Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 12

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Volume 11: Chapter 12 – Desperate Situation

The fighting with the monsters this time was different than with the God Protector Domain, as I didn’t have my brothers’ support. Moreover, we were currently fighting from the outer perimeter to its interior. Since I had more manpower at that time, I could freely use my Holy Sword’s power. However, now I couldn’t because the monsters were constantly appearing. I could only resist them, giving me no chance to gather the Holy Sword’s power.

“Large Dimensional Slash.” I used the space magic offensive spell with all my might. Space seemed to have broken, causing a crack to form and sucking in over a hundred monsters.

My body swayed a little after using that Large Dimensional Slash, as long periods of time while using powerful offensive powers took a huge portion of my powers. Even though my fusion power recovery rate was fast, I didn’t have any time to take a break.

The ground from underneath me suddenly began to shake and a strong power came forth. I didn’t have the time to use magic so I quickly leapt to the side. A gigantic spider came out from where I previously stood. It was about 3 meters long. This couldn’t be the spider’s ancestor, right? Its red eyes glared coldly at me. A translucent green thread shot from its mouth towards me.

The powers in my body were already recovering at this moment. I used short-distance teleportation to dodge its attack. I pointed Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a giant light sword. After it struck downwards, a loud explosion occurred and the spider was blasted into smithereens. There was even a deep ditch that appeared on the ground.

When I was dealing with the spider, numerous monsters were emerging from the hole. They were no longer just attacking me as Ke Er Lan Di was also being attacked. All 20 of us entered the battle in that moment. Ke Er Lan Di and the other 18 guards obviously had plenty of fighting experience. They didn’t panic or become disorderly when facing the large group of monsters, instead forming a small circle and constantly emitting their battle spirit to kill their opponent. They would be able to sustain themselves for a while.

In my heart, I secretly cried as I couldn’t gather the Holy Sword’s power now to eliminate them once and for all. Judging from the current situation, I also couldn’t fly up to gather my powers as there were many monsters that had wings. Currently, the pressure on me was getting greater and greater as the attacks from the monsters were coming from all directions. I really regretted not taking the time at the start using the Holy Sword’s power to destroy this hole. Even though the hole wasn’t bigger than the one that the God’s Protector Domain destroyed, the timing for the spawning of the monsters was getting faster. At this rate, it would be my death once I used up my powers.

I still couldn’t think of any good ways to deal with them as time gradually passed.

I thought of escaping on my own. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to escape using my space magic, but how could I? There was Ke Er Lan Di and the rest. Moreover, even if they weren’t here, I couldn’t let these monsters leave and cause harm in the world. It would be great if Xiao Jin, Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest were here. With their help, I would have been able to use the divine power of the Holy Sword. I had learned a lot, but didn’t know how to apply it. I originally felt that my powers weren’t bad, but seeing today’s situation, it really wasn’t enough! These were only low-class monsters and if some of the Monster race’s experts were to come, I would die today. What light spell did I have that I could sustain for some time and still had formidable power, in order to give me enough time to gather the Holy Sword’s power? These monsters weren’t something that human soldiers could resist and this more than ever proved that I really needed to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance.

The various Monsters were getting increasingly stronger. Even though I could still sustain myself, Ke Er Lan Di and the other brothers were having a tough time as a majority of them were injured. Two of the soldiers were severely injured so they were protected in the center by Ke Er Lan Di’s command, keeping them safe for a moment. However, the situation was already difficult even with their assistance, but it was getting worse now. When Ke Er Lan Di wasn’t careful, he was scratched on the shoulder by a monster, blood momentarily covered half of his body. He bitterly bore the pain and continued resisting the monsters, red battle spirit was continuously emitted from his sword.

Seeing that it was already a crucial moment, if I couldn’t think of a good plan, we were all going to die here.

I suddenly thought to the time that I was still at the Aixia’s Royal palace. When Mu Zi infiltrated the palace along with many others of the demon race, I had used the forbidden light spell to eliminate most of them with Teacher Zhen’s assistance. My current fusion power was much greater than before. I should be able to cast the forbidden spell by myself. If the Eternal Recovery Light could be sustained for a while, I could use all of the Holy Sword’s powers. I would then have a greater chance of annihilating this hole. This spell’s greatest benefit was that not only can it kill the enemy, but that it could also treat my allies.

It was my only pathway now. I hope that I still have some power after using the forbidden spell. Thinking about that, I clenched my teeth and no longer hesitated. While resisting the monsters in my surroundings, I chanted loudly, “Great Light elements! You hold boundless powers. The darkness before you is insignificant. To the eternal light that is flowing in the horizon, I plead to you to descend into the world and bestow a limitless recovery light on me to recover all pains to end all suffering. Eternal Recovery Light!”

My entire body seemed to have broken apart as the light elements in my surroundings gathered around me. My three gold dans flew out from my dantain to my back, forming an enormous hexagonal array. The numerous light elements in the air started to become frantic. Divine aura surged out from my body. The magic power in my body was rapidly surging outwards, causing waves of exhaustion in me. I cried inwardly as I didn’t know if I had enough power remaining  to activate the Holy Sword after this forbidden spell.

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