Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 19

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Volume 11: Chapter 19 – Crafty and Unruly Girl

I was elated. It would be much easier for me to have a rough idea of the direction. “Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.” After saying that, I headed out the door.

The robust man replied anxiously, stunned, “You haven’t yet told me who you are.”

I smiled at him and the mask conveying my expression. “Be diligent in training your space magic. It’ll definitely be useful in the future. I’m Zhang Gong Wei. Farewell.” Upon saying that, I circulated the fusion power in my body and used short teleportation spell to disappear, leaving the startled robust man behind.

“Zhang Gong Wei? Zhang Gong Wei? It seems so familiar! Ah! God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei!” The robust man cried out.

Little Three ran inside. “Big Brother, what’s wrong?”

The robust man replied, trembling, “Just now….Just now that person was unexpectedly God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei.”


I repeatedly used short teleportations to reach the thick wall of the fort quickly. ‘The southern plateau at the Demon race? En! It’s much easier to find the place now.’ With excitement, I walked directly towards the city entrance. The entrance was shut as per usual. How was I going to head out? Short teleportation couldn’t pass through that thick a city wall. Under the circumstances where I didn’t expose my identity, the guards of the fort would probably not open the entrance for me. Heading out seemed to be a little difficult. The magic cannons at the top of the city walls weren’t weak. I couldn’t just fly out and be targeted like an unknown flying creature.

While I pondered awhile, I really didn’t come up with any good methods. I also didn’t want to waste any more time. It seemed that I could only use a short teleportation array.

Thinking about that, I found a dilapidated corner and started to carve the short teleportation spell. With my power, it took an instant to draw up the teleportation array. Just as I wanted to activate the teleportation array after setting the position, I heard someone shout. “Don’t run! What do you think you’re doing?”

I was stunned for a moment, and in that moment, a black shadow charged over. I focused and saw that it was a girl dressed in black attire. Since her speed was quick, her flowing hair covered her face, making it impossible for me to see her appearance clearly. But with such a well developed body and so much energy, it should be a young lady.

While I was in a daze, she had already ran near me. It was a dead end behind me and the girl also discovered this. When her long hair cleared from her face, she was showing a panicked expression. She was such a beautiful girl. Her age should be about the same as mine, as I expected. Her skin was creamy white, with large eyes filled with terror. There were a couple of warriors that came from behind her. They didn’t follow the army’s regulations. They were undoubtedly up to no good chasing after a weak girl. ‘Sigh! I think I’ll help her out.

When the girl ran to my side, I rapidly activated the teleportation array. With the flash of light, we disappeared at the same time. Since I was afraid that she would be harmed during the warping of space, I embraced her supple waist and used my fusion power to protect her, but the girl screamed in fright.

After the light flashed, we already appeared in the plains outside the Ström Fortress. The teleportation spell only had a 3 kilometer range so the lion-like fort was behind us.I was shocked to discover that we were constantly descending. The location that I had set was the huge crevice that was created by our forbidden spell. This was like being caught in a trap that I had set! I shouted and gathered the powers in my body. Forcefully, I stopped our descent by brandishing Sukrad’s staff. We were sent back up to the edge of the crevice by circulating the wind elements in the surrounding area to cast a wind spell.

The young girl reacted after standing on solid ground. She protested coquettishly, “Let go of me.”

I was stunned before realizing that my arm was still around her waist. I smiled wryly before releasing my arm, retreating two steps back.

The girl patted her generous chest and panting profusely. The twin peaks on her chest quivered with each breath. An astonishing force of lust rushed in my mind. With my face flushed, I couldn’t bear it any longer and had to look away. I was lucky that my new mask hid my expression so she didn’t realise the awkwardness.

After a while, the young girl asked, “Who are you?” Her voice was crisp and extremely sweet-sounding.

I smiled wryly. “I’m the person that saved you. Young Miss, why were you being chased by those guys?”

The young girl snorted. “What’s it to you? Mind your own business! It should be fine now, but I’ve gone outside of the fort. How am I supposed to get back?”

I was dazed for a moment as I had saved her, but she blamed me instead. It really was illogical. ‘Mu Zi is the best as she was much gentler. Forget it, since I saved her already. I also didn’t expect to be rewarded. I’ve got to leave this place as soon as possible. It’s very close to the fort, making it easy for me to be spotted.’ Thinking about that, I turned to walk towards the south.

After walking for a few steps, that girl sounded from behind me. “Hey! Are you just going to walk away?”

I frowned and asked with my back facing her, “What else do you want?”

That young girl replied overbearingly, “Since you have brought me out, you should send me back in.”

Hearing her arrogant words, I got annoyed so I coldly replied, “I only know how to exit. You just have to think of your own way to enter. You’re human anyways. You just have to shout in front of the entrance of the fort.” I was kind to save her, but she used such an attitude towards me so I wasn’t going to care for her! Moreover, what I said was the truth. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to enter the fort after proving that she was human.

I rapidly stepped forward, analyzing the terrain before me as I tried to see where the God Rended Canyon would be.

“Hey! Hey! Masked person, stop!” Footsteps sounded as that young girl hastily went in front of me and extended her arms to hinder my path. While glaring at me, she shouted, “I’m a girl and you’re a guy. Why don’t you act like  a gentlemen?”

I said calmly, “Act like a gentlemen? It depends on whom I’m talking to. I don’t think it’s necessary for such an unreasonable girl like yourself. It seems that I really shouldn’t have saved you. Move aside. I’ve matters to attend to.” I used a short teleportation to teleport 100m behind her and continued to head south as I didn’t want her to continue bothering me.

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