Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 18

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Volume 11: Chapter 18 – New of the Canyon

I looked disdainfully at him, but didn’t say anything. The robust man glared at the slightly built man to indicate him to be quiet before looking at me to ask me, “May I ask, Sir mage, what is the usage for this magic scroll?”

He had a better knowledge than the other. I said indifferently, “Life protection”

“Life protection? What’s that?” The robust youth asked with slight amazed.

I explained, “It’s an unfixed position escape scroll. When you are in danger, you can activate the chant to make you teleport to a randomly for a 5km distance. It can save your life at any crucial moment so it shouldn’t be worse than your mask. You should know that nothing is more important than life. This escape scroll is the product of the top Magister in the world, Magister Chuan Song Zhen.”

“Is this really Magister Chuan Song Zhen’s product?” That robust man took the scroll over with excitement. The escape scroll had a faint space magic power so I was certain that he should be able to feel it.

I could easily create such magic scrolls now so it didn’t have much use for me. Even though my space magic wasn’t as good as my light magic, it should also be at the Magister level. I loved escaping skills after all. With safety as my number one motto, I couldn’t refuse researching space magic.

The robust man still returned the item back to my hand after a long time, while shaking his head.

I asked, stunned, “Why? You don’t believe that this is Magister Chuan Song Zhen’s product?”

The robust man replied, “No, I believe you as a high leveled mage like you won’t lie to me and also won’t use Lord Chuan Song’s name to swindle me. However, I find that this item isn’t enough to exchange for my Brave Mask. I still want that magic staff in your hand.”

I was stunned for a moment. “No, I can’t do that. This magic staff is a part of my life so I can’t freely exchange it. How about this? I’ll make you two more escape scrolls that have the same effect as this one. How about that? It should be useful for you to have three chances of escape. You should know that now the Monster race is threatening the world, it’s important to secure your life.”

The robust man smiled strangely. “Monster race? Even I’ve heard about them, I don’t fear them. This was the world’s most protected area, the Ström Fortress. Three escape scrolls is really attractive, and I also believe that you can manufacture such magic scrolls, but I don’t want those. There are two things that can be used for the exchange. First, it will be the magic staff in your hand. The other will be the method in creating a teleportation magic array. To be honest with you, I’m both a warrior and a mage. I practice space magic so it can be said that we are from the same line! Of course, my space magic will definitely have a disparity compared to yours.”

This fellow’s thought was really meticulous to want to learn how to produce an escape scroll! I contemplated before replying, “Alright, but I can only teach you the basics. You’ll have to rely on yourself to become better in using it.”

Perhaps, that robust man didn’t expect that I would agree so easily. He expressed a rare elated expression and immediately said, “Good! Great! Thank you so much. The mask is yours now. Little Three, you go out to be on a lookout. I want to learn some magic from this mage.”

The slightly built man, known as Little Three looked at me dubiously. He nodded. “Big Brother, he can’t be a swindler, right?”

I secretly thought, ‘I feel so wronged for me a God’s Envoy to be looked at as a swindler. If this is to be conveyed to everyone’s ears, won’t they laugh to death?’

“Stop bickering and get out.” Under the order of the robust man, the slightly built man reluctantly walked out.

I looked at the robust man in front of me and silently circulated my fusion magic to feel his body’s powers. This fellow really had a magic cultivation to have reached the advanced level mage. It was no wonder that he would ask me for the manufacturing method for the escape scrolls. I said calmly, “I’ll show you how to produce the scroll three times. It’ll depend on your own efforts as to how much you understand.”

Upon saying that, I took out the items used in manufacturing the magic scroll and started explaining. I had done the first and second time fast, but did slower for the last. Three magic scrolls were completed in a short moment. I gave him three of the scrolls. “I’ll give you three of these scrolls. With you current magic level, it’ll be difficult for you to produce this strength of magic scroll. However, you can set shorter distances. It’s best if you don’t exceed one kilometer for it to succeed. You can try to make the distance further after your magic power has improved.”

The robust man expressed respect. “Yes, Great Master. Thank you for your tutelage. I’ll remember that.”

I nodded. “The initial period of training for both magic and martial arts will have better results, but if you were to multitask, you wouldn’t be able to reach the peak for either of them ever. You should just come to a decision.”

The robust man smiled wryly. “I was indeed frivolous when I was young. I always thought that my physique was good and that I could master both powers. But now, I understand. Even if it’s already late, I’ll unquestionably listen to your advice. Thank you for teaching me the manufacturing of the scroll. I’ll definitely work hard. May I ask for your name?”

I looked at him. “If that’s the case, can I ask you a question? If you can answer, I’ll tell you my name.”

The robost man nodded. “Alright, please state the question.”

“I heard from someone that there’s a God Rended Canyon in front of the fort. Do you know where it is?”

After hearing what I said, the robust man was stunned. “God Rended Canyon? I seem to have heard of it before. Let me think about it.” I lowered his head, trap with thoughts.

He had heard of it? I was elated. If he knew, it really wasn’t a wasted affort coming here and it had cut down the time for me to randomly search for it.

After a long time, the robust man raised his head. “I certainly have heard of that place. It seems to be at a plateau at the Demon race territory, which has a large fissure there. It’s located quite a distance from the fort and seems to be towards the South. You can start by searching from there.”

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