Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 21

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Volume 11: Chapter 21 – Blocking the Enemy for the Disciple

The young girl sighed. “Teacher, I’m Fei Yu Luo Chen and my father is the Emperor of the Kingdom of Dalu.”

Even though I had guessed that her status was extraordinary, I couldn’t help but to be startled by her words. I never expected that she would be a princess from the top Kingdom amongst the human kingdoms.

The young girl continued, “Even though I’m born from the palace, I don’t feel blessed at all! My Mother was a concubine of my Imperial Father. Since my Father has been doting on her most of the time, she was despised by the other concubines. Recently, one of my Father’s concubine framed my Mother. Under my fury, I severely beat her up. I knew that I was in big trouble as that concubine’s Brother was one of the major officials in the court. I ran away due to the fear of being punished. Just when I ran to the fort not long ago, I was found by my pursuers today. If you didn’t save me, I’d have been caught and brought back to the palace by them. I know my temper isn’t good, I admit that, but it was forced by them! I needed to protect my Mother since I was young, how could I not be fierce? Teacher, I really can’t head back now. If I was to call out at the entrance of the fort, I’d definitely be caught by them. Teacher, can you please help me? I’m begging you.” Upon saying that, her tears flowed, dampening her clothes.

So, her experiences were so pitiful. My heart also wasn’t made of stone so I sobbed along with her. Fei Yu said sobbing, “Teacher, please let me to join you in your journey. If not, I’ll be caught by them and be beaten to death. My Father is far from the capital so he definitely won’t be able to save me. You can’t just leave me in such a state, right?!”

I was plagued by difficulty as her situation was really sympathetic, but I was heading to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance now so how could I bring this troublesome girl along with me?

At this moment, the entrance of the Ström Fortress suddenly opened. A thousand cavalrymen charged towards us like lightning. I was shocked and when I looked at Fei Yu, she had already hidden behind me. “Teacher, they must be coming to catch me. You must help me!”

Those cavalrymen were already in front of us in a short moment. The leader of the squad aimed his gun at me and yelled, “Who are you to kidnap our house’s lady?!”

I was stunned and looked back to Fei Yu. She hastily explained, “Teacher, don’t listen to their lies! They just don’t want you to interrupt their mission in capturing me.” Seeing her anxious appearance, I couldn’t help but to believe her.

I asked the leader, “And who are you?”

The leader replied, “I’m the team leader of the First Division in the Army of the Kingdom of Dalu. Quickly let go of my house’s lady. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Hearing his arrogant words, I instantly fumed and coldly snorted, “I’ll have to see your capability in how you will deal with me then. Fei Yu is my disciple. Don’t even imagine taking her away from me.”

That leader laughed heartily as he said in distain, “You think you’re capable in being our Young Miss’s teacher? Everyone, attack! I want to see how capable this mad person is and take note of the Miss’s safety.”

I passed Sukrad’s staff to Fei Yu. “Help me to hold onto this while I deal with them.”

Fei Yu elatedly took the Sukrad’s staff, but she didn’t expect it to be so heavy. Her hands were weighted down and she almost dropped the staff. “Teacher, your staff is so heavy! Please don’t kill them. It’s sufficient to just teach them a lesson.”

This girl still had such a kind hearted side, which made me develop a liking towards her. I nodded. The cavalrymen had already dismounted from their horses by the time I stepped forward a few steps. More than 100 of them charged to surround us. The skills of those cavalrymen weren’t bad. They were worthy of being Imperial Guards. It was a pity that they were serving a tyrant.

“Imbecile!” The leader, who was carrying a long spear, charged forth like lightning with the tip of the spear infused with battle spirit aiming to pierce it through my chest. It seemed that he was fearful of my magic! I moved slightly to the side, dodging the long spear that was coming my way. I shouted at Fei Yu, “Take a look! This is space magic.” With the sway of my body, it formed 10 clones, surrounding the leader of the squad.

That leader was astonished as it was beyond his expectation that I could easily cast spells. His long spear turned into pointed stars, piercing towards the silhouettes surrounding him.

I snorted coldly. The 10 silhouettes moved in harmony and with the wave of my hand, I cast a small dimensional slash towards my opponent. The power from the tear of space momentarily clashed against the battle spirit of the long spear, giving off a loud sound, sending the leader flying.

That leader indeed has some skills, the strength of his battle spirit wasn’t weak. He should be at the Heaven Knight level, which should be about Ke Er Lan Di’s level. It was no wonder why he was so arrogant in this case.

Seeing their leader getting hurt, the rest of the cavalrymen instantly charged towards me. They were all using the cavalry’s long spear so in a short moment, 7 spears aimed for my head, 6 spears aimed at my lower body and 13 spears pierced directly at me.

I coldly snorted as my fusion power surged out from my body, immediately forming a protective shield around me so all the spears were stopped. I yelled heavily, “Go away!” With the release of my power, thirteen cavalrymen were instantly blown away by the impact.

I used short distance teleportation to reach Fei Yu’s side. “You continued to have no sense of propriety so don’t blame me for being rude.” Upon saying, I raised my right hand, which resulted to the light elements charging towards the sky, forming a 10 metre long light blade in my hand.

The leader looked at me in fright. “You…Who are you?”

I smiled. “I’m a mage. Return to your master and tell him that if he continues to trouble Fei Yu, I’ll find him for a talk.” I brandished the light blade after my declaration. With a loud explosion, there was an extremely deep ditch that appeared in the ground beside me. I embraced Fei Yu’s waist as I soared towards the sky towards and the other side of the gulf.

Fei Yu was so frightened that she closed her eyes and buried her head in my chest. I momentarily felt weird with her voluptuous figure sticking to so close to my body, but I increased the our speed after collecting my thoughts. It seemed that I wouldn’t be able to ditch this burden any time soon. I didn’t have any choice but to bring her along as it was really impossible to just leave a girl here.

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