Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 1

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Volume 10: Chapter 1 – Arriving at the Stronghold

The one that worked the hardest amongst the group was Ke Lun Duo as he had to control his flight and constantly cast dark screens, while Mu Zi was also casting the dark screen. She did it in the easiest way possible as she placed one arm around my waist and constantly casting dark magic with the other.

As we arrived above the alliance army and looking at the densely packed ranks, everyone became tense as the cost of being discovered was to be surrounded and attacked. We moved rapidly and had crossed more than half the distance to our destination in a blink of an eye. Right at that moment, Ke Lun Duo softly exclaimed, “This isn’t good. We’ve been discovered. Everyone, be wary of what is coming from below.”

A few dark magic bullets and many arrows shot towards us, as expected. What strong bows they possessed? An arrow could actually reach such a high altitude.

I instantly adapted to the situation. “Our mage opponents shouldn’t be able to control their magic powers to such a distance. Everyone, be careful and try your best to dodge. Don’t fight those spells head on.” Fighting head on would only decrease our pace. Dodging these attacks should be the best solution.

The alliance troops of the Demon and Beast races had already come into contact with the human’s three kingdoms. Extremely loud calls of ‘Kill!’ were heard distinctly, even at such an altitude. The alliance troops had unexpectedly attacked Ström Fortresswith almost half of its manpower, while the three human kingdoms made use of the natural stronghold to constantly use large caliber magic crystal cannon and various magic spells to counter. An endless stream of beautiful and dazzling magic cannon shells descended from the Ström Fortress’s lofty fortified walls. Furthermore, with every captivating ray of light, the number of troops from Demon and Beast race’s alliance would lessen. War was brutal. It was to kill or be killed. Whenever a large magic spell descended on the alliance troops, I clearly felt Mu Zi, who was in my embrace, shuddering. Looking upon t such a scene, I inwardly promised that no matter what, I must succeed in negotiating with the three kingdoms.

Zhan Hu’s anxious voice rang out, “Everyone, be careful. The enemies attacks are too numerous. We no longer have any choice but to use our protective battle spirit to withstand the magic head on.”

Feeling apprehensive, I withdrew from my thoughts before  surveying my surroundings. As expected from what Zhan Hu had said, an enormous quantity of dark magic was constantly surging over. Even though the strength of the spells weren’t strong, the quantity was frightening. It had covered the entire one kilometre area.

Mu Zi in my embrace, “Not good! This is our Demon race’s dark magic army troop/squad/regiment that are commencing their attack.”

I coldly snorted. “Everyone, gather around me and activate your protective battle spirits below us.” I still knew that combined powers were much stronger than separated powers. When the dozen of us gathered together, our defensive power increased drastically. Since we were also at a  high altitude, we could withstand the attacks for a moment. However, our movement speed had greatly decreased. The dark magic army squad/troop/regiment had followed our movements, constantly shooting offensive attacks at us.  

When facing such a crisis, my heart was calm instead as we were already not far from the Ström Fortress. I shouted, “Everyone, prepare to head forth at full speed!” Upon saying that, I glanced at Mu Zi in my embrace. I thought, ‘With Mu Zi here, I definitely can’t attack the Demons below us and just defend against their attack.’ Thinking about that, I just maintained a small amount of battle spirit to sustain our flight and completely converted the Holy Sword’s power and some of the battle spirit’s power to magic power; an enormous Light Prism Shield appeared beneath the group. We seemed to have become a sun in the night, to those below us.

Even though the defensive power of the Light Prism Shield wasn’t great, the Light Prism Shield that I had improved could deal with those magic bullets. The large mass of dark magic bullet rebounded. I whispered to Mu Zi, “That shouldn’t hurt them. It’ll only cause some trouble for the Dark mages troop.”

Mu Zi didn’t say anything, but tightened her hand around my waist.

Under the protection of the Light Prism Shield, even though our aim was obvious, the alliance troops below us were unable to deal with us for the moment.

When everyone thought that that they could safely reached their destination. I suddenly felt an enormous powers surging towards us. It was not something that the large surfaced of the Light Prism Shield could withstand. I hastily shot numerous light blades downwards, using the Sukrad’s staff. The strength of the opponent was beyond my expectations. With a few moves against the enemy, it had actually made my body’s Qi and blood to roll over and over. My expression changed, I said, “Your Demon race have such powerful mages. We’re at a disadvantage now.” Even though the opponent wasn’t stronger than me, we were in mid air so I couldn’t recover my powers. The flight, fueled by battle spirit, was extremely taxing. If the opponent was to use another powerful magic spell to obstruct us, there wouldn’t be a guarantee that we would safely reach the Ström Fortress.

At this moment, the eastern door of the Ström Fortress, on the right side of the fortress, flew open. A few thousand cavalrymen surged out. When I was curious as to why the humans had sent out such a small amount of cavalry to meet with the enemy, Zhan Hu exclaimed in shock, “It’s second brother’s Earth Dragon Cavalry Squad.”

So, that was the case. Even though there were only a few thousand cavalrymen, it was like a violent gust of wind blowing through leaves, nothing was able to obstruct them. They had successfully plowed through a path among the alliance Demon and Beast race’s troops.

A strong magic had come towards us again from beneath us. I was slightly angered by that before I told everyone, “Everyone, fly towards the right side’s city gate, where the Earth Dragon Squad has come out from. I can handle things here.” After saying that, I used Sukrad’s staff to draw out a dazzling gold magic hexagon in the air and shot it downwards. The strength of which was already beyond the advanced spells. Even though it didn’t have the strength of forbidden spells, it was close. This single attack, had already consumed 60% of my magic power. As the hexagon appeared, I told Mu Zi, “Quickly use wind magic to catch up with the rest.” Since I had used up most of my magic power, I had no choice, but to depend on Mu Zi’s power.

As Mu Zi chanted, the wind elements in the surrounding rapidly gathered. The surrounding movement of the air had continuously pushed us towards our destination. Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest, who were in front of us, had already reached the eastern door of Ström Fortress.

When the magic hexagon that I shot out quickly descended and collided intensely with the dark magic spell, the wind beneath Mu Zi and I instantly surged upwards. That enormous backlash in the air had made my body’s Qi and blood to boil from the shockwave. At that moment, my body became sluggish. Mu Zi immediately tightened her hold on me and chanted, “Oh great wind elements, I plead you to change into a tornado that rips everything apart.” A miniature tornado gathered behind us. With its assistance, Mu Zi and I momentarily shot towards the fortress like a shooting star. 

I recovered for a breath with Mu Zi’s full power supporting us before I brandished Sukrad’s staff to dissipate the dark magic bullets that were pursuing us. After the ordeal, we had finally charged into the eastern entrance of the Ström Fortress.

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