Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 9

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Volume 10: Chapter 9 – Healing Dream 

I sat on the ground and took in a few deep breaths before asking snappily, “Are you trying to kill me with your strength?”

Xiao Jin, embarrassed, replied, “I’m sorry Master. I was too excited so I didn’t control my strength well. Please stop being mad at me.”

I said smilingly, “Alright, I’ll forgive you. Please be more attentive next time. My bones can’t withstand your torture. That’s right, when I’ve sent you to deliver a letter, did you give Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest a lot of trouble?”

Xiao Jin constantly shook his head before replying, feeling wronged, “They started it and I didn’t fight back. I just played with them using my wings.”

Xiu Si said smiling, “Forget it, Zhang Gong, stop blaming him. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Jin kept on nodding his head as if he were a chicken eating rice grains. “Right! Right! Right! It’s just a misunderstanding. Big Brother Xiu Si is so great. Ah! No, Master is also great.” Seeing his adorable behaviour, the crowd burst into laughter.

Lei Yun walked in front of Xiao Jin and sized him up. “This is a dragon? It’s so beautiful.”

Xiao Jin puffed out his chest. “That’s certainly the case as I’m the prettiest dragon in the world.”

Xiu Si said, “Enough. Stop boasting. Zhang Gong, I should treat your wounds as soon as possible since the earlier it’s treated, the greater the possibility that it gets cured.”

Since Xiao Jin had arrived, Mu Zi had also come out. After hearing that Xiu Si was going to treat my wounds, her lovable body flashed to my side and hugged one of my arms, before saying excitedly, “Zhang Gong, can your scars be cured? That’s great! Really great!”

I replied indifferently, “You’re really mindful of my scars. There’s no guarantee that it can be cured. Princess, please watch your conduct.”

Mu Zi released her arms and replied, choked by her emotions, “Zhang Gong, you know that I don’t mean that. You…….”

I raised my hands to stop Mu Zi from continuing to speak before I sighed and said, “Let’s continue this discussion after my treatment. I also wish for these scars be cured.”

Mu Zi seriously nodded and said resolutely, “It will definitely work! It has to! Big Brother Xiu Si, I’ll be leaving Zhang Gong in your hands.”

Xiu Si smiled before replying, “Don’t worry, princess. I’ll do my best.”

Xiu Si and I walked into the stone room.

Big brother Zhan Hu said, “Brothers, let’s surround the house to protect Zhang Gong while he’s getting treated.”

En!’ Dong Ri, Shan Jian and the others agreed as they surrounded the stone house.

Xiu Si and I sat on the bed, face to face. Xiu Si said, “Zhang Gong, take off your clothes.”

I was actually extremely nervous, for I shuddered while removing my clothes. When Xiu Si looked at my scar filled body, he couldn’t help but take in a cold breath. With teary eyes, he said, “Brother, you’ve suffered such a severe injury. Ai! Brother will do his best to treat you, though it might hurt a little later. Please bear with it.”

I firmly nodded. “Let’s do this, Big Brother Xiu Si.”

Xiu Si replied, “You’re to keep your magic power within your body and don’t fight against my power. Now, relax your body and be attentive. I’m starting now.” A pure, sparkling and translucent moon white small horn appeared in Xiu Si’s hand. As he chanted, the horn quivered a little, giving off an extremely soft sound. ‘Weng! Weng!’ sounds directly entered my brain.

The Sky God’s horn gave off a hazy white light that suspended in front of Xiu Si. Xiu Si had already closed his eyes long ago as he focused all of his concentration in controlling the power. The white light ray, which had been emitted by the horn, slowly encompassed my entire body. I didn’t feel any discomfort. A sound that seemed to have broken, yet continued to linger at my ears. The sound was sometimes sharp, sometimes gentle, sometimes stable, and sometimes excited. My mood followed the shift in the melody.

Xiu Si said heavily, “Stop listening to your surrounding and focus wholeheartedly in gathering your mind and stabilizing it.”

His words made me apprehensive, so I closed my eyes and willingly let the sounds enter my ears. My heart gradually calmed down and I entered my meditative state.

Xiu Si chanted heavily, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.

As Xiu Si chanted, I felt a warm energy that slowly entered through the pores in my body. After a while my body felt numerous feelings, be it sore, itchy, numb or pain. It was really uncomfortable. It was even worse than when the dark elements corroded my body, making it impossible for me to continue my calm meditative state. Large droplets of perspiration flowed down from my forehead. My mouth slowly started to give off weak groaning sounds. However, I gritted my teeth and bore the indescribable pain in order to recover my looks so that I could get back with Mu Zi.The hot energy in the surrounding that infiltrated my body became intense. My body seemed to be fixed on the spot, unable to make any movements. I had complete faith in Big Brother Xiu Si, so I allowed the hot energy to flow through my entire body, keeping my three powers deep within my body. Under the powerful impact, my consciousness became hazy before it left me. My mind was plunged into endless darkness.

Zi! Zi! Zha! Zi! Zi! Zha!” A clear birdsong woke me from my slumber. The light ray in the room was already very bright. The sunlight had penetrated the tall window to shine on my body. I felt indescribably sluggish. My entire body felt relaxed and was extremely comfortable. When I checked my interior, the three powers were automatically revolving. I struggled to sit up on the bed. “Ah!” I suddenly exclaimed as I had discovered that the majority of my scars had disappeared, while the remaining scars’ repulsive projections had smoothened, leaving faint scars. My hands trembled as I touched my face. As expected, it was the same! The scars had disappeared.

Was I dreaming? I pinched my legs with all my strength. Ai Yo! It hurt. It seemed to be a reality.My spirit improved as my blood circulated. I suddenly discovered Big Brother Xiu Si, who had a paled face, lying near me.

I immediately felt his pulse. It was extremely weak. I circulated my Ascending Dragon Battle Spirit to carefully inspect his body. It seemed that it was due to overusing his powers that had led him to faint. I couldn’t help, but inwardly felt gratified as Xiu Si had used all his power to treat me.

I feared that he wouldn’t be able to endure it so I slowly inserted battle spirit into his body. As the Ascending Dragon constantly entered his body, Big Brother Xiu Si’s complexion gradually became rosy.

Xiu Si let out a breath and slowly woke up from his slumber.

I gently called out, “Big Brother Xiu Si, Big Brother Xiu Si,wake up.”

Xiu Si gave out a groan before he groggily opened his eyes. When I saw that he woke up, I said, elated, “That’s great, Big Brother Xiu Si, you’ve awaken.”

When Xiu Si looked at me, he seemed to be stirred up. He grabbed on my hand and struggled to sit up. He said painfully, with tears flowing out from his eyes, “Ah! Zhang Gong, I’ve let you down.”

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