Child of Light - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

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Volume 1: Chapter 5 – Lying Down Meditation

As a result of father’s tutoring, I was eventually able to master the basics of magic theory.

“Is it right? It seems like you’ve worked diligently yesterday. Follow me.”

In the morning just as I arrived, Teacher Xiu assessed my knowledge. Although I cannot answer immediately, given some time I could find the answer. Heh, my efforts weren’t in vain. I finally passed Old Xi’s (Teacher Xiu) test so I don’t have to run laps today.

I followed Teacher Xiu to a small house in the rear court. This is related to teaching me magic?

“Zhang Gong, you have an understanding of the basics now, but you must continue to enrich yourself. Do you know what magic power is dependent on?”

“Magic level.”

“Then how do we use advanced magic?”


“Nonsense.” Teacher Xiu gave me a sudden fright.

“In order to use advanced magic, you must have a lot of spiritual power. Your basic knowledge is very simple. The most effective way to increase your spiritual power is through meditation. Starting today and for the next three months, you will meditate every day. Tomorrow I need to make a trip to the capital and I will probably be back in three months.

My heart was overjoyed, I’ll finally be liberated. However, Teacher Xiu’s next words brought be back down to earth.

“Zhang Gong, teacher’s major magic is spatial magic. Although I am only a Great Mage, teleporting back here is still possible. If I suddenly come back to investigate and find that you are slacking off, then you will become a national long distance running champion.”

With a stern face, Teacher Xiu threatened me.

“While meditating you must concentrate spiritually, so you can feel the light element. Try to gather and store as much of the element as you can, this way you will gradually increase your spiritual power. During the time I am gone, you must meditate every day for at least eight hours. Are you listening? If I come back and your spiritual power doesn’t satisfy me….”

Listening to the words of this demon, my heart has become discouraged. Meditating for eight hours every day will bore me to death.

“The basic method for meditation, I’m sure you already know how to do it.  Meditation also has some techniques, so you can go to the library and look up some books on it. Find a meditation technique you like, this way the effect will be even greater. Wait until I return then I will teach you the specifics of using magic.”

“Okay then, you can start meditating now.”

Under his gaze, I sat on the mat, closed my eyes and began meditating.




Although the demon is gone, I am unable to feel the beauty of forty-nine years.

Located in the northeast corner of the academy is the library. I browsed through many books about meditation and finally found what I wanted. Haha, I’m finally freed. While rummaging through books in the corner, I found a yellow book. It looks very old, but the author is actually a light mage who wrote the book a hundred and fifty years ago. The book said it is only necessary to sense the magic element in order to gather it. Any position is fine, and the book also had a few examples. There is lying meditation, sitting meditation and others.

I can lay down and meditate. For a lazy person such as me, the lying position and the sitting position are two completely different concepts. Haha, this is very good!

Back at the classroom (small cottage) I was the only person there. I follow the book’s instructions, laid down, gathered myself and began feeling the light element in the air. Gradually, I begin to sense the abundance of light element in my surroundings. The light element gave me a feeling of kindness and affection, just like mother and father’s embrace. Ah, so comfortable.

“You are the light element?” I asked the spiritual world.

I felt a sense of warmth surrounding me.

“Uncle and aunty light elements, how are you? My name is Zhang Gong Wei. From now on will you play with me?”

Again there was a sense of warmth.

“Then from now on we are friends!”

I felt the light element forming thin threads that flowed into my Upper Dantian. A surge of warm energy surrounds me. If anyone was there to witness this, they would surely see a layer of white light surrounding me. This continued for a long time, even I don’t know how long. I gradually began to sense the light elements through a communication channel located in my Upper Dantian. With my whole body so warm and comfortable, I unknowingly fell asleep.

What I didn’t know was that I unexpectedly gained the recognition of the light elements by accident. On the continent, every mage practices magic by sensing the surrounding magic element, then seizing control of them in order to gradually increase their own magic power. Following their increase in magic power, their spiritual power will also increase. In order to achieve this, they will cultivate. Personally, I don’t want to meditate, so the lazy me had looked for a way to increase magic power without putting in any effort. Naturally, I hadn’t force the elements to gather around me and instead I communicated with the light elements, appearing innocent. To my surprise, the light elements recognized me. Since then, my magic gathering speed and recovery speed was three times faster than the average person. I really had become friends with the light elements.

Unknowingly, time passed by quickly and I felt someone push me. Bewildered, I opened my eyes to see that it was mother.

“Mother, why are you here?”

“Mother was almost worried to death. It’s so late yet you still didn’t come home. Just now I came to find the principal and he said you should be in this classroom. He said you studied so hard you fell asleep.”

Ah! I looked outside at the sky and it’s actually evening! It felt as if I had laid down for just a little bit. This method of meditation is really good! I quietly checked my magic power, unexpectedly it increased a lot for the tiny amount of magic power I had before. It has already become a small ball of light. Wow, the effect is so good, simply too good.

“Let’s hurry home, aren’t you hungry. Seeing you working so hard, mother is really happy!” How could mother know that actually, the teacher wasn’t here at all and I just slept the whole day? Haha, this is too good! Every day I can practice while sleeping.

After returning home and eating dinner, I went to my room.

I truly am a genius, to actually come up with such a good idea. Hehe, I cannot help but be a bit narcissistic. Right, my magic power increased. Then the strength of my magic should have also increased, I better test it out. I held out my hand.

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei, light elements, for your friend, illuminate everything in sight!”

I used the only spell I know – Illumination spell.

With my spell, I felt a warm energy flowing from my Upper Dantian along with my body’s internal magic power, surging to my outstretched hand. A white ball of light emerged from my hands. It emitted a soft glow. Although it was very bright, it wasn’t dazzling.

Wow, the effect is so good. Before I could only produce a little bit of light in my hands. Yea, it’s too great, my illumination spell already has the best lighting effects. I feel the energy continuously flowing into the palms of my hands, maintaining the ball’s brightness. The light elements also continually flowed from my Upper Dantian; there wasn’t a single sign of my internal magic power depleting.

So good, this is the way to practice! In the future I don’t have to use exhausting methods of meditating to increase my magic power.

Well, time to sleep.

I’ll use the lying meditation method to sleep. This way of sleeping is very comfortable.

So, my daily schedule is: get up early – eat breakfast – go to the school’s classroom and meditate (sleep) – go home for dinner – then meditation again.

Three months later, with my constant “effort”, my internal magic power gradually increased. My ball of light is now five times bigger.

Every time I meditate I feel more and more intimate with the light elements. They are like my elders who meticulously take care of me and I am like their child, every day in their arms like a spoiled child.

And so, the Child of Light created a unique method of meditation. Which later became the source of this Grand Magister’s endless magic power.

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