Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 12

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Volume 10: Chapter 12 – The Hero Saves the Beauty

I said smiling, “So you have a conspiracy. I’ll give my blessings to the both of you. If it really can’t work out, you can elope with Ah Shui as well. I’ll definitely take good care of you two at the human’s continent. How’s that?”

Ke Lun Duo’s eyes lit up. “There’s really an enormous obstruction for Ah Shui to be with me. Your suggestion isn’t bad. When I bring Ah Shui to live with you all, it really won’t be bad as the life in your human’s continent is more comfortable than in the Demon race. Ha!…..I’m really sleepy, so I’m going to sleep. I feel much more relaxed after telling you this, so I definitely will have a good rest tonight.” After hearing his story, I felt that much closer to  Ke Lun Duo since we were both unfortunate people and had some problems with our family.

‘Even though I didn’t recover my looks, I felt much better already. Since nothing should happen here, I shall head out and wander the proximity of the manor.’ Thinking about that, I waved my hand to open the space pocket and took out a long muslin conical bamboo hat. It was the item that I bought when I was in the Demon’s city. After taking a cloth to wrap the Sukrad’s staff and made clear of my departure to one of the guards, I headed out of the Prince’s manor.

The sky was as pretty as a blue velvet. Everywhere was filled with clouds and the bright and beautiful sunshine shone on me, making me indescribably comfortable. There was also a constant flow of patrolling soldiers on the streets of the fortress.

I gradually strolled the street, browsing the items of the fort before I suddenly heard a dispute in front of me.

“I already told you not to follow me. Why are you still following me?”

“Miss, please stop running around all over the place. If something were to happen to you, how are we supposed to head back and account for you?”

“Enough! Don’t you feel bothersome? I’m not a child. There shouldn’t be any problems if I go for a walk. This is our territory, so what dangers will I experience? I warn you all that you’re forbidden to continue following me.”

A young and beautiful lady appeared in my sight. She was wearing a beautiful red mage robe, with her lips pouting, expressing dissatisfaction. The four warriors that closely followed her looked extremely keyed up/nervous.

The leader of the warriors suddenly blocked the lady’s path before saying respectfully, “Miss, please head back with us. Otherwise, Master will be angry.”

The young lady used her strength to push against the sheath of the long sword that was blocking her way and fumingly replied, “I’m not going back! Nope! I’m not heading back.” When the long sword didn’t move an inch, the young lady was so angry that her charming face flushed red. “Good, you’re the one that forced my hand. Oh great fire god, bestow me your powers to use your explosive fire and eliminate everything that is before you—-Explosive flames!” My goodness, that brat was really a small chilli.

Fire elements frantically gathered around the girl. During that period when that warrior was stunned, a couple of enormous fireballs exploded in front of him.

That warrior didn’t panic when in shock. He enclosed his body with a white battle spirit that had traces of gold in it. It seemed that he had real skills as he was already approaching the Radiant Knight rank. When the fire got in contact with the battle spirit, it gave off concentrated explosion sounds. Since the warrior didn’t make sufficient preparation, he was momentarily forced two steps back from the shockwave. The young lady let out bell-like laughter as she took advantage of the time he was frenetic to move like a breeze past the warrior’s obstruction.

Simultaneously, when they were fighting, hurried horse’s hoof sounds resounded. A team of heavy armoured cavalries was rushing over. Seeing their hurried appearance, it was obvious that they were going to carry out an important mission. When that girl dodged the obstruction, she was right in front of them. She was moving backwards so she didn’t notice the sudden incoming danger. The warriors that obstructed her shouted loudly in chorus, “Miss, be careful! It’s dangerous!”

The young girl then discovered the heavy armoured cavalries that were already near her. She had unexpectedly forgotten to use her wind magic to avoid them due to fright. The heavy armoured cavalries also discovered her so they pulled on their reign. However, since the horse and the cavalries were heavily armoured, their inertia were large so for a moment, they weren’t able to stop their charging force. When the life fire of the young girl was going to be extinguished from being trampled over, I made my move.

At this moment, short teleportation displayed great powers. I suddenly appeared to the young girl’s side, embracing with an arm. I used the time, since the armoured horses hadn’t reached us, to teleport to the side of the street. The crowd only saw that the young girl had disappeared after a black shadow flashed past. Those heavy armoured cavalry had charged 10 meters before stopping.

After the four guards that follows the girl saw that a black covered face man had saved their young master, they immediately charged over. The leader shouted at the heavy armoured cavalry, “Are you dog eyes’ blind?! Why are you running so fast in the main street?!”

The leader of the heavy armoured cavalries shouted, “Who are you to scold us? This is a fort to prevent our enemies from invading us, not a playground. Who called you to let your child wander about?”

That warrior’s expression agitatedly changed before they angrily gushed out to the front of the leader of the heavy armoured cavalries, taking out a writ tablet and waved it before him. The leader of the heavy armoured cavalries looked as though he had saw a ghost. He leaped down from their horses and said politely, “Sorry, I didn’t know……”

The warrior complacently stopped him from talking as he said arrogantly, “Miss was unharmed this time. If not, it won’t suffice to appease the Master’s anger, even after chopping your dozen heads’ off.”

The leader of the calvary respectfully replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes! We’ll definitely take note of that next time. We really have an urgent military affair so we……..”

The warrior impatiently waved his hand. “Enough, just quickly head on. Be careful from now on.” It seemed that the warrior understood the logic, where it was possible to let people off, one should spare them. I didn’t know which division they served under to have actually made those insufferably arrogant heavy armoured cavalries give in so obediently.

After those heavy armoured cavalry left, a crisp voice sounded from my side, “Hey! Hey! Can you let me go already? Are you thinking of taking advantage of me?”

I lowered my head and remembered that the beautiful young girl was still in my embrace. I hastily let go of her and retreated two steps back before replying apologetically, “My apologies to miss, I had treated you irreverently.”

The girl said with a gentle laughter, “Thank you for saving me.”

I gently shook my head. “Anyone who met with this kind of situation will make a move to help if they have the capability. Miss, you should be careful from now on and stop being so willful. Otherwise, it really isn’t worth it for you to lose your life meaninglessly.”

The young girl frowned and looked as though she was going to throw her temper, but she seemed to remember that I was her benefactor that had saved her life, so she forcefully suppressed her anger and replied, “I understand.”

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