Bu Sha - Volume 11 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : Shadow of Death

“Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault.”

Seeing Liola returning to his old self, Kaiser felt a bit relaxed. Their mission might be a success. Even if there were thousands of Dragon Empire’s Knights present, who would dare to defy the successor’s orders?

“Kaiser… thank you for coming to rescue me.”

“Why are you thanking us? When have you turned so mushy…?” Kaiser hesitated. Right! Liola never did something this sentimental! This wasn’t him…

Kaiser was surprised. When he raised his head once again, the heartless and emotionless silver eyes were already in front of him, and Silver Moon’s right hand was already emitting a red light. It was about to collide onto Kaiser’s body…

Kaiser yelled in panic, “Anise would be heartbroken!”

Silver Moon paused briefly, but then his right hand still headed towards Kaiser. This gave Kaiser just enough of a window to use a short-distance teleport to move to Mizerui. Silver Moon’s hand missed, but the ground now had a giant crater on it. With the smoke coming out of it, nobody could tell how deep the crater actually was…

Seeing this, Kaiser’s face went a bit pale. He asked in disbelief, “Do you really plan on killing me, Liola?”

Silver Moon didn’t respond at all. He slowly turned, and gave orders, “Paladin, Dark Knight! As the successor, I command you, catch Mizerui alive; as for anyone else, KILL-AT-WILL!”

“Yes, sir!”

The two Knights heard the successor, immediately answered solemnly, and began to move. The two had been good friends for years, so cooperation between them was naturally very good. They charged at Mizerui. Catching someone alive was obviously harder than killing them, especially when Mizerui’s powers were above them, so capturing Mizerui was definitely the first thing they should do.

Kaiser’s face turned even more pale. At first, with Mizerui’s presence, he thought even if they failed, they could at least get away. However, now he was being harassed by two X-ranked Knights. He might not even be able to save himself, let alone protecting him or Daylight.

“Run!” Mizerui yelled immediately.

Kaiser’s heart tightened, and he looked at Daylight from afar, “No, Daylight…”

Seeing two Knights charging at him, Mizerui said angrily, “Damn, just leave first!”

Kaiser’s lips pouted, and flew a few meters back, leaving the burden of stopping the two Knights to Mizerui. He began to chant a teleportation spell, and his body slowly began to disappear…

Daylight frowned. He wasn’t sure what he should be doing; should he be helping Mizerui, or using the opportunity to run?

Silver Moon didn’t give Daylight any time to think. After seeing the two Knights went to surround Mizerui, he immediately charged at Daylight. He held his Broken Silver tightly. Despite having sustained quite a number of injuries, they would not obstruct his movements.

‘Flames, could you out-fly Baolilong?’

It was impossible. Baolilong was too fast. In the air, no living creature could possibly out-fly it.

The only thing left was to fight. Daylight tried to prepare his mind to it. Even if his powers were already no match for Liola’s, and even if there were thousands of Knights surrounding him, Daylight had no plan on giving up.

As soon as he raised the pike in his hand, Silver Moon drew nearer, but Daylight suddenly felt the air around him had change…


“Duh! Do you really think I would abandon you and run?” Kaiser suddenly appeared behind Daylight. He snapped, but then immediately added, “Ah ah! Silver Moon is almost here. Quick, hold him off for now while I channel a teleport.”

Daylight turned around, but suddenly realized… his body couldn’t move at all! He was in shock, and he wanted to warn Kaiser, but his lips couldn’t move. All he could do was think in panic, how could it be?

‘Flames! Hurry and fly away! I can’t move.’

‘Master… I can’t move either.’

Kaiser chanted, but he saw Daylight standing still without moving an inch, while Silver Moon was charging at him… The channel could not be stopped, or they would both be dead, but Daylight…


Daylight could finally make a noise, but by then, Broken Silver had already pierce through to the back of his chest. Warm blood spilled out onto Kaiser’s face. Kaiser widened his eyes, but Kaiser’s channel didn’t stop, nor could it stop.

“Why didn’t you block?”

Silver Moon looked even more surprised than Daylight. He froze, and he looked at Broken Silver, with only its handle visible.

“Hmm, for some reason, I couldn’t move just now.” Daylight smiled bitterly, “I’m really sorry, I let you hurt me.”

Silver Moon’s hand shook. This situation was actually quite similar to what happened with Qiusi… should he pull Broken Silver out, or not?

Kaiser finally finished his channel. He reached out and grabbed Daylight. Naturally, Broken Silver left Daylight’s chest. Another similar scene happened: Daylight’s blood rained towards Silver Moon much like Qiusi’s before. The teleport then activated, and the two people and the Dragon began to fade in the air.

There was still time to stop them… Silver Moon’s battle instincts told him as such.

“Ah, right.” Daylight smiled and said, “I forgot to tell you. I don’t blame you either. Come back soon, Liola.”

Silver Moon didn’t move. He quietly watched as the two disappear. But what wouldn’t disappear, was the blood of his companion covering his body.

‘Why do they all not blame me?’

‘Why would they wait for me, whose hands are stained in blood? I’ve already hurt too many… How many more must I hurt before it’s enough?’

Two streams of tears rolled down his face. Silver Moon roared into the sky, “Why——”

“Kill!” The tears rolled out of cold eyes, rolling past the face that was once again emotionless. Exploding with a blood Aura, Silver Moon gave commands to his Dragon, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Baolilong was surprised. The command was far too vague, and it didn’t say who to kill… Baolilong pouted, and flew towards the fleeing lesser-Dragons below.

Before reaching where the lesser-Dragons were, the Blood Aura had already impatiently extended out. Like a fatal poison, everywhere it reached, death followed. The lesser-Dragons cried as they continued to run desperately, trying to escape this fatal God of Death, but they couldn’t possibly outrun the king of the skies — Sacred White Dragon.

The Knights stared blankly as their successor chase and kill thousands of lesser-Dragons. The Broken Silver in his hand was obviously no longer than half a meter, but the silver light coming off of it reached several meters. With every swing, a few lesser-Dragons were diced up into pieces. It was even more brutal than the Knights in their earlier slaughter. This made the Knights feel cold in their hearts. They then stopped to think, did their faces looked this blood-lust before?

Seeing the successor chasing and killing lesser-Dragons, Yizhou frowned. His earlier negligence now made him unwilling to leave the successor’s side. However, despite how much his Water Dragon tried, they could not catch up to the successor in his killing frenzy. They could only keep up a dozen or so meters behind him, but this was enough for Yizhou to see the successor’s situation.

‘Why are you killing with tears rolling down your face, successor?’

* * *

“That was quite dangerous.”

In the air not far away from the Aklan capital, the Dragon Emperor held his hands on his back, and said leisurely with a laugh.

Hearing the dissatisfaction in the Dragon Emperor’s words, Idojin tried to catch his breath as he responded, “I deserve to die; I let the successor break free of control back there.”

The Dragon Emperor smiled for a while, and said, “I don’t blame you. If it weren’t for Blood Wolf’s message, the successor wouldn’t have broken free of control. Fortunately, we predicted Mizerui would never let this opportunity to take the successor away pass, so we were waiting on the side… Otherwise, I might have lost a great successor, but now, haha, we’ve hit multiple birds with one stone. We will conquer Aklan, catch Mizerui, and got the successor to hurt another one of his companions.”

Idojin quietly waited for the Dragon Emperor to stop laughing before he asked, “Your Highness, the successor’s personality seemed to have changed, and now his killing intent is immense. Should we order him to stop killing?”

The Dragon Emperor threw a look at Silver Moon. After being silent for a while, he said, “It doesn’t matter, let him go kill. The more he kills, the harder it would be for him to turn back. It just so happened that an all out war is drawing near. Caffey’s loving image isn’t suitable for war, so it is time to change the Dragon Emperor’s image, to reassert the dominance of the Dragon Emperor in the Knights’ hearts Their performance today was terrible.”

“Understood.” Idojin courteously bowed.

The Dragon Emperor looked down; the lone Sorcerer seemed to be crumbling under the siege from the two legendary Knights. Who knew such a lawless Sorcerer would end up like this? The Dragon Emperor reached out his hand to cover the smile on his face, “Looks like it’s time to go have a talk with Mocha. Idojin, head back.”

Idojin followed orders and activated a magic circle, knowing the Dragon Emperor’s destination was the Eldest Prince’s tower. He opened the circle to a place near the tower, then stepped into the circle. As soon as they did, the strange atmosphere of the tower surrounded them. The Astronomy Tower was already strange before, but now it looked like the living quarters of Satan with its gloom and darkness.

Despite the strange atmosphere, the Dragon Emperor didn’t seem to mind. He said lightly, “With everything happening now, child, do you still not want to talk to father?”

Strangely, as soon as these words were spoken, the surrounding strange atmosphere suddenly felt like it froze. This suffocating sense of freezing maintained there for a few minutes, then in an instant, it completely dissipated, much like a stormy skies suddenly turned completely clear.

Seeing this, the Dragon Emperor put on a triumphant smile. He gestured towards Idojin to tell him to stay, and walked alone into the tower. When he saw the strange graffiti on the wall, his eyes were filled with greed. He refrained the desire in his heart, and continued to walk up, until he saw the skies once again, and the Prince dressed in robe with his back towards him.

“Long time no see, my child.” The Dragon Emperor smiled faintly.

“Don’t call me that, I am not worthy of it, Your Highness.” Mocha didn’t appreciate it even slightly. His tone was cold, unlike that of a child towards his own father.

A sense of coldness flashed across the Dragon Emperor’s eyes, but he then immediately returned to normal. He said as though he didn’t care, “Child, you seemed to have gotten yourself a bad friend. Mizerui dared to work with bandits, and they tried to kill your younger brother. Luckily, the Paladin and the Dark Knight both arrived in time, and prevented a tragedy.”

Hearing the Dragon Emperor say this, Mocha obviously wouldn’t believe the superficial meaning of these words. He was quiet for a bit, then said, “What do you want?”

“Future.” The Dragon Emperor practically answered emotionally, but then immediately went back to his previously elegant posture, “Child, are you still unwilling to predict the future for your father?”

Hearing this, Mocha slowly stood up. He turned around, with pity on his face, “The future you don’t have? Your Highness.”

“Stop, I don’t care if you’re father or the Dragon Emperor.” Mocha looked sadly at the father who was no longer a father.

“I can see, the path to your future has nothing but endless sorrow and pain, just like the path you’ve paved up to this point. The shadow of death covers the path ahead of you, with endless regret and tears…”

Mocha stopped, with refrain and pain on his face. He sighed, and practically begged, “Please stop, father, please. Death is already too near, and it’s covering the person even you wouldn’t want to send to hell…”

“Shut up!”

The Dragon Emperor yelled loudly, losing his elegant presence. His face was almost turning blue, and the good mood he had for what happened before had now dissipated. His chest rose and fell with anger, and his body trembled. He had to hold his fists tightly to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Don’t think you can be imprudent simply because I’ve tolerated you over the years!”

Hearing this, Mocha sighed quietly. His words of persuasion hadn’t worked for hundreds of years, so why would it work now the situation was advantageous to the Dragon Emperor? He could only do what he could, to save those whom can be saved, and the ones he cared. However, his hard work… with the tragedy of his younger brother, Mocha couldn’t help but ask himself: in all these years of his hard work, who did he really save?

“Child, are you still unwilling to predict for your father?”

Saying this, the Dragon Emperor’s face was now completely purple, and the killing intent in his heart had risen. Though Mocha’s ability to foretell the future was indeed very useful to him, but in the years past, he hadn’t given the Dragon Emperor a single prediction. The Dragon Emperor had long wished to rid of him. The only true reason he hadn’t killed Mocha was simply to leave a backup body.

Caffey didn’t have many children, and not many successors could be chosen, especially when Latte wasn’t truly Caffey’s descendant. Though Lanski’s talent for martial arts was quite high, but she’s a girl. Not that the Dragon Emperor hated the girls, but the heart of the Dragon Emperor had been passed down from the body of a man, and he would naturally choose a man to succeed him.

Before Liola’s appearance, the only successor to the Dragon Emperor’s heart was Mocha and Cappuccino. Cappuccino had always acted like a wild horse since birth. Even if he were to suddenly hear about Cappuccino’s death, the Dragon Emperor wouldn’t find it strange. Under a such situations, to ensure there would be a successor, naturally Mocha couldn’t be killed.

However, there was Silver Moon now. A powerful, cold, yet obedient puppet. If Mocha wouldn’t predict the future for the Dragon Emperor, then he would be useless!

Mocha put up his guard as he and the Dragon Emperor looked at one another. The former seemed to have realized the latter’s intent. After thinking briefly, Mocha said, “Understood. Let Mizerui go, and I will predict the future for you.”

The Dragon Emperor’s irises shrank. He didn’t know if Mocha was trying to fool him, since the content of the prediction depended on no one but Mocha. Even if he’s lying, the Dragon Emperor wouldn’t know.

“However, my predictions won’t just be things you want to hear, and they will only be truths. Truths are often hard to swallow, so you must promise me, no matter what my prediction is, you wouldn’t kill Mizerui out of anger… or me.” Mocha carefully added him. The Dragon Emperor had never displayed such obvious intent to kill, but the situation now was obviously different.

Hearing this, the Dragon Emperor’s doubts mostly went away. He thought briefly, then nodded.

Without saying another word, Mocha crossed his legs and sat down. The magic circle drawn on the ground began to emit a faint purple glow, which made Mocha’s figure blurry. At this time, like the Dragon Emperor, he had his eyes only half opened. If one were to look closely, they would see something strange: the images reflected in his eyes were completely different than the surroundings. Despite the fact that Mocha’s eyes remained still, the images reflected off them were quickly scrolling.

The Dragon Emperor waited quietly while staring at Mocha’s eyes, but he was unable to see the images reflected off it. Nevertheless, the Dragon Emperor knew Mocha was indeed performing his prediction. As such, greed had once again filled his eyes. Knowing the future… was more precious and hard to get than anything else.

As he looked, the Dragon Emperor suddenly noticed, pain began to surface on Mocha’s face. At first, he locked his eyebrows, and then his whole body began to tremble. After that, two streams of tears actually rolled down… As far as he could remember, the calm and quiet Eldest Prince had never lost it like he had now. At that moment, the Dragon Emperor actually didn’t know what he should do.


With a heartfelt roar, Mocha jumped up. At this time, his face was covered in tears, and both of his hands held tightly to the clothes in front of his chest, as though his heart would’ve beaten out of his chest had he not done so.


The Dragon Emperor called out hesitantly. Though he thought of the possibility Mocha was perhaps faking it, but the Dragon Emperor knew the Eldest Prince was way too prideful. Back then, he’d rather separate himself from the world and live alone, than to serve the Dragon Emperor who was no longer Caffey. Would such a prideful Prince now act to the point of endless tears? Even the Dragon Emperor found this hard to believe.

Mocha’s hands were still trembling as they held on, but his face seemed to have gradually calmed down. He slowly relaxed his hands, then smiled weakly, “Sorry, I lost it. Fortune telling is something rather unstable. Sometimes I would see things I don’t want to see.”

The Dragon Emperor remained silent. Fortune telling wasn’t something common, especially for someone as powerful as Mocha. Even if there may be one better later on, he had far surpassed any fortune tellers before him. Therefore, the Dragon Emperor couldn’t judge his words.

“My prediction remains the same; you will be killed by your son.” Mocha said lightly.

The Dragon Emperor laughed coldly and said, “Every Dragon Emperor was killed by his son. You know that’s not what I want to hear.”

“After you, the power of the Dragon Emperor would reach an unprecedented peak.” Mocha said calmly.

Hearing this, even the Dragon Emperor couldn’t refrain from quicker breaths. Mocha had never said such a clear prediction, but his mind was still uncertain. With a forceful tone, he asked, “Be clear! What do you mean an unprecedented peak?”

Mocha forced a smile, “The thing you wanted, the whole world.”

If Mocha said this before he lost it, the Dragon Emperor would most likely doubt it, but seeing Mocha looking like he nearly crumbled, the Dragon Emperor actually believed this prediction. He couldn’t refrain the happiness in his heart, and he began to laugh into the sky, with the word “finally” repeated between laughs.

Hearing such a clear answer, the Dragon Emperor didn’t care about Mocha any more. While laughing, he turned to leave without any desire to stay. Knowing the result, he couldn’t wait to finish the journey to get to the end, nor did he want to waste any more time on such an useless Prince.

The Dragon Emperor left, and only a lonesome figure remained atop of the tower. Mocha laughed, almost mockingly, and said, “But the way won’t be something you like.”

Mocha stood still for a while, and then began to walk down the stairs. When he walked near the door, he stopped, and looked at the pictures on the wall; it was a doll with an X on it. Mocha reached out his hand to touch the picture, and his face was filled with loss and helplessness. If Mizerui were here, he would know this expression was the same one he had on when he was deciding whether he was going to speak out about the fortune of his brother killing his father.

No one knew what Mocha was thinking about. As he looked, a drop of tear fell off his face.

* * *

“Brother! Where are you? Brother— Ah!”

Hurrying like the wind, Lanski barged into the Astronomy Tower. She climbed the first set of stairs she saw, but she didn’t expect her eldest brother, Mocha, would be standing only a few steps away from the bottom. When she noticed, it was already too late for her to stop. Jasmine, who was running in behind her, didn’t know what was happening, and ran straight into Lanski. It caused Lanski to collide with her brother like a cannon ball. Because Mocha didn’t think this would happen either, he didn’t have enough time to react. All three of them formed one “body” and rolled down the few steps of stairs.

“Ah! It hurts.” Jasmine was the first to rub her shoulder that hit the ground. She got up halfway, and looked towards Lanski with blame.

Lanski also fell heavily onto the ground, scratching her arm in the process. As soon as she got up, she saw Jasmine’s blaming eyes. She said timidly, “I didn’t think someone was on the stairs.”

“Someone?” Jasmine suddenly realized that, below her butt… it was rather soft; it didn’t seem like the floor?

When she lowered her head, her eyes collided with a pair of purple irises. Reflectively, Jasmine jumped up and yelled loudly, “Sorry, Dragon Emperor, Your Highness! I didn’t intentionally sit on you like a cushion!”


Lanski also lowered her head to look. Coincidentally, the person below was struggling to get up. Their faces were no more than a dozen centimeters apart, but she couldn’t really see his face entirely. She did, however, see the purple irises clearly. She then also jumped up, and yelled in shock, “Sorry! Father, I didn’t know you were here.”

Mocha didn’t know how to react. Not everyone with purple eyes was the Dragon Emperor, okay? His hair color was obviously far different: one was black and another was silver. These girls were thoroughly confused to mix the two.

“Look closer, I’m not father.” Mocha stood up, and said with a bitter smile.

“Huh?” Jasmine, who had instinctively bowed her head in fake respect, immediate raised her head. She saw a face and eyes much like the Dragon Emperor, but his hair was black, unlike the Dragon Emperor’s shiny silver hair.

Jasmine widened her eyes and stared. She then realized the person was the eldest brother, Mocha, whom she had seen only a handful of times. Since they had already drifted apart, and she had caused him to fall down the stairs after seeing, she didn’t know what to do or what to say.

“The Eldest Prince looks quite like the Dragon Emperor, no wonder you are father and son.” Jasmine sighed. If Mocha had a head of silver hair, they would’ve looked like twins.

Mocha smiled. He couldn’t help but remember the time when he had stood with Caffey, many of them thought he was the Dragon Emperor, and Caffey was his son. It wasn’t something he could do; Caffey’s expressions were always naive, which was quite unfitting for the ruler of an Empire.

Every time it happened, Caffey would scratch his face, and say with a smile that he was the Dragon Emperor. Then, the person commenting would always reply with, “Aiya! The Eldest Prince look too much like the Dragon Emperor, and we can’t tell the difference…”

It was full of crap. Just the difference in hair could would’ve allowed people to distinguish them. Mocha couldn’t help but laugh; his father had always acted like a child, and at the time, he actually complained about this quite often. Now,… no matter he wanted to see Caffey’s confused expressions, he would never get the chance.

“Brother?”, “Your Highness?”

Lanski and Jasmine glanced at each other. They were both confused as to why the Prince was laughing and then sighing.

Hearing the two girls calling out to him, Mocha finally put away his nostalgia. He withdrew his facial expression, and asked solemnly, “What brought you two to the Astronomy Tower?”

Seeing Mocha’s solemn look, Lanski also straightened her look, and said seriously, “Brother, I just saw Mizerui being held captive by the Paladin and Dark Knight.”

Though he had already known Mizerui had fallen into the Dragon Emperor’s hands, Mocha still sighed again regardless. He turned and walked up the steps, “Follow me.”

The two girls looked at one another in shock. They had originally thought Mocha would be surprised by this news. With their skepticisms, they had no choice but to follow Mocha up the stairs.

“Huh?” Jasmine suddenly turned. Looking at the graffiti on the wall, she asked with confusion, “Isn’t this Lanski? Why is there an X on it?”

Hearing this, Mocha, who was walking in the front, paused. Lanski stopped and turned to look. There was indeed a doll with an X over it, but the doll’s shape was simple, so how could Jasmine tell it was her? Lanski asked Jasmine skeptically, “Is that me? I can’t really tell.”

“It’s definitely you. Look,” Jasmine pointed at the bowtie belt on the doll, “This was the belt I gave to you as a gift on your twelfth birthday. At the time, you really liked it, and you wore it everyday. Look, there is a small star on either side of the bowtie. It was the belt I gave you, and I’m sure this is the one.”

Lanski stopped and pondered a bit, remembering that this was indeed correct and there was a belt like this. It means, this doll did indeed represent her, but why would there be a drawing of her on the walls of the Astronomy Tower?

“Huh? Is this Liola’s Broken Silver?” Jasmine ran up a few more steps. With her mind always on Liola, she immediately noticed another picture.

Jasmine brushed her hand over the walls, and a large amount of dust collected on her fingers. She said after a pause, “These pictures don’t look like they’re new…”

“Stop looking!”

Mocha suddenly grabbed ahold of Lanski head, which made her jump. She then looked blankly at him.

“Don’t look at those things any more…” Mocha said with a bit of a tremble, “You are here because of Liola, right?”

“Yes…” Lanski looked at Mocha with hesitation. After all, he was the person who predicted Liola would kill their father. She wasn’t certain if Mocha would help Liola at all.

Mocha was silent for a while. When he looked up again, his eyes were filled with sadness. He lightly touched his sister’s soft hair, and asked tentatively, “If I ask you to not mind this anymore, would you be willing to?”

“No!” Lanski’s eyes widened, and answered immediately.

“Prince Mocha, what do you mean by that?” Jasmine immediately asked. She felt something was wrong. The crossed out doll gave her a very ominous feeling.

Mocha looked down again, then turned. He said coldly, “I’m asking you two to forget about this. This whole thing always had nothing to do with you two.”

Lanski immediately refuted loudly, “Liola is our brother! How can you say it has nothing to do with us? Brother, can you really not care about your own brother at all?”

“Of course I care about him!” Mocha suddenly turned and replied angrily, “But I’m more worried about you, my sister! I will not exchange your life for Liola’s!”

Lanski and Jasmine both widened their eyes, not sure of what Mocha mean. After a long while, Lanski grabbed Mocha’s hand. A pair of blue eyes stared directly at her brother, and she pleaded, “Brother, please tell me. How can we wake Liola, and how can we save him?”

As if he didn’t expect her to act like this, and the blue eyes made him panic a slightly. Mocha wanted to try to break his hand free, however, Lanski grabbed it firmly and wouldn’t let go. Mocha had to turn his head to avoid Lanski’s eyes, and said, “I don’t know.”

“You do know.” Lanski pressed on.

Jasmine suddenly interjected, “Is it because Lanski may get into trouble if she continues to be involved?”

Mocha’s body froze as soon as Jasmine finished. She turned and looked at this girl. He remembered Jasmine as Lanski’s best friend, and perhaps she could help him change the mind of his stubborn sister. He thought about it, then nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

“Would she… die?” Jasmine asked with hesitation.

Mocha was silent for a while, then answered again, “Yes.”

Jasmine was now nervous. As much as she was worried about Liola, but if Lanski would die because of it….

“What about Liola?” Lanski didn’t seem to care about herself at all. She asked hurriedly, “W-would my involvement help him at all?”

Mocha froze, and said in disbelief, “You will die, do you not understand that? You will die!”

“Oh… then I’ll take that as a yes.” Lanski smiled, “No wonder you said you wouldn’t exchange my life for Liola’s.”

The person knowing she would die wasn’t worried, but the people around her were. This was indeed a typical example of eunuchs being more worried than the Emperor. Both Mocha and Jasmine both became nervous, and began to try to talk to Lanski out of it. No one would want to see anything bad befallen onto such a beautiful girl with a bright future.

Lanski turned and looked at Jasmine, then asked, “If you knew, you could save Liola, but you might die because of it, would you give it up?”

Jasmine paused, and then she was silent. She knew, and Lanski also knew. No, she wouldn’t have given up… Just like how Lanski wouldn’t give it up.

“Tell me, brother, even if you don’t tell me, I will still go fumbling around, and perhaps it would be even worse?” Lanski glared with the blue eyes Cappuccino would’ve named the “most terrifying bio-weapon”, and continuously sent out pleading vibes towards her brother.

Mocha was silent. This was yet another situation where he didn’t know how to choose. This time… No, not just this time, ever since Mocha gained the power of prediction, he had constantly been pulled into a constant dilemma: should he say it or not?

“Brother! Please, I promise I would pay close attention to my safety.” Lanski continued to plead.

Mocha finally sighed, and left without turning his head.

“Go find Lancelot. Only he possess the capability to wake Liola.”

Lanski hurriedly yelled, “But the Paladin obeys father!”

“If Lancelot were to ‘accidentally’ press the Dragon Cross Necklace against his own forehead, then things might be a little different.”

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