Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 17

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Volume 10: Chapter 17 – Monster King’s Ressurection

Xiu Yu was fearful of him as Satan’s demon power was usually similar to his. However, he currently felt that he was a small boat in a vast body of water, while Satan was on a wild, untamed ocean. With his voice trembling, he asked, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? It can’t be that you’re possessed, right?”

Satan was shocked and realised that he had been a little too impetuous. He then withdrew the majority of the aura that was being emitted from his body before replying gently, “Brother, what are you saying? Where’s the military seal? Didn’t I pass it to you when I left? I think you should return it back to me. Even if we don’t betray the Demon Emperor, I should be the commander here.”

Xiu Yu replied, “Brother, His Majesty had already sent ambassadors here a few days ago to command me to be the commander here so I can’t pass the military seal to you. You’ve come in so late today. You should rest up first and wait until tomorrow to discuss this, alright?”

Satan’s expression changed and his sinister aura frantically surged outwards. With his eyes narrowed, he replied, “Brother, you must give me the military seal today, even if you don’t want to. Quickly pass it over. Otherwise, I’ll be impolite.”

Xiu Yu fumed. “What? You want to make a move on me? But, I’m your brother.”

Satan snorted. “Brother? So what if you’re my brother? Whoever that hinders my path, I won’t let him off easily. If you pass the military seal out now, we can still be brothers. If not, I’ll make my move.”

Xiu Yu solemnly shook his head before he suddenly shouted, “Attack!”

Following his voice, the first to attack was Dong Ri’s Wind God’s bow. After a resplendent light flashed, three followers behind Satan collapsed. After a grey smoke raised, the three people instantly disappeared. Xiu Si was extremely intelligent as he knew that if he were to directly attack Satan, there would be no guarantee that he would succeed, so he left the strongest to me while he eliminated the followers.

The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” After a blue light flashed, Zhan Hu donned the War God’s armour and charged forth, just in time to deal with Satan’s punch, who had just refocused. ‘Hong!’ A loud sound resounded. The berserk power had made the entire tent scattered and smashed.

Satan’s hair was in a quite mess. He stood at the center, laughing wildly and told Xiu Yu, “You’re good. You’ve actually teamed up with the humans to deal with me. I’ll take all of your lives today.”

I supported Zhan Hu, who was violently spraying out blood before conveying to Xiu Si, “Your Highness, be careful and quickly order your subordinates not to make reckless movement. You can just pass this situation to us.”

The power that Satan had expressed made me exceptionally amazed and terrified. He could actually make Big Brother to get blown away and made suffer severe injuries with his powers. From this, I knew that Satan’s power wasn’t inferior to the Demon Emperor’s. Even if the Demon Emperor didn’t possess the Dark Demon Dragon, I still might not be his match. As if to prove that my hypothesis was right, he really changed into a monster. Otherwise, normally it would be impossible for his power to increase to such an extent.

I passed Zhan Hu to Ke Lun Duo before I pulled out the Sukrad’s staff from its cloth, with my eyes focused on Satan.

Satan laughed wildly. “It’s you brat, again to spoil my matters. I’ll definitely shatter your corpse to numerous pieces today to let you know my power.”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to defeat him as I wasn’t confident. However, I was still able to sustain for a while. I just needed to wait for Xiu Si and the rest to eliminate Satan’s minions. I believe that the final victory would still fall to our side.

The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.”

I had interlocked my hands before my chest as I chanted. Numerous light ray emitted from my body and my hair had turned completely gold. With six light wings gently flapping on my back and a divine aura that enclosed me within, I slowly ascended into the sky. The insufferably arrogant Satan’s expression focused and ascended into the sky with me.

Satan said with hatred, “I wondered who had spoilt our good matters so it was you fellow, Mi Jie Lie. During the great war between the gods and Monsters, you had used the Holy Sword to destroy my body. If it wasn’t for Master to keeping my soul’s knowledge, I would have dispersed into nothing. Today, I shall take my revenge.”

After hearing what he said, there was a message that suddenly passed through my mind and replied calmly, “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, you’re the one that had infiltrated Demon King Satan’s body. You, one of the three Great Monsters under the Monster King, had been doing the wrong things. For you to die under my hand, it’s your honour. I’ll kill you again today. Holy Sword!”

A small silver sword appeared in my hand, making the Divine aura surrounding me to intensify. It had resulted to an increase in vigor for Xiu Si and the rest that they continually used powerful killing techniques, forcing all of the Monsters, excluding Satan, to become unable to fend off their attacks, resulting in their deaths.

Satan showed a fearful expression at first, but he suddenly laughed, “So, you can only use one tenth of the Holy Sword’s power. Haha! Even though I can’t use all of my previous strength, it’s still more than enough to kill you. Dark Monster Blade, come forth.”

Satan’s body became completely enclosed by the grey aura as a long greyish-black blade appeared in his hand. My aura, which was previously held the advantage, was suppressed greatly. I hurriedly circulated the powers in my body; magic power and battle spirit rapidly flew towards the Holy Sword to fuse with its power.

The light that was being emitted from my entire body intensified drastically before I said, “ Holy Sword, go!”

A silvery-white Holy Sword shot out an elegant line towards Satan. Satan’s surrounding aura was restrained as he concentrated on the Dark Monster Blade to fight head on with the Holy Sword.

When the two lights abruptly collided, it caused an explosion, loud like a thunderclap as they burst up in the sky. The sky changed colours and the surrounding clouds were dispersed by the enormous pressure. It was as though an extremely strong flare had gone off in the night sky, lighting up the Demon race’s main camp as though it was daytime.

Luckily, we were high enough in the sky. Otherwise, this exchange would have injured an unknown amount of people.

The majority of the Demon-Beast allied forces, who were still in their sleeping, were suddenly awoken from their dreams due to that loud explosion. Instantly, Demon King Xiu Yu showed the mannerisms of a general as he ordered his various troops to form into a squadron formation so he would be able to deal with any changes at will. The center had been evacuated to form an empty space for Zhan Hu and the rest to fight against the Monster race.

The previous intense collision made me realise that Satan’s power was beyond that of the Demon Emperor. My chest seemed like it had been struck by a large hammer, making it impossible to avoid spraying out a mouthful of blood.

Satan laughed to his heart’s content. “How is it, Mi Jia Lie? This body isn’t bad, right? The fusion with my power was quick.Haha! Today shall be your end. Don’t think that you can defeat me by borrowing old fellow God King’s Holy Sword. I’ll tell you that will be impossible.”

I wiped off the blood from the corner of my lips, while using the flapping of the light wings to stabilize my body before I coldly shouted, “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, don’t be complacent. With your ability, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to defeat me.”

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