Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 7

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Volume 10: Chapter 7 – Xiao Jin Returns

The dispatch looked stunned as he looked at the prince. After the prince indicated for him to answer my question, he said, “It’s an enormous creature that is a few tens of meters long. It looks similar to the legendary dragon and is currently circulating theStröm Fortress. Lord Dun Yu Xi has already ordered the aiming of 10 magic crystal large cannons at it. If it makes any suspicious movements, we would immediately fire.”

I asked the prince, “Can you do me a favour? The creature that is flying in the sky is my friend. It’s a dragon and is a five clawed one.” Actually, Dun Yu Xi had seen Xiao Jin before, but it wasn’t a surprise that he couldn’t recognise him as Xiao Jin’s current size was many times bigger than what he originally looked like; his increase in size would be unimaginable to anyone.

Zhan Hu said, pleasantly surprised, “Ah! Has Xiao Jin returned?”

Upon hearing Xiao Jin’s news, it had made me extremely excited as I replied smilingly, “It must be him.”

Amazed, the prince asked, “You also have dragons?”

I nodded. “He could be counted as my magic beast. Can you please help me with that?”

The prince nodded. “I’ll try. I shall say that it’s Shan Yun’s dragon race friend that has come specifically to help us eliminate the Demon race.”

I contemplated. “I think it’s best we don’t tell them that he is a dragon and just say that it’s a magic beast. You only have to stop the city guards from attacking him. I’ve ways to summon his descent, to come directly to your prince manor. As for the previous matters we’ve discussed, let’s continue discussing after settling my friend down. What is your opinion on that?”

The prince replied, “Actually, what you said previously was extremely right. After I’ve made some arrangements here, I’ll immediately head back to report these matters to His Majesty.”

Zhan Hu replied, amazed, “Father, with what you just said, does that mean that you support us?”

The prince smiled wryly. “How can I not? Zhang Gong has convinced me. Moreover, my son is one of the God’s inheritors and the remaining four inheritors are also from our Xiuda. I feel proud of you on these matters. Shan Yun has also mentioned to me before that he didn’t wish to fight, and since you two are standing on his side, I can’t not think this through. I believe that His Majesty should consider my opinion.”

I bowed deeply towards the prince and said, gratified, “Thank you, uncle.”

The prince said smilingly, “Uncle? I like being addressed that way by you. Zhang Gong, you’re an extremely outstanding youth. You just have to do whatever you want and I’ll try my best to support you. Alright, first I’ll help you to meet up with your dragon friend. Lei Yun, you’re to come with me. After I’ve discussed with the other two Kingdoms, I’ll let Lei Yun notify you. Zhang Gong, you should first inform that large fellow to not commence any attacks on the ground. If you don’t, it won’t be easy to deal with the situation. You should all return to the prince’s manor. Shan Yun, take great care of them.”

“Yes, father.”

Ah! Zhan Hu, be more attentive. You’re the one that I’m most worried about.”

Zhan Hu said with a mischievous smile, “Don’t worry, old pops. This time, even if you chase me away, I won’t leave.”

The prince helplessly shook his head before bringing Lei Yun away. After obtaining the acknowledgement of the prince, I felt much better as I headed back to the interim prince manor with Big Brother Shan Yun and Zhan Hu.


Once we stepped into the large entrance of the prince’s manor, we heard joyful laughters within.

Shan Yun asked the guard at the side, “What happened?”

The guard replied respectfully, “A few people just arrived and had said that they were your friends from the Kingdom. The few friends that you have brought over seemed to know them as well, so we let them in. They are at the drawing room right now.”

Shan Yun looked at me and I had already understood what was happening and said elatedly, “It should be that Xiu Si and the rest have arrived. Let’s head in quickly.”

As I had predicted, once I opened the door, I saw Xiu Si’s familiar body figure. I shouted excitedly, “Big Brother Xiu Si, you’ve finally come!”

Xiu Si’s body stiffened before he gradually turned around. He suddenly dashed over and flashed to my side. With both of his hands that clenched tightly on my shoulders, he replied excitedly, “Zhang Gong, you must have suffered. Everyone has already told me what happened to you.” Xiu Si’s gaze was sharper when compared to before. Looking at his collected expression, I knew with just a glance that his martial skills had improved drastically.

I sighed gently. “It’s already over. That’s right, where is Xin Ao and Gao De?”

“Zhang Gong, we’re here.”

Two giant-like lofty body figures appeared behind Xiu Si. Just like Xiu Si, the feelings that I felt from them were different. They no longer had domineering auras, but rather, they gave off an inscrutable feeling. It seemed that they weren’t idle for these past few months.

Zhan Hu said smilingly, “You few fellows are remarkable. Your recent improvements are definitely great.”

Xiu Si said, “It’s all due to to the five elders’ tutelage. Even though it was tough, our martial skills improved a lot. That’s right, Zhang Gong, your precious dragon is still in the sky. How are you going to deal with that?”

I asked, “Why did he come together with you? With Xiao Jin’s speed he should have arrived much quicker than you all.”

Xiu Si smiled wryly, “You’re still commenting on that? That fellow has given us a lot of trouble. We were training that day when he came. The brothers that were patrolling the perimeters didn’t recognise him and thought that he was from the Monster race, and so, they started to fight against Xiao Jin. You should know of Xiao Jin’s tyrannical strength and it was fortunate that he didn’t kill, but he injured about 100 of our brothers. It was the combined powers of the five elders that subdued him. Even though I’ve seen him before, the change in his appearance was too drastic that I wasn’t able to recognise him. The great thing was that he knew how to speak and said that he had come to deliver a letter to me. Just like that, the misunderstanding was resolved. After he delivered the letter he wanted to rush back, but I thought that if he were to reach Ström Fortress, he’ll definitely encounter the same situation. I then pleaded with him to set off together with us to prevent more troubles from happening. That fellow was extremely unwilling, but we were lucky that the five elders were able to subdue him. Thus, it led to his spirit dampening. Otherwise, Ström Fortress’s sky and earth would have been turned upside down by him.”

Embarrassed, I smiled. “It was my fault that I didn’t instruct him properly. Big Brother Xiu Si, you had thought it through. I have already asked someone to facilitate Xiao Jin’s coming over. Once the Ström Fortress gives up on attacking him, I’ll summon his descent.”

Xiu Si nodded before he grimly replied, “You’ve suffered so much during this trip to the Demon race. How is the negotiation with the three kingdoms coming along? Are they willing to negotiate?”

I lightly shook my head. “It’ll be extremely difficult. However, I’ve already negotiated with the prince from Xiuda, who is the commander here. He’s also Big Brother Zhan Hu’s father. That old fellow has already agreed to help us by suggesting our matters to the ruler of Xiuda. If we successfully obtain Xiuda’s support, everything will be much easier. Big Brother Xiu Si, how many brothers did you bring along with you this time?”

Xiu Si smiled mysteriously before pulling me to a corner and whispered, “I’ve brought over 500 of them with me and they are all elites.” 

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