Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 29

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Volume 10: Chapter 29 – Dramatic Change

I realised that my undergarments were drenched after walking out from the main camp. Excessive passion could really make people uncomfortable.

Mu Zi told Ke Lun Duo, “Big Brother Si Wa, you can head back first. I want to have a stroll with Zhang Gong.”

Ke Lun Duo agreed and gave me a “wish you all your best” look before heading off. I found that Mu Zi was sulky before the meal. It should be due to Lian Na. Her angry looks were so adorable. I didn’t ask her anything and just walked leisurely by her side.

The afternoon sun was still intense. I realised that there was perspiration at the hair at Mu Zi’s temple. I gathered some magic to cast a water spell above her head to help her block the sun. Mu Zi turned back and pouted her lips towards me.

I chuckled. “Are they for me to kiss?”

Mu Zi jumped up in shock. She hastily used her hand to cover her lips and said with a flushed face, “You’re irritating. Tell me honestly in details on how you know that girl.”

I replied innocently, “Didn’t I say it earlier? I just saved her once.”

Mu Zi snorted. “Who knows if you knew each other long ago? If not, how can she be so passionate towards you?”

I smiled wryly. “What I said is the truth. I’m also clueless as to why they are so passionate today as I only met her once. I’m already so ugly. Who will want me now, excluding you? Could it be that you’re jealous?”

Mu Zi hit me once before saying, “Who’s jealous? You’re so annoying.”

I chuckled. “I remembered that you were really magnanimous previously to often give me to someone else. Why have you changed now?”

Mu Zi replied with slight anger, “Can’t I change? You’re right. I’m jealous. You’re forbidden to be with someone else, excluding Sister Hai Shui, from now on. Have you listened to what I said? If not, I won’t forgive you.”

I expressed a “What can you do about me” look as I replied with a mischievous smile, “How are going to not forgive me?”  

Mu Zi’s face blushed as she raised her head to ponder. “You’ll be sleeping on couches after our marriage and I won’t allow you to be near me. How’s that? I’m powerful, right?” Her naive looks was really adorable. It had been such a long time since she showed such feelings towards me.

I gently embraced her before replying with my feelings, “You’re the one I love the most in my life. Even though I’ve some feelings for Hai Shui, I don’t know if she will accept me with my current looks. I’ll give her some time to decide. If she accepts me, I’ll treat her as well as I usually do. If she’s unwilling, I’ll let her go. How’s that? I don’t have any interest with other girls. I’ve got a question. Who will ever be prettier than my Mu Zi?”

Mu Zi’s body slumped. It was obvious that my words were really effective. “Sister Hai Shui shouldn’t be such a shallow person. She definitely will stay by your side as I am. What we love is your heart and person, not your appearance.”

I smiled. “Let’s hope that’s the case. We should head back now. Otherwise, I don’t know what they will say.”

Gao De teased us once we returned to the Prince’s interim manor. “Aiya! Our God’s envoy, who is being controlled by his wife, has finally returned.”

I mockingly scolded him, “What do you mean that I’m being controlled by my wife? We just went for a stroll.”

Xin Ao also walked over. “It can’t be, according to the information we gathered. Quickly let me see what punishment Mu Zi had implemented on you.”

Ke Lun Duo looked at me with innocent eyes. “Don’t blame me. They forced me to tell them. I could only sacrifice you for my little life.”

Mu Zi swatted Xin Ao’s extended hand and laid in my embrace as she said gently, “Who says that our Zhang Gong is being controlled by his wife? You shouldn’t make irresponsible comments. Previously, I went with him as he lectured me. It was my bad to be impolite during the previous lunch. Everyone, please forgive me.” Not only did they feel astonished after hearing her declaration, it was also beyond my expectation.

I felt care free. It felt as if every pore in my body had opened up. When I looked at Gao De, Xin Ao and the others stunned expressions. I felt so much better. I raised my head as I carried Mu Zi towards my room. (Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any ill intentions.)

I kissed heavily on Mu Zi’s flushed face. “Why did you give me so much face just now? You’re so well behaved.”

Mu Zi leaned on my chest as she whispered, “It is how it should be. You’re to listen to me at home, but when in public, I’ll listen to you. That way you’ll be well respected by others. If a guy let others know that his wife controlled him at home, it would affect your image in their hearts.”

I smiled. “My good Mu Zi, you’re really great. You didn’t know how complacent I was.”

A sliver of cunningness flashed passed Mu Zi’s eyes. “Did you clearly hear what I said previously? You must listen to me at home and not rebel against me.”

I, who was filled with happiness, didn’t think of the outcome before patting my chest and saying, “No problem, you’re the master at home and I’m the master out in public. I’ll definitely listen to you at home.” Mu Zi complacently smiled, but didn’t say further.

The prince had received news after ten days. The decisions from Aixia and Dalu had already came. We were summoned to discuss further negotiations.

I felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right after entering the main camp as the three commander’s expression were grim.

“What’s the matter? Dalu and Aixia didn’t agree to the negotiation?”

The prince replied, “It’s nothing serious and is almost done. In the letter, it had mentioned that the Kingdom of Dalu has already allied with the Kingdom of Aixia. The troops from Dalu will temporarily be under the Kingdom of Aixia’s leadership. The Emperor of Aixia, Ke Zha Ao Er, will personally command in the battlefield. They also mentioned that the two other Kingdom’s forces, excluding the calvary of Xiuda, will be under Ke Zha’s control. The letter didn’t clearly state whether they were going to fight or reconcile, but I think that we’ll be meeting with great obstructions.”

Zhan Hu asked Marshall Feng Hao, “Lord Marshall, isn’t your Kingdom of Dalu usually peaceful? Why did they ally with Aixia to make such a fuss?”

Feng Ao sighed. “I also don’t know what His Majesty is thinking. However, I’m from the army so I’ve got to listen to my orders. My apologies to everyone.”

I coldly snorted, “I don’t know how many benefits Aixia gave your Kingdom to make you kingdom to be willing to temporarily pass their military powers to you? It’s still too absurd.” Suddenly, my thoughts turned as I got the general idea. Aixia was famous for their mages. If they were to bribe the Kingdom of Dalu, they could only use mages to move Dalu, who was already rich and imposing. ‘Hmph! Ke Za, you want to play this conspiracy with me? Alright, I’ll play with you till the end.

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