Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 20

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Volume 10: Chapter 20 – The Beamon’s War

Traces of animosity could be seen from the Beamon King’s eyes before he said politely, “So it’s the Royal princess. I give you my greetings. His Royal Highness Demon Emperor is someone that I admire the most. It has been sometime since I saw that old man.”

Mu Zi half raised from her chair before she replied, “You don’t have to be so courteous. Father told me that the most powerful expert in this continent in regards to power is you and that he was far inferior when compared with you.”

Beast men mind set were rather simple with this praises from Mu Zi, he broke into laughters. “Princess, you’ve overexaggerated. What’s your purpose for coming to the front lines?”

Xiu Yu said, “Sigh….It’s like this, do you still remember the legends from a few thousand years ago?”

Beamon King contemplated before replying, “Are you referring to the great war between the Gods and Monsters?”

Xiu Yu nodded. “That’s right. The princess’s motive in coming here is to negotiate with the Human race.”

When the Beamon King heard that, he leapt to his feet and hollered, “Negotiation? What’s there to negotiate? We definitely won’t negotiate with the Human race. Our Valiant Mist Empire had spent an extremely long time to prepare for this battle. You want to have a strong start but finish weak? I won’t agree to it.”

Xiu Yu frowned and said, “Old brother, please take your seat and listen to what I’ve to say.” After seeing the Beamon King, who was filled with anger took his seat, Xiu Yu continued, “Our Holy Light Empire’s preparation time for the war wasn’t any lesser than yours. It was the Demon Emperor who ordered for the negotiation. The Monster race from few thousand years ago is reemerging. All of our races must work together to fight against them. If not, there maybe a risk for the races’ extinction.”

The Beamon King stunned before replying, “Monster race? The Monster race really exists?”

Xiu Yu replied, “I’ll introduce to few more of my guest. You should recognize Ke Lun Duo so I won’t be introducing him. This few others are from the human race. They are also God’s inheritor. They are currently mediating in the negotiations. The previous fireworks that you thought you saw in the sky was actually due to them fighting against the Monster race. They were able to remedy the Monster’s invasion, using their divine instrument’s power. If it not for them,  you wouldn’t be able to see me now.”

The Beamon King queried, “There are really Gods and Monsters? The previous power that was transmitted over was indeed extremely powerful. I could vaguely feel it even from a far distance from this place. From what you said, your Demon race will really be going to negotiate with the Human race. Big Brother Xiu Yu, you must think this through carefully.”

Xiu Yu replied in smiles, “After that commotion, I’ve already made up my mind. Moreover, this is the Demon Emperor’s decision. It can’t be that you don’t trust His Majesty’s wisdom?”

The Beamon King replied, “I believe in the Demon Emperor, but is the Monster race that powerful? What’s there to fear about them? I’ll kill every single one of them when they come. Let’s eliminate the Human race before we continue to discuss this matter.”

Gao De coldly snorted, “Just by yourself, you think that you can suppress the Monster race?”

The Beamon King fumed. “You dared to belittle me, who is the top warrior of the Beamon race? I want to challenge you to a battle. If you can triumph against me, I’ll accept your suggestion.”

Just as Gao De wanted to reply him, he was intercepted by Xin Ao as he said, “You want to compete? My Titan hammer should be a match to your wolf tooth club so I shall compete against you instead.” He was worried that Gao De lightning god’s shield wouldn’t be able to withstand the Beamon King’s offensive power. Currently, Xin Ao was really the only one most compatible to fight against the Beamon King. Xiu Si and I didn’t have any intentions in stopping the fight as to convince the Beast race, which admired strength, it would be the most efficient to use force rather than facts. However, the only thing that I was worried about was whether Xin Ao was really a match for the Beamon King.

The Beamon King yelled out, “Alright, we can conveniently use this cleared space to battle. You can choose to solo fight or group fight me. You just have to defeat me, in order for me to accept your God’s inheritor identity.”

He was really an unreasonable fellow. If Big Brother Zhan Hu wasn’t hurt, he surely had the capacity in defeating him. Xin Ao was slightly weaker than him. Thinking about that, I walked to Xin Ao’s side and placed my arm on his shoulder. “Beamon King, if you can defeat Big Brother Xin Ao, you can deal with us in whatever way you want.” As I said that, I was similarly inserting the powers that I had just gathered into Holy Sword’s power into Xin Ao’s body. Xin Ao looked at me before saying, “I’m the weakest one among the group. However, it is sufficient for me to defeat Beamon.” With my Holy Sword power’s assistance, Xin Ao was momentarily filled with confidence.

Xiu Yu said helplessly, “Since that’s the case, alright. The rest are to leave the perimeters of the fighting ring.

Dong Ri supported me, while Xiu Si supported Zhan Hu. After everyone left the area, the Beamon King and Xiu Si were the only once at the original main camp position.

The Beamon King surged out an unprecedented imposing aura through his wolf tooth club. His battle spirit roused the dust and sand from the surrounding ground and his muscles bulged up, his joints giving off cracking sounds.

Xin Ao immediately focused his sight on him before whispering his chant, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” A Titan God’s hammer appeared before Xin Ao, carrying an intense faint yellow light with it. After Xin Ao grabbed on it, his body surged out the similar faint yellow battle spirit.

When the Beamon King saw the Titan God’s hammer that Xin Ao had summoned from space, he was startled by it. His battle spirit became slightly weaker under the divine aura enveloping him. He asked Xin Ao, “What’s that? It seems to be somewhat powerful.”

Xin Ao replied resolutely, “This is the divine instrument that the God King has bestowed upon me. This was the weapon that the Titan God held that year. I shall let you be enlightened as to see who will be the real representation of power today.”

Greed was expressed by the Beamon King’s eyes. “If you lose, give it to me. How about that?”

Xin Ao knew that the Beamon King had taken a fancy on his weapon. He snappily said, “If you win, we shall discuss it.” Upon saying that, he tossed the Titan God’s hammer up into the sky. The enormous hammer suddenly expanded to three times its original size in mid air. It wasn’t any weaker than the Beamon King’s wolf tooth club. When Xin Ao’s hand separated, he hollered, “Watch my hammer.”

The Titan God’s hammer smashed towards the Beamon King under Xin Ao’s control. The Beamon King didn’t dare underestimate him. He used both of his both hands to hold the wolf tooth club at his side and charged towards the enormous hammer as though he was flying towards it. While he swung his wolf tooth club, he yelled, “Break!” When the Titan God’s hammer collided with the wolf tooth club, it gave off an extremely loud metallic crash. Even though the Beamon King was able to counter the Titan God’s attack, he was forced to leap five steps back; in each step, it left a deep 30 cm depth feet imprint on the ground.

Xin Ao face was a little flushed, while he controlled the Titan God’s hammer. With this first contact, he came out advantageous.

Zhan Hu asked me in awe, “When did Xin Ao become so powerful? With my power, I can’t be confident enough to say that I would be unscathed when fighting head on with the Beamon king? His power is even slightly beyond that fellows?”

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