Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 6

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Volume 10: Chapter 6 – Persuading the Prince

I circulated the Holy Sword in the air before retrieving it back into my body before saying smilingly, “There’s nothing that can imitate the Holy Sword’s divine power. You should be able to believe us now, right?”

The Prince asked with a frown, “With your current power, can you defeat the Monster King?”

“Of course, it’s impossible now. I couldn’t bring out even just 1% of the Holy Sword’s power. Please let me continue explaining first. After I received the acknowledgement of the God and became a God’s inheritor, I had parted ways with Big Brother Zhan Hu and my other friends to head back to Aixia. In order to gain more control of the Holy Sword, I had to improve my cultivation. Suddenly, one day, there was an alert signal that came from the Royal Palace as there was an assassination that was happening towards the newly crowned king, Emperor Ke Zha. I, along with the Royal Advanced Academy’s teachers and students, rushed towards the palace. Under Teacher Zhen’s assistance, I successfully cast out a light forbidden spell, which led to the near annihilation of the assassins; only two assassins survived. I discovered that they were of the Demon race. Moreover, one of the Demon survivors was a student that I was deeply in love with at the Royal Advanced Academy, who is also the Demon’s princess mentioned in Aixia’s wanted order.”

The prince suddenly waved his hand to stop me from continuing before he asked in astonishment, “You said that you were able to use a forbidden spell?”

Currently, I must not be humble as I need to prove my powers after obtaining God’s inheritance. I would only be able to convince the prince by that way. I nodded. “That is right, but it was with the assistance of Teacher Zhen, with our combined magic power and the power of the Holy Sword in my body, I was successfully able to use a forbidden spell.”

“Continue saying your experiences.”

“At the moment that I discovered Mu Zi’s identity, I was really impetuous. After a while, I gradually calmed down, but still wanted to rescue her. Even though I knew that it’ll ruin my future, I did it without any hesitation. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, if I had let the Kingdom of Aixia to execute the Demon’s princess, it undoubtedly will lead to set off a ruckus as the Demon’s princess was the successor of the Demon Emperor. If the successor was killed, you should be able to imagine that the demon race will carry out a frantic retaliation. I thought that the Monster King that the God King had handed over to us should be our real enemy and that we mustn’t give any chances for the Monster race to invade us. Thus, I had chosen to rescue the Demon race’s princess, giving up my future, in order to increase the success rate of the task that the God King has given to us. Of course, I can’t deny that I had personal feelings in doing so as well, since I was really in love with her.” I had deemphasized my personal feelings for Mu Zi at the end of the explanation. Of course, only I knew that when I rescued Mu Zi, at least 95% of why I carried it out, was due to personal feelings. As for the God King’s order and so on, I really had thought about it before, but it was the secondary reason.

The prince was extremely satisfied with my honesty as he said smilingly, “What are you planning to do by coming here? From what you said, you shouldn’t be here to help us to fight against the alliance of the Demon and Beast races.”

This old fellow’s thinking speed was extremely quick so talking to him was less laborious. I looked at Zhan Hu before continuing, “After fleeing Aixia, I had met up with Big Brother Zhan Hu, where we experienced a life or death battle against the Monster race. If it wasn’t for some of our friends helping us, we wouldn’t be able to eliminate those Monster beasts. After the battle, I had decided to head to the Demon race to negotiate with the Demon Emperor, in order to unite all of the races to fight together against the Monster race.”

Lei Yun couldn’t help, but to say, “To negotiate with the Demon Emperor? Have you lost your mind? How can we humans negotiate with the Demon race?”

I said smilingly, “Big Brother Lei Yun, thank you for your concerns. But even though it was dangerous, facts have proven that we have succeeded.”

When I said that, Lei Yun and the prince exclaimed. This was the first time where the prince had lost his composure as he anxiously asked, “What did you say? You really managed to convince the Demon Emperor?”

Zhan Hu interrupted, “That’s right, father, we really managed to convince the Demon Emperor. But Zhang Gong had paid a hefty price in order to negotiate with the Demon Emperor. Did you think that what he looks like right now was his original appearance? Zhang Gong was originally an exceptionally handsome fellow. It was due to battling against the Demon Emperor that led to the infiltration of dark elements into his body, leading to the corrosion of his body, which led to his current looks. Only us, who has always been by his side, clearly knows much he had contributed for the world’s peace and harmony.”

The prince was emotionally moved as he told me warmly, “Quickly, tell me in details what happened.”

Thus, I told everything that had transpired at the Demon race’s territory once. When the prince heard that I had unexpectedly brought back the Demon’s princess for negotiation, he was so shocked that his jaw fell. After that, Zhan Hu had told me that this was the first time that he saw his father lose his self-control to such an extent.

The prince muttered, “The way you all do things are really too audacious. Aren’t you afraid that we might capture the princess to pressurize the Demon Emperor?”

I was alarmed and said solemnly, with a sudden light ray that shot out from my eyes, “If the three human kingdoms really wants to do that, they must step over my dead body.” My tone was so icy that the temperature in the stone room had decreased drastically, even Zhan Hu couldn’t help but to shudder.

The prince fumingly said, “It can’t be that you will go against humanity for that Demoness, right?”

I coldly snorted. “It’ll be you all that force our hands. Could it be that our human race are so nearsighted that they don’t know that peace and harmony is the best outcome for us? If us humans don’t have prestige, then are we still counted as humans? Since I have already agreed to the Demon Emperor that I’ll bring Mu Zi back safely, I’ll definitely keep to the promise. With my current powers, if I were to fight with all of my might against the human race, the loss that you’ll suffer will definitely not be small.”

The prince glared enraged at me after hearing what I said, while I looked at his gaze unyieldingly. The atmosphere’s killing intent had made it impossible for Zhan Hu and his brothers to intercept.

“Reporting!” A foreign voice broke through the silence.

The prince withdrew his icy gaze and said solemnly, “Come in.”

A dispatch soldier came rushing in. “Your Highness, there’s an unidentified creature that suddenly appeared in the sky and is rapidly advancing towards Ström Fortress. It seems that it had come over from the Heavenly Falling Mountain. The other two kingdoms request your presence in the commander division to discuss this matter.”

The prince glared at me and just as he was heading over, I suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute Your Highness!”

The prince stopped in his steps and asked, “What do you want?”

I asked the soldier, “Where is that unidentified creature now and approximately how does it look like?”

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