Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 11

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Volume 11: Chapter 11 – Monster Traces Suddenly Appear

Ke Er Lan Di was stunned. “What’s wrong? It can’t be—there’s nothing wrong here.”

My bad premonition was growing; there was a sinister chill coming from nearby. I waved my hand, casting a low grade water spell to put out the fire at the camp. I grabbed Sukrad’s staff and stood up as I could clearly feel the Monster race’s aura. I knew the demonic aura so well that I couldn’t be more familiar with them. Why had they appeared here?

Ke Er Lan Di stood with me, but he seemed to be unable to discover anything amiss. He frowned. “Eighteen, are you serious? Why can’t I feel anything then?”

I whispered, “Quickly, get everyone up. Our surroundings are filled with a terrifying power. We must be prepared.”

Ke Er Lan Di nodded. He was a well trained soldier with a lot of experience after all. He was good at adapting to sudden situations. His subordinates were really remarkable as they had already gathered without making a single sound.

The sinister aura in the sky thickened. Ke Er Lan Di also felt something was wrong at this moment. “What’s that? It looks sinister.”

I said seriously, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, it should be the Monster race.”

“Monster Race? Ke Er Lan Di cried out, “There’s really a Monster race?”

I looked at him and shook my head helplessly. “There’s a lot of people in the continent that have the same mindset as you do. I can tell you now that they really exist as I’ve fought against them. You shouldn’t ask anything for the moment as we should deal with the situation at hand. Everyone follow me to see what’s happening.”

Upon saying that, I used my senses to walk deep into the forest.

It was easy to differentiate the Monster race’s deathly aura. I just moved towards where the aura was at its thickest. This should find them. Ke Er Lan Di brought his 18 subordinates to follow me closely, without making a single sound.

The deathly aura was getting increasingly thick. It was so thick that it emitted a strong pressure.

Finally, when we walked into the depths of the forest, I found the source of the deathly aura. It was a clearing within the forest. The clearing didn’t have any trace of life. The grey land meant that they weren’t any creatures, and the grass in the surroundings showed signs of withering. There was a pit about 16 metres wide at the center of the clearing. It was impossible to see what was in it from our viewpoint. Faint red light  came out from that hole, giving it an exceptionally sinister feeling.

Ke Er Lan Di said, “Is this the den of the Monster race?”

I nodded slightly. “It’s very possible. Let’s just wait and see.” This hole was much smaller than the one beside our base that Big Brother Zhang Hu and the rest of us had eliminated. There weren’t any monsters appearing, but I was certain that this was another sinister spawning ground for the Monster race. I had to kill them while they were spawning. Otherwise, it would bring an unknown number of losses.

The sky was still as gloomy. The centre of the sinister looking clouds was above this hole.

Rustling sounds could be heard from the hole. I hastily gave a ‘Be careful’ eye signal towards Ke Er Lan Di as I no longer tried to keep my identity a secret. I stealthily took out Sukrad’s staff from the cloth. I activated the fusion power in my body to sustain my peak state. While I was preparing, the rustling sound got stronger.

‘Rustle! Rustle!’ Ten black figures shot out from the hole and landed on the ground. I had seen those disgusting and horrifying monsters before. They seemed to sense a human’s aura as their glimmering red eyes shot in our direction.

I whispered, “Everyone, take care of yourself.” I definitely wouldn’t show mercy to that sinister race. After confirming my thoughts, I decided to annihilate them at lightning speed.

After activating my body’s powers, I didn’t care about Ke Er Lan Di’s surprised gaze and leapt out. The Sukrad’s staff brought a white light with it. A 10m white light ray shot towards the monsters in front of us.

After a loud explosion, a few of the monsters were instantly annihilated from being engulfed with the light element’s purifying power, like a spring wind that swept past. However, I didn’t relax as more monsters were rapidly flowing out of the hole.

“Light elements! My great friends, I plead to you to use your power to form limitless light rays to form light stars and to eliminate the enemies before you.Bright Star’s Shine!”

Light elements rapidly gathered by my side and constantly forming light stars, creating layer after layer. I chanted to bring forth the maximum power of this magic spell.

My body floated as I retreated into the forest. Numerous light stars burst forth at my command. The intense light made Ke Er Lan Di, the rest of his subordinates and I to lose our sight. I clearly felt the monsters that were surging out from the hole were vaporized from my attack, including some of the monsters that were still in the hole.

When the light dimmed, the clearing was already filled with thousands of holes and green fluid was everywhere. I didn’t know how many monsters had died. The entire clearing formed a gigantic hole. Waves of sickening odor wafted towards us, making me frown.

Ke Er Lun Duo looked stunned at what happened and muttered, “This…What magic is this to have such might? You…You can’t just be a Magic Scholar, right?”

I said seriously, “I’m not done yet. Be careful.” I started to gather the power from the Holy Sword to completely erase this den.

There were suddenly mournful shrieks from the den as a couple of red lights dashed towards us. I brandished Sukarad’s staff horizontally to cast a light screen to use it as a barrier that would block the monsters that were coming out. With a flash of light, they were eliminated by my light elements.

The monsters that were currently emerging were three times as fast as they were before. The offensive power of those monsters was slowly becoming stronger. If it weren’t for the steady flow of fusion power in my body, it would really be difficult to deal with them.

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