Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 14

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Volume 10: Chapter 14 – Demon Race’s Main Camp

Ke Lun Duo rubbed his eyes . “What matter do you need to discuss now? I didn’t sleep last night. If you don’t let me sleep for the next 10 hours, I’ll definitely have a black eye. If I head back and Ah Shui doesn’t want me, I’ll blame it on you and steal Mu Zi from you. Hmph!”

I regathered another small water bullet and threatened him. “You dare? Do you want to test this little thing out? Quickly get up! I really have some important matters that I need to discuss with you.”

Looking at the water bullet in my hand, Ke Lun Duo quickly sat up, with his hands covering his face, he replied, “I’m up! Can I not get up? What’s the matter? Say it.”

I withdrew the water bullet in satisfaction. “It’s like this…….” I repeated what Big brother Shan Yun told me before, and concluded it saying, “Thus, I wish to accompany you and Mu Zi to head to the Demon and Beast race’s allied forces tonight, in order to stabilize them so that they won’t attack the fortress again. It’ll be easier for us to carry out our task here this way.”

Ke Lun Duo had already somewhat woken up and after hearing what I said, he replied seriously, “What you say makes sense. Alright, let’s head there tonight. However, I’ve a condition.”

I asked stunned, “Condition? What condition?”

Ke Lun Duo chuckled and replied, “Let me sleep first. Don’t come and disturb my sleep again.”

I tossed a water bullet over before jokingly chided him. “You’re good! You dare to play me.”

Ke Lun Duo blocked the water bullet and said smiling, “Alright! Alright! You should also rest up. You shouldn’t call the princess though. You don’t know how worried she was for you yesterday, so let her rest up. When we are leaving tonight, we can just call for you. That’s right, who are you planning to bring along?”

I pondered before replying, “The people that go should be chosen by their quality rather than quantity. Otherwise, it might arouse suspicion. I think that only the ones that received God’s inheritance should go. What do you think?”

Ke Lun Duo nodded. “That should be fine. They also shouldn’t dare to do anything to us. Don’t worry, the princess’s position in the heart of the Demon race is second to His Majesty. Moreover, there’s still me, the brilliant martial god, handsome, free and easy, lofty and powerful leader of the protector guards. Regarding the beast race, it’s actually much easier. Their intelligence is low so they usually follow us the Demon race blindly. The leader of the beast race should be the Beamon King. That fellow only knows how to fight. You should be careful that there’s our Demon race’s Prince Satan, who is in favour to fight against the humans, who has just returned to the royal city. When we came out from the Demon City, His Majesty had put the prince under house arrest. Currently, the one commanding the Demon race should be His Highness, Demon King Xiu Yu. Even though he’s in favour to fight, he’s relatively easier to talk to as compared to the prince. Moreover, Xiu Yu has been taking care of the princess since she was young. His love for the princess isn’t any lesser than that of His Majesty. Therefore, I feel that there shouldn’t be any hiccups during this trip.”

Upon hearing that, I felt much more comfortable before I replied in smiles, “Even if that’s the case, we should be careful. Alright, I’ll let you rest up. I’ll come for you when dinner time comes.”


The sun gradually disappeared in the west. After the short spanned beautiful firelike clouds passed, the tranquility was restored. Since the weather was good, it seemed that the sky would be filled with stars tonight.

The eight of us mixed in Big Brother Shan Yun’s Dragon Army squad, secretly leaving Ström Fortress.

“The sight of the surveillance soldiers is impossible to reach here from the fort. Quickly go, I’ll patrol around here before coming back to wait for you. If you need assistance, remember to use the signal flair that I gave you.”

I quickly donned on the night attire before gathering our group and bid Shan Yun farewell. We then rapidly headed to the main camp for the Demon and beast races’ allied forces.

Ke Lun Duo said, “Zhang Gong, no matter what happens later, try not to make your move and let me settle it. We’ll head to the Demon race’s side first. If we can bring His Highness Xiu Yu on our side, then the Beast race will be easy to be dealt with.”


“Who are you people?”

“It’s me, Ke Lun Duo. I’ve returned from the Royal City.”

Ah! Is it Lord Ke Lun Duo? Please wait for a moment.”

The entrance of the stronghold opened and a squadron of men and horses came out. Even though they didn’t recognise us, with Ke Lun Duo’s title as being the Demon race’s top warrior, he was naturally revered by the low status soldiers. After clearly seeing Ke Lun Duo’s appearance, the leader of the soldiers respectfully said, “It really is you, Lord Ke Lun Duo. Why did you come from the direction of the Ström Fortress?”

Ke Lun Duo’s expression dampened before he shouted, “I’m on a classified mission! Is that something that you can ask about?”

That soldier’s expression changed, but rapidly recovered as he replied apologetically, “I spoke too much. I’m only doing my task, so I must be cautious. Please don’t mind.”  

Ke Lun Duo’s expression softened. “Alright, but quickly bring me into the fort. I’ve got some important matters that I need to report to His Highness Xiu Yu.”

“Alright, please follow me. Lord, who are these people?”

“They were ordered by His Majesty to help assist me in commanding.”

Mu Zi picked the right timing to brandish her hand, making a thick black fog to cover her entire body. The gloomy and cold aura had momentarily stopped that soldier from talking. He said alarmed, “Ah! So it’s the Lord dark mage. My apologies, I won’t be asking anything further. Everyone, please quickly enter.”

After passing through the towering gates, we entered the Demon’s stronghold. My goodness! The interior of the stronghold was completely lit up. The soldiers patrolling were all orderly. The tents were arranged in circles like a horn, in case there was an invasion, they could mutually assist each other. At first glance, it seemed like a battle -hardened formation with vast experience.

Ke Lun Duo whispered, “How’s our Demon race’s army look? Satisfied?”

I slightly noded. “They are elites, and the arrangement of the stronghold is not bad.”

Ke Lun Duo replied complacently, “Of course, I put in lots of effort in arranging this stronghold. There’s hidden magic arrays in here. If the human race were to try and infiltrate, it’ll definitely be an entry, but no escape.”

I asked in awe, “You arranged this stronghold?”

Ke Lun Duo puffed out his chest. “Of course, why? You don’t believe me? If I can’t do at least this much, how will I ever achieve the His Majesty’s recognition and also hold the Demon race’s top warrior title?”

Mu Zi voiced out. “Enough, stop bickering. We’re near the main camp.”

As expected, there was an enormous tent that wasn’t far. There were a couple of small tents, they looked like stars supporting the moon, surrounding it in the middle. There were also six watchtowers that surrounded the big tent. It was exactly as Ke Lun Duo mentioned, there was a constant flow of people on duty around the clock.

I discovered that the guards of the Demon race were in red instead of the black military uniform I had seen previously as we neared the main camp.

Ke Lun Duo whispered, “They’re our red uniformed warriors. They are much higher ranked than the ordinary warriors.”

As expected, the guard that guided us were stopped by the red uniformed soldiers.

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