Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 24

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Volume 10: Chapter 24 – Hopeful Peace Talks

Mu Zi grabbed onto an unknown animal’s leg. “Why should I take note of my bearings? Everyone here is Zhang Gong’s friend, so they’re my friend as well. Why should I take note then? It has already been such a long time since I’ve had my fill.”

Xiu Si said to Dong Ri. “How about we make a bet to see who will be the one that will eat the most?”

His words instantly aroused Dong Ri’s interest. Dong Ri said, in smiles, “Alright, let’s make a bet for everyone to guess who will be the last one standing.”

“My guess will definitely be Zhang Gong.”

“It might not be. I see that Princess Mu Zi has great potential.”



Finally, Xiu Si said, “How about this? I’ll be the banker. Those that bet on Zhang Gong will receive a 1:1 payment while Mu Zi is 1:2 payment. Everyone place your bets.”

“I place 10 diamond coins on Zhang Gong.”

“I place 20 diamond coins on Zhang Gong.” I was a guy after all. I innately had an advantage and was well known as the “white rice bucket” so mostly everyone placed their bet on me.

While I ate the food from the third table, I asked, “Can I place a bet too?”

Xiu Si smiled. “You just have to eat. Don’t disappoint the crowd. What do you mean you want to place a bet? We’re afraid that you will go easy on her.”

I replied, feeling wronged, “I promise on my honor that I won’t go easy in this battle and eat till I’ve had my fill.”

Xiu Si replied, “You can place a bet as well. However, it will be a 1: 0.5 payment.”

“Alright.” I took out a top-grade green diamond from my space pocket and tossed it out. “I bet on Princess Mu Zi to win.”

Everyone that had placed their bet on me were dumbfounded. Ke Lun Duo wanted to remove his bet as they understood that I had been with Mu Zi for the longest period of time. Under the situation that I don’t cheat, my decisions were always concluded from experience.

Xiu Si protected the betted money and said, “Nobody can cheat, just continue looking on. Zhang Gong might not lose.”

I was really famished after not eating for an entire day. However, I was a human so I had a limit. After eating half of the third table’s food, I was full. After forcing myself to eat a few more mouthfuls, I really couldn’t eat any further and stopped.

Everyone was looking at Mu Zi , who was still eating with gusto. If it wasn’t for their eye sockets being so deep, a pile of eyes would have landed on the floor.

Mu Zi’s pace had slowed down. It was due to chewing for too long, according to her. Even though her pace slowed, she didn’t have any intention of stopping and maintained her pace to eat the entire third table’s food. After Mu Zi used a clean towel to wipe her hands and patted her semi-protruding stomach, everyone thought that she had her fill and heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as I wanted to take the money I had won, Mu Zi said, “Excuse me, is there any desserts after the meal?”

The outcome of her question was that the tea cup in Zhan Hu’s hand dropped and shattered on the ground; Xiu Si dropped all of the diamond coin that he was carrying; Shan Yun fell from his chair ; Xin Ao and Gao De were coughing unceasingly from being choked with their tea; Jian Shan spat out the tea he was drinking, which had landed on Ke Lun Duo’s face. Only I, who had some preparation, was also shocked. I still staggered a little, but didn’t quite fall over.

Mu Zi’s charming face had a faint blush as she said, displeased, “Why is everyone’s appetite so small? Is it really that shocking?”

While Jian Shan wiped the tea off of Ke Lun Duo’s face, he muttered, “If that was just a small meal for you, when you eat to your fill, won’t you consume all of the food from Ström Fortress?”

I took the money that I won from  Xiu Si and shook my head. “Alright, since we had our meal, after we digest for a while, let’s do self training. We are currently racing against time.”



We had been continuously training in this period of time. Everyone had been doing their best. Using Uncle Firewood’s experiences as a guide, Zhan Hu and the rest that trained in battle spirit had improved at an exceptional pace. They had already magnanimously forgave Ke Lun Duo and allowed him to train with them. Even though I didn’t have a qualitative leap in power, I had reinforced the three great powers in my body; my fusion with the Holy Sword was much higher.

Mu Zi was currently together with Xiao Rou, they were always by my side. My meals and daily necessities were covered by their care. I could feel the gestures of love that Mu Zi was giving me. My heart was completely focused on her. How could I not be moved by how she was treating me? Our relationship had improved in this period of time, as I was gradually starting to accept her. I no longer called her Princess, but instead started calling her Mu Zi again. She didn’t pressure me at all during this period of time, so the change in my attitude towards her made her felt gratified, which resulted to her treating me extraordinary well. Xiao Rou’s kind and cheeky personality was undoubtedly expressed as she surrounded me daily and took turns with Mu Zi to take care of me. Her reliance on me increased day by day. With Mu Zi’s intelligence, she definitely knew about it, but she still happily accepted her, so her interaction with Xiao Rou’s was extremely harmonious.

After two months.

“Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong.”

“Big Brother Shan Yun, you’re back.”

“Zhang Gong, I’ve got good news. My father has come back, but he directly headed to the commander’s division. He told me to inform you that His Majesty has already agreed to negotiate.”

I was elated. This was really a excellent news. “That’s awesome. When shall I head over to meet uncle?”

Shun Yun smiled. “Must you be in such a rush? Father is currently discussing with the other two Kingdom’s commanders. He’ll pass on the Emperor of Xiuda’s decision to them. When it’s time for your appearance, we’ll notify you. You just need to be prepared.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Shan Yun.”

Shan Yun withdrew his smile and showed a sincere expression. “Zhang Gong, do you know that in the period that I’ve spent with you guys is the happiest time of my life?”

His words moved me. “Me too, Big Brother Shan Yun.”

“Alright, continue training. I still have a few matters to attend to. You’ll probably get accurate reports in the next two days. You should make preparations.”

Seeing Shan Yun’s fading back, I couldn’t help but feel nervous, as I was going to meet Teacher Dun Yu Xi and Dalu’s Marshall Feng Hao. I didn’t know how they would treat me.

“Zhang Gong, why aren’t you training? Are you slacking?” Mu Zi’s angelic voice sounded behind me. She had already recovered her original beauty. There were often people that would fall into a daze and blush after seeing her impeccable looks, but she didn’t care. I had once told her to cover up her appearance, but she said that her appearance was for me to see so that I would be unable to forget her forever.

Seeing Mu Zi, gentle feelings flowed out from my heart. In smiles, I replied, “I’m not slacking. It’s just that Big Brother Shan Yun has come and told me that the Prince has successfully convinced the Emperor of Xiuda to agree in negotiating with us. The negotiation has hope now.”

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