Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 2

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Volume 10: Chapter 2 – Cruel War

The Earth Dragon army team that Big Brother Shan Yun led was invincible. In just a short moment, they had cleared a space in front of the Ström Fortress. When the defenders of the Ström Fortress saw that the situation was advantageous, they immediately sent out all of their forces; the main forces, heavy and light cavalries, all charged frantically towards the allied Demon and Beast races troops.

Mu Zi supported me as we slowly descended to the ground. When Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest saw that we landed safely, they gathered around us.

I frowned as I watched meat and blood splattered everywhere in the war field. “I didn’t expect that our cross over to the Ström Fortress had led to a war between the races. We originally came back for negotiation, but we’ve become the fuse for the start of the battles.”

Mu Zi consoled, “There shouldn’t be a problem as the Beast men had dispatched their Beamon army troops. With them, it definitely could sustain their morale. The allied troops of the Demon and Beast race has an advantage in the number of troopers. If the commander of the Ström Fortress isn’t stupid, he would withdraw the army and rely on the natural stronghold, Ström Fortress.”

I looked astonished at Mu Zi. This was the first time that I saw her wise and farsighted side.

Ke Lun Duo said, “What the princess said is right. Zhang Gong, what should we do now?” We were currently at the east city door. Since we had previously fought against the Demon race, the human soldiers had already treated us as their ally. Everyone was caught up with fighting the war that they, unexpectedly, didn’t pay any attention to us at the moment.

At this moment, the battlefield had a sudden change. It was as Mu Zi had mentioned previously; the beast men’s Giant Beamon Beast army troop had appeared. When I saw such a large beast for the first time, it gave me a fright. Its body was covered with heavy armour, an enormous wolf teeth club in its hand, and was at least 4 meters tall. It had suddenly appeared before Big Brother Shan Yun’s Earth Dragon army squad.

The Earth Dragon squad’s warriors didn’t care about anything, other than to charge forward. Unexpectedly however, the Earth Dragon’s strong powers  couldn’t withstand the strength of the Giant Beamon Beast. The dragon gun couldn’t pierce through their defense. Under the might of the enormous wolf teeth club, the dozen warriors of the Earth Dragon Army squad, who was right at the front, momentarily became meat paste with their Earth Dragons.

The Giant Beamon Beast Army Squad slowly, but orderly, advanced. They reclaimed the areas that the Earth Dragon Army team had taken, piece by piece.Zhan Hu sighed and said, “Even though the Earth Dragon Army squad is powerful, it still couldn’t withstand the trump card of the Beast men. There was nothing in this world, even if it was heavy armoured soldiers, that could withstand the attack of the Giant Beamon Beast. Those fellows are just too abnormal. Look, the flag of the fort has changed.”

The previous constantly waving red flag had turned to blue. The Earth Dragon Army Squad orderly retreated. The heavy and light armored cavalry protected their sides as they retreated back to the Ström Fortress in formation, without any disorder.

When the allied Demon and beast races troops were violently charging over, and the human’s cavalries were almost unable to withstand their enemies, numerous elemental magic covered the sky and sprinkled downwards from the city walls of the fort. The advancement of the allied troops soldiers instantly decreased, excluding the Giant Beamon Beast from the Beast race.

The human calvaries took the opportunity to successfully retreat near the fortress. The large magic crystal cannon on the fort proved its importance. Small colourful shooting stars streaked across the vast sky and landed on the allied Demon and Beast races troops, even the Giant Beamon Beast wasn’t unscathed. The Earth Dragon Army squad shielded the huge group of calvaries as they entered the fort in front of us. The main forces of the allied Demon and beast races were stopped outside of the fort by the large magic crystal cannon.

The Earth Dragon Army squad had finally retreated back into the fort. Big Brother Zhan Hu quickly charged forward to welcome the last Earth Dragon cavalry that returned. I didn’t even need to look attentively as that cavalry could only be Big Brother Shan Yun.

Shan Yun rapidly rode his Earth Dragon over towards us. Zhan Hu hollered, “Second Brother, I’m back!”

Shan Yun removed his face helmet and shouted, “Third Brother! I knew it was you guys. Quickly follow me into the city to prevent ambushes from the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races from happening.”

We currently didn’t have the time to reminisce so we hastily entered the Ström Fortress, following Shan Yun.

The fortress was filled with soldiers from the three kingdoms. The city wall was covered with infantries and mages that were responsible in defending the fortress. With the defence of the natural fortress, the mages could show their importance. There were also a couple of small mountain-like objects that should be the large magic crystal cannon; it was also because of them that stopped the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races from recklessly attacking the fort.

Shan Yun didn’t have the time to tend to us as he ordered his aide-de-camp, “Quickly, get the overall statistics on the number of deaths and injuries. Report back to me after.” The aide-de-camp followed his order.

Zhan Hu asked, “Are the people that were just dispatched from Xiuda?”

Shan Yun shook his head. “Not entirely. The main forces this time was the allied troops from Xiuda and Dalu. Currently, the fortress is separated into three parts. The calvaries from the various countries are under the command of our father, while the infantries are under the command of a wind heroic marshall from Dalu. Lastly, the mages are under the leader of the Royal mage’s group from Aixia, Dun Yu Xi. With such segregation, it makes the ordering of the troops easier. It would be quicker to invade, retreat, and defend that way as well. Now, let’s go to where the commander division is.”

I hastily walked forward. “Big Brother Shan Yun, it won’t be good for us to head to the commander division. Can’t you first help arrange a place for us?” I was a wanted person from Aixia. If I headed there just like that, wouldn’t I be caught that way?

“You? You are?”

I smiled wryly. “I’m Zhang Gong.”

“Zhang Gong? Why has your appearance changed so much? Is it a disguise?”

I shook my head and sighed, “It’s hard to explain with just a few words. Let’s continue our conversation after we enter the city.”

Shan Yun instantly understood and pat his forehead before saying smilingly, “Look at my poor memory. Let’s head to my father’s interim prince’s mansion.”

Even though it was said to be a prince’s mansion, it was just a large courtyard with guards. The interior design was simple and crude. Shan Yun said that it was arranged by the prince. The prince said this originally, “We are to defend the human race and fight against the allied troops of the Demon and beast races. We aren’t here to enjoy life, so what’s the point in building up greatly? We can use that extra money to buy magic crystals.”

Hearing what Shan Yun had said, I couldn’t help, but to have good feelings towards the prince, who I hadn’t met before.

Shan Yun found some rooms for us to settle in. He also didn’t ask why there were two more people. At that moment, his aide-de-camp entered.


“How is the situation?”

“During this battle, there are 112 Earth Dragon cavalries, 1034 heavy armoured cavalries, and 2631 light armoured cavalries that died. In total, we’ve lost 3777 cavalries. The Prince requested that you should hastily return back to the commander division.”

The report had greatly shocked me. In such a short battle, it had unexpectedly resulted in nearly 4000 lives gone and that didn’t include the loss from the Demon and Beast races. War was the world’s greatest killer as the cries from numerous departed spirits permeated the battlefield.

Shan Yun frowned as he replied, “I understand. I’ll head there now. You’re to tend to my guests and don’t slight them. Everyone, I’ll head to the commander division and return after.”

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