Child of Light - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

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Volume 1: Chapter 11 – Royal Academy

Early in the morning Ao De came to find me.

“Why did you come so early? I still haven’t slept enough. Let me sleep some more.”

“Let’s hurry up and go. Didn’t you say you would help me improve my storm technique today? Let’s go, let’s go!”

I hugged my blanket and ignored him.

“Are you coming? If you’re not, then I’ll use water magic on you!”

“So annoying, so early in the morning yet you don’t let other people sleep. I’m up, I’m up.” Hearing him begin reciting the spell, I immediately got out of bed. This fellow, how can he be so eager to suffer? I’ll have to help him out then. Hehe.


Within the sack array, Ao De is rapidly moving. He’s not bad. This fellow really progresses quickly. In two months he can almost persevere for an hour in the sack array. (Of course, this is in circumstances where I’m not using magic to sneak attack him.) I recall his sorry figure in the first few days, but now I want to smile. Ao De can now understand why I was returning home every day with my strength exhausted.

“Boss, I can’t endure any longer. Let me come out.” If he tried to come out without my permission, then of course I teleport in front of him and push him back in.

“Fine then. In a few days is the graduation exam, you should preserve some strength.”

Panting, Ao De flashed in front of me then sat his butt on the floor. “Boss, my progress is quite fast right.”

“It’s still fairly average. After all, what you’re using isn’t teleportation. Being able to reach this level is still pretty good. In two more days we have exams. What kind of academy do you think you’ll be accepted into?” In Senke city there are 13 intermediate magic academies. There are 2 A class, 4 B class and the rest are C and D class academies. The best academies are A class. Every year very few people pass the exam for the Royal Magic Academy. (The country’s highest magic educational institution.)

“I think I might be able to manage to pass a B class exam. What about you, Boss?”

“I don’t know either. Every year the exam is different so who know what this year’s exam will be on? If the subjects are fleeing and defense, then for sure I can enter an A class academy. If the subject is attack magic, then I’ll be pitiful and surely enter a D class academy.” Actually, I’m not that interested in what academy I get accepted into. However, mother said that if I get accepted into an A class academy, then she will give me five silver coins of allowance every month. Five silver coins as far as I am concerned, is a huge amount of wealth. Because of my most beloved money, I’ll try my hardest.

“Boss, didn’t your teacher say he will return before the exam? The day after tomorrow is the exam, how come he isn’t back yet?”

“I don’t know either. It’d be best if he didn’t come back, otherwise he’d give me training for the exam!”

“You’re thinking about training for the exam? In that case I’ll help you succeed.” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice.

“Ah! Teacher Xiu, you’re back. Exam training isn’t necessary, I was just joking around just now.”

“Boss, I’ll be leaving first then.” Seeing Teacher Xiu’s strict appearance, Ao De, this fellow ignored his loyalties and escaped.

“Ao De, you despicable fellow, don’t let me see you again.”

“Zhang Gong!”

“Teacher, I……” I don’t know why I feel uneasy when I look the old demon from head to toe. Unconsciously, my two legs began shaking all over.

“Zhang Gong, you’ll be graduating soon. Are you confident?”

“I can’t really say, I’ll just have to take the exam and see how I do.”

“Foolish boy, you’re learning light magic. You’re the only one learning light magic in the past few decades. The academy won’t test you on attack magic to be fair.” The serious Teacher Xiu unexpectedly revealed kindness.

“Ah! This is great. Then I’m certain to pass an A class academy’s exam.” I happily jumped up. Of course it is because of the future allowance that I’m so happy.

“You’re rather ambitious huh. However, this time I don’t want you to participate in the academy’s graduation exams.

“What??” I asked puzzlingly.

“This time I went the capital for your sake. So I could enroll you in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I wish for you to immediately participate in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s entrance exam. Teacher has great expectation of you, so you must put in great effort.” The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy is the Royal Magic Academy’s subordinate academy. The academy has a concentration of youths gifted in magic. Every year only a third of the students applying pass the Royal Magic Academy’s exam. It’s the best intermediate magic academy in the kingdom, deserving to be classified as an S class academy.

“Ah! What??” I don’t want this! The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy is so famous, they’ll for sure be especially strict. It’s very difficult to escape from the old demon, he’s both a tiger’s den and a wolf’s lair.

“Teacher Xiu, how could my level be compared the kingdom’s most talented people with such weak magic?” I immediately tried to shirk this.

“Who said your magic is weak; you’re the most remarkable student I’ve ever taught. How would you know if you have never tested yourself?” This is the first time I heard Teacher Xiu praise me, but I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of happiness.

“Then I’ll go home and discuss this with my mother and father and give you a reply tomorrow.”

“No need. I’ll go with you today to visit your family. Then I can discuss with them and they will surely agree.”

No way. The always calm Teacher Xiu is so impatient today. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it then. Once mother and father find out then I’m going to the capital for certain.

True to my expectations, once Teacher Xiu talked with mother and father, they were really excited for me. After all, when your own child has the prospective of entering the kingdom’s best academy, then how could you not be happy?”

“But Teacher Xiu, to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, a lord’s recommendation is required. We’re commoners, would they even let him take the test?” Father asked about a crucial issue.

“You don’t have to worry about this issue. I have already resolved it since I have a good friend who is a viscount. I asked him to recommend Zhang Gong.

Mother suddenly gave father a push and quietly whispered to father: “The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s tuition fee is really high though. We…..”

“I’m willing to sacrifice everything I have and throw caution to the wind in order to let my son go. How could we bury our son’s talents?” Hearing my father’s inspirational words, I felt that mother and father’s expectations of me are unexpectedly high.

“Father, mother, be at ease, I will surely pass the entrance exam.” I emotionally said. Shortly after saying this, I regretted it.

“Zhang Gong truly is well-behaved.” Father patted my head.

“Mr. Wei, actually you two don’t have to worry about these issues. Zhang Gong’s tuition is already covered.” Seeing the three gaping mouths of the family, Teacher Xiu said: “I extremely adore magic, but my magic aptitude is too meager. After investing 10 times the efforts of others, I am only a Great Mage. Even if I put in great effort, I would only be able to become a Magic Scholar in my lifetime. But Zhang Gong is different. I discovered that he has an unusual gift for light magic, so I hope my student can surpass me and reach the rank of Magister, and even more so to reach the realm of Grand Magister. Zhang Gong, you must not disappoint Teacher.”

Hearing Teacher Xiu’s words, it was only natural that mother and father thanked him ten thousand times for his thousand kindnesses. Since all the issues have been settled, what else did I have to say? I could only prepare to set off.

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