Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 10

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Volume 10: Chapter 10 – Dark Fusion

I looked at my body and said, “Big brother Xiu Si, I think it’s already much better as it has a heaven to earth difference.”

Xiu Si sighed heavily. “I had activated the Sky God’s horn to help clear the remaining poison on your skin. Even though the corrosion of the dark elements was severe, under the divine power of the horn, it had cleared parts of the scars on your skin.Ai! My martial power is still insufficient to treat you. Take a look in the mirror.” Upon saying that, he hung his head dispiritedly as he leaned to the side.

I felt that something has gone wrong from his speech. I stood up in a daze and looked at the mirror at the side. After seeing my appearance, I raised my head and shrieked miserably. ‘Why?! Why is my life so bitter?’  

My appearance didn’t change much from my previous appearance. It was just that the scars no longer projected. But the deep atrocious scars were still on my originally handsome face. The mirror slipped from my hands, giving off a clear shattering sound when it landed on the ground.

“Big Brother Xiu Si, do I still have any chances of recovery?” My voice had a trace of dejection.

Xiu Si said bitterly, “Since my martial power isn’t enough to force all of the poisons in your body out at one go, the dark elements had already fused with your skin. There’s no other ways to to cure your scars, unless if you were to change your body’s skin. With that said, there isn’t any probability of recovery with my powers. Brother, elder brother has let you down.”

I sat beside Xiu Si and embraced his broad shoulders before I consoled, “You’ve already done your best. It’s really much better now as compared to when I didn’t receive your treatment. Big Brother Xiu Si, I don’t blame you. I can only say that my life is bitter.”

A commotion occurred outside the room; it was obvious that my moanful yell had caused it. I had to face what I had to face. I rapidly wore my clothes before opening the room’s door. There were many people that gathered outside the door. Big Brother Zhan Hu, Dong Ri, Gao De, Xin Ao, Jian Shan, the villagers from God’s Village, Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo had gathered as they had a look of anticipation at the entrance of the stone room.

I trudged out of the stone room. When everyone saw that my looks hadn’t changed, they gasped and Mu Zi’s complexion became pure white.

My previously stirred up and sorrowful mood had already calmed down. I told everyone with smiles, “Big Brother Xiu Si had already done his best. I can’t go against my destiny. Thank you all for protecting me while I was receiving treatment and return to rest up. If something happens, I’ll notify all of you.”

Zhan Hu leaped forward and tightly clenched on my shoulder before hollering, “What do you mean by can’t go against your destiny? Fuck! God King, you old fellow, why do you have to devastate my brother?……”

“Big brother, stop saying that already. I’ve already gotten used to my current looks. Pain and sorrow can’t solve the problem. Let’s settle the current matters at hand first. Big Brother Xiu Si had used all of his strength to treat me and is currently resting in the room. All of you should also rest up. I’ll be here to deal with everything.”

Mu Zi walked towards me, step by step. Her expression was calm and my heart shuddered with her every step. ‘What was she going to tell me? Was she going to tell me that our relationship no longer had any hope?’

When Zhan Hu saw Mu Zi coming over, he automatically flashed to the side; everyone looked fixedly at both of us.

A cool breeze blew against my face, making my long hair to be blown aside, exposing my entire atrocious face. Mu Zi kept walking in front of me until she reached one third of a meter in front of me. She looked foolishly at me before she suddenly extended her hands to hold onto my face. With a candid smile, she said gently, “Zhang Gong, you don’t have to undergo any more treatment. No matter how your looks changed, you’re forever the Zhang Gong that cares, loves and cherishes me in my heart. No one will be able to exceed your position in my heart. I—–Love—-You!”

My entire body stiffened and tears uncontrollably flowed down my face, wetting both of Mu Zi’s hand.

“Can we return to our previous relationship? Even if we were to start anew, can you give me a chance to pursue you?” Everyone looked at Mu Zi; those prideful experts expressed a rare phenomenon of expressing respect.

I held on Mu Zi’s hand and replied with a trembling voice, “I’m no longer compatible with you, Mu Zi.”

Mu Zi replied smiling, “Why is that, my God’s inheritor? The heaven had predetermined our meetings and naturally bound our lives together. Are looks that important? If you’re really mindful on that, I’m willing to disfigure my looks to be similar to yours. Will you be able to accept me then?”

I jumped up in fright before I yelled, “No! Mu Zi, stop pressuring me. Can you let me think this through?”

Mu Zi clearly saw that my attitude had changed. She smiled with satisfaction before replying gently, “I won’t pressure you. I’ll always wait until you accept me. However, a girl’s youth is limited so don’t make me wait for too long. I want to remain some of my youth to you, alright?”

Mu Zi’s warm and gentle voice had made my heart violently surge. I almost wanted to yell out that I agree, but my inferiority prevailed my feelings. I dejectedly nodded before whispering, “Everyone should go and rest up. Even though our current position isn’t dangerous, it isn’t safe as well, so it’s important that we maintain in a good state.”

Mu Zi tiptoed and gently left a kiss on my face. The gentle touch had made my lonely heart to be filled with sweet feelings. My heart was completely ablaze.

After Mu Zi left, everyone was still standing at their positions and looked at me dazed. It was obvious that they hadn’t come around. I mockingly chided them, “You haven’t seen enough? Quickly go and rest up.”

Gao De gave a weird call out before he took the lead to run away. Zhan Hu patted on my shoulder before he slowly dispersed with the crowd.

Ke Lun Duo was the last one to leave. He walked to in front of me before he said smiling, “The princess is a good lady. Zhang Gong, I wish you two all the best.”

I asked curiously, “But she’s your fiancee in the Demon race. Don’t you get jealous at all?”

Ke Lun Duo was stunned. “Jealous? Haha! Why should I? There’s only someone that can make me feel jealous, but she’s not the princess. I have already given my heart to her. Even though the princess is beautiful, I no longer have any extra feelings towards her.”

“I never expected Brother Ke to be such a romantic person.”

Ke Lun Duo said elatedly, “It’s the first time that I’ve heard you call me that. It’s really pleasing to the ear. Please stop blaming me, alright? Don’t worry! I definitely won’t be your love rival. When your looks became like this, the princess’s pain isn’t any lesser than yours. Please try to accept her soon so that she won’t continue to be in pain.”

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