Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 4

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Volume 10: Chapter 4 – God’s Emissary

“Did they also receive God’s inheritance?”

I nodded.

Shan Yun sighed. “The task that you’re shouldering is extremely important. Work hard! When should I bring you all to meet my father?”

A voice came from behind us. “Let’s head there now. Since I’m back, I should at least meet up with that old fellow.”

I turned my head and saw that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the others had come out.

“Second brother, where’s eldest brother?” Zhan Hu asked.

“Our eldest brother is on standby on the frontline. The two of us can’t return at the same time, as someone must be at the front to keep a lookout.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Let’s go see our father now. Zhang Gong, you and I should head there. The princess should stay for now. Second brother, Zhang Gong should have told you everything about us, right?”

Shan Yun replied, “He did. You know father’s temper. Whether this is successful or not will entirely depend on your eloquence. I’ll try my best to help you out. I hope that with your God’s inheritor’s identity, you’ll be able to convince him.”

I said to Mu Zi, “Princess, I’ll have to trouble you and Brother Ke to wait here with the other brothers. We will meet up with the prince first. Once we get his support, we’ll then have hope in succeeding in our mission.”

Mu Zi obediently nodded. “Be careful in everything you do, and come back soon.” Seeing her attitude as though she was exhorting her husband, I looked at Ke Lun Duo, who looked as though nothing had happened. I then nodded, turned around, and walked out with Big Brother Shan Yun and Zhan Hu.

After leaving the prince’s manor, I asked, “Where is the prince at now? Is he not coming back to the manor?”

Shan Yun sighed. “Seeing how tense the current situation is, how could my father have returned? He is keeping a constant lookout on the commander division. Don’t worry, my father has his resting area. We’ll head there to meet him.”

I said, all smiles, “Why should I worry? Who would be able to recognize me now?”

Zhan Hu said, “That’s right, second brother. Are there any good doctors here who could take a look at Zhang Gong? Those scars have affected him greatly.”

Before Shan Yun could reply, I cut in, “It’s unnecessary now. We should settle the main issue first.”

Shan Yun glanced at Zhan Hu, then told me, “I’ll look for a doctor tomorrow. The three kingdoms’ best doctors are gathered here.”

I smiled wordlessly.

On the way to the commander division, I discovered that the Ström Fortress wasn’t filled with only soldiers and mages. There were also many peddlers, of all kinds and shapes. The majority of them sold goods for consumption, armor, weaponry, etc. I asked in astonishment, “Big brother Shan Yun, why are the people here selling weapons and armours? Can they make a business here?”

“Of course, there’s profit for them. Who would be willing to do business for little profit? You should know that it has already been a few hundred years since we last fought in a war. The few hundred years of peace have greatly weakened the three Kingdoms’ battle power and war supply reserves. There are times where we don’t have a choice but to buy from the peddlers, which means a market had been established. Currently, magic crystals, bows and arrows are most in demand. Our three kingdoms’ fighting power is much inferior to the demon’s and beast’s alliance. If it wasn’t for the Ström Fortress, the eastern continent would have already fallen into enemy hands. This is one of the main reasons why I support you in trying to negotiate with them.”

Seeing that the situation was so strained, my resolution to prepare the negotiation increased.

“Take a look, that’s the commander division.”

Looking in the direction that Shan Yun pointed to, one had to wonder whether this this was really a commander’s division. It simply looked just like a castle. When compared to the interim prince’s manor, they were as different as the heavens and earth.

The commander’s division was arranged just like the Royal Palace in the Demon’s Royal city. If the commander’s division was the inner palace, the entire Ström Fortress would be the outer palace. The commander division was surrounded with lofty city walls, and was being defended by a large group of armed forces. Even though I couldn’t see the interior, I could imagine that the construction would be magnificent.

Seeing my dumbstruck look, Shan Yun said, smilingly, “You’re shocked, right? I was also shocked when I first came here. After a while, I found out that there’s a purpose in building it this way. Even if the Ström Fortress were to be broken through, with the defence of the commander’s division, it would definitely be able to hold for quite a long time. The design of the Ström Fortress is extremely meticulous. You’ll discover that in the future, the Ström Fortress won’t  be fortified. Do you know why?”

At first I was stunned, but then my thoughts turned around quickly. In a moment, I understood the key reason for this. Unruffled, I replied, “It should be due to the possibility that the demons and beasts could occupy it, right?”

Shan Yun replied, with praise, “That’s right. If we had large quantities of magic crystals, no matter how many Demons and beasts there were, we wouldn’t need to fear them. However, currently, we can’t afford to do that. Even if we were to purchase them for high prices, from the entire eastern continent, it wouldn’t be able to satisfy the demands of the Ström Fortress.”

I became apprehensive. I hadn’t known that the demand for magic crystal was that high. Even though I had lots of magic crystals for the negotiation, I couldn’t take them out. If not, once the human race was in power, how could they still agree to negotiate with the Demon race?!  

Whilst chatting, we had already reached the moat outside of the commander’s division. After stepping on the drawbridge, the surrounding soldiers respectfully said, “Greetings to Lord Shan Yun.” A commander’s aura unconsciously radiated from Shan Yun’s body. After saying ‘En!’ in acknowledgement, he led us into the commander’s division.

Even though I had made mental preparations, I was still startled after I walked into the commander’s division. The interior was filled with layered blockhouses. Each and every construction was made from heavy granites. It could be said it was flawless in defence.

Shan Yun pointed at an enormous stone house in the center. “That’s the genuine commander’s division. We’ll discuss any important matters in there. My father’s resting quarters are in that stone room at the side.”

The entrance to the prince’s resting stone room was guarded by eight soldiers. Shan Yun took the lead and walked forth before asking, “Is my father in?”

The leader of the soldiers replied respectfully, “The prince and Lord Lei Yun are inside.”

Zhan Hu said, pleasantly surprised, “It’s great that eldest brother is here as well. Let’s quickly enter.” Upon saying that, he took the lead and charged in. Since we had come with Shan Yun, the guards didn’t stop him.

Shan Yun dragged me along, saying, “Let’s head in as well. Look at your big brother, he’s just like a child in a grown-up’s body.”

The stone house was arranged in a simple and unadorned fashion. There was a large bed, a study table and a few chairs in the room. There was also a four meter dragon gun hanging on the wall, slanted. Big Brother Zhan Hu’s tall build blocked my sight, making it impossible for me to look at the prince’s appearance.

However, I noticed that there was a tall and sturdy person beside him. That person unexpectedly looked more ferocious than Zhan Hu, who was two meters tall. His shoulders were broad, and he had a tough and stocky build. He wore a black warrior robe, with a long sword attached to his waist. He had brows like double-edged swords and tiger-like eyes. His nose was straight, and his jaws squared, giving him an extremely mighty appearance.

I knew he had to be a valiant general on the battlefield. There wasn’t a need for an introduction, as I recognized him from his appearance. He had to be Zhan Hu’s eldest brother—-Lei Yun.

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