Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 39

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Volume 10: Chapter 39 – The Future Emperor

I was elated. “That’s great! I congratulate Your Majesty in advance. Haha!” If Ma Ke was to be the Emperor of Aixia, I no longer need to worry about issues for the three human kingdoms. The Kingdom of Dalu wouldn’t be a threat when the two Kingdoms, Aixia and Xiuda, were on my side.

Ma Ke punched me before saying, “Boss, quit making fun of me.”

Feng Hao perhaps felt uncomfortable with our deep friendship as he cleared his throat twice unnaturally. I turned and bowed towards him. “My apologies, greetings to you, Marshall Feng Hao. Your Kingdom shouldn’t have any issues regarding the peace talks, do they?”

Feng Hao forcefully smiled as he replied, embarrassed, “I previously couldn’t act on my own. I apologise for that, God’s envoy Zhang Gong.”

I smiled. “Those had already passed so it’s unnecessary to mention this. I still have to bother you in cooperating with the three Kingdoms here.”

Feng Hao looked ashamed before he sighed. “You guys can continue to chat. I still have some matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave first.” Upon saying that, he turned to walk out of the Commander’s division.

After seeing him leave, Ma Ke sighed. “Boss, you really have cruelly fixed the three human kingdoms this time. Currently, our soldiers from the Kingdoms of Aixia and Dalu, excluding the Kingdom of Xiuda, can no longer lift their heads. I’ve heard that Marshall Feng Hao had passed a letter of resignation to his higher ups from Dalu in preparation to resign from his duty.”

I was stunned. “It couldn’t be that bad?”

Ma Ke said, displeased, “How can it not be bad? The powers that you displayed that day was too powerful. It’s not something that humans can resist. The three kingdoms are in a hurry to curry some favours from you now. Feng Hao, who had offended you, will naturally be unable to continue holding onto his Marshall’s position.”

I shook my head. “I currently can’t afford to consider so much. I only hope that you’ll strictly follow to the terms of the treaty. I need to leave immediately. I’ll be heading to the God Rended Canyon after settling a few more matters.  I must make preparations as soon as possible as the appearance of the Monster King won’t be far off. You should also start to train up the mages right after heading back, especially light mages. When the time comes, you’ll have to adapt to it. Alright?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Boss, do you really have to leave now?”

I replied, “En! Time is pressing so I don’t have a choice. We still have the chances of reuniting again after we eliminate the Monster King. That’s right, Ma Ke, please help me to send my regards to Teacher Di, Teacher Zhen and the few teachers after you head back. I really miss them.” How could I become who I was today without their guidance, especially Teacher Di? That old man had been nurturing me ever since I entered the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I really missed him after being separated for so long!

Ma Ke replied, “I will. Boss do you know what I really regret the most in my life until now?”

I asked, stunned, “What is it?”

Ma Ke replied, disappointedly, “I regret that I didn’t join you in searching for the Holy Sword. Not only did I miss those exciting times, it’s also impossible for me to reach your current powers.”

I patted shoulder. “It’s already over so it’s useless to regret. What you need to do now is to become a great king. The future of Aixia lies on your shoulders. Your responsibilities are extremely heavy. You’ll be busy after heading back. However, I believe that the teachers will definitely support you. You’ll definitely be able to walk on with steady steps with the top three mages in the continent supporting you.”

Ma Ke replied resolutely, “I will as it’s my duty. I definitely won’t shirk from it.”

I laughed and replied, “That’s my great brother. Alright, Mu Zi and I will take our leave. You’ve to take care of yourself.”

“Big Brother…..” Ma Ke’s eye rims reddened again.

I turned around and pulled Mu Zi along. “Enough, stop expressing such a girly expression. It’s not like we won’t be seeing each other again.” Upon saying that, I pulled Mu Zi along as I headed out. I heard Ma Ke choked with sobs. “Big Brother, you must take care of yourself as well!”

I forcefully endured my tears from falling and didn’t reply to him as I left the Commander’s division with Mu Zi and dashed towards the prince’s interim manor.

My mood calmed down after leaving the Commander’s division. Mu Zi said gently, “We won’t need to consider so many matters after defeating the Monster King, right? I’ll be able to accompany you in doing what you want to do then. For example, we can gather all of your friends to have a meal.”

Her words made me laugh. “You little girl, really can’t forget about eating!”

Mu Zi chuckled. “Of course! Eating is a natural ability to humans. It’s already been so long since I’ve eaten any delicacies.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry. There’s definitely some good food for you to eat after returning to our base.”

We had arrived at the prince’s manor while we chatted. It was extremely quiet as there was unexpectedly not a single person guarding the place. The sight after entering the entrance made me jump up from shock as I saw Xiao Jin used his front claws to cover his eyes, while he laid on the floor. There was also Xiao Rou, who was in her human form, happily bouncing vivaciously on his back.

Xiao Rou immediately jumped off his back when she saw me. “Master, you’ve returned.”

I smiled. “Didn’t I tell you not to call me Master? You can just call me Zhang Gong. What are you two doing?”

Xiao Jin moved his front claws from his eyes after hearing my voice. He cryingly complained, grieving, “Master, you’re finally back. I’ll have been tortured to death by the demoness if you had come back any later. She insisted to use me as a bed to jump on. I’m so pitiful……”

Goodness, it was really Xiao Rou to be able to think using Xiao Jin as a bed. I shifted my gaze at Xiao Rou, who had already hid behind Mu Zi. She muttered, “Don’t blame me. Who told him to seem to have such a texture? It made me want to give it a try. Otherwise, I would have died from boredom!” Mu Zi laughed heartily after hearing what she said.

Mu Zi said, “That’s right! I also just realised that Xiao Jin’s body really seems to have a soft texture. I also want to have a try.” Upon saying that, she kicked off the ground, pulling Xiao Rou along, to leap onto Xiao Jin’s back.

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