Daylight! Come quick!” Kaiser yelled loudly.

Daylight turned to look, and saw the Dark Knight arriving. Now, he knew the plan couldn’t be continued. His eyes turned towards Liola, and saw him covered in blood…

‘Ah! I’m really sorry, turning you like this, but still not being able to take you away.’ Daylight’s eyes were apologetic.

Daylight gazed at Liola, and realized his silver eyes were looking at Kaiser with a bit of coldness. He sensed something wrong, and he wanted to say something to remind Kaiser, but a red light already exploded without any warning. Daylight’s heart tightened, and immediately flew towards Kaiser.

However, Liola was faster, and the black figure had already reached Kaiser, with Broken Silver shining a silver light mercilessly…

In that instant, Kaiser knew he couldn’t have used any magic to save him… no, perhaps one magic can!


There was no need for immense magical abilities, or anything else. This magic was simply a name. Kaiser knew, to the Assassin, this magic was more terrifying than anything else. He didn’t believe he would completely abandon this name.

Silver Moon’s body froze, and he said, word by word, “I am Silver Moon.”

“You idiot! Silver crap is more like it. Why are you changing your name? Liola is Liola!” Kaiser snapped, though he wasn’t confident whether Liola would really stop his attack, but he may never get this chance again. He forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart, and talked to Silver Moon like how he acted around Liola back then.

Silver Moon’s body trembled. The emotionless silver eyes were now filled with anger. He yelled back, “I am Silver Moon, Silver Moon!”

“You’re Liola! Liola!” As if trying to compete to see who could yell louder, Kaiser used every last bit of strength he had to yell as loud as he could.

After he yelled, everything went quiet. The Knights didn’t know what was going on. Why would the Assassin and the successor be arguing? This was not right…

“Oh! Right, Liola, I almost forgot, Meinan asked me to tell you something.”

Blood Wolf showed the smile of a ruffian, and Lancelot raised his eyebrows, but still didn’t say anything. He already knew his old friend had the weird habit of helping their enemies, and he would never change no matter what he said. Luckily, Lancelot’s personality was rather righteous, so he didn’t think there was anything that couldn’t be said.

Silver Moon turned, and emotionlessly looked at Blood Wolf, as if he was trying to convey his lack of interest. Blood Wolf smiled, and said straightforwardly, “Meinan said, he doesn’t blame you, that’s all.”

Such a short phrase, without any sort of moving tone or atmosphere, and Blood Wolf even said it like a ruffian, but it was enough to make Silver Moon completely freeze. Meinan… doesn’t blame him? Was that possible?

“Meinan, he, he’s not mad…? Qiusi…” Liola raised his head, and asked with some difficulty.

“That guy is lying on a bed, sleeping his ass off, and just waiting for you to go wake him.” Kaiser interrupted Liola, and quickly explained Qiusi’s situation.

“Qiusi… Meinan… I… I’m sorry…” Silver Moon’s body began to tremble, and Broken Silver landed on the ground with a crisp clang.

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