Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 24

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Volume 11: Chapter 24 – Worldly View

“Fei Yu, what I’m going to settle is very dangerous. It’s better for you to not follow me.”

“I’m not scared of danger. Teacher, please let me stay. You were very cool when you beat off those pursuing soldiers! Teacher, how old are you this year?”

I scratched my head. “I’m about 20. Why are you asking this for?”

Fei Yu chuckled. “Teacher, you’re 20 and are so accomplished. You must have a secret method to increase your power, right? Please teach me. You’re treating me like an outsider. In that case, how about I become your wife so that you can teach me then?”

Her words frightened me. I immediately waved my hand. “No! No, how can that happen? I’ve already got a wife.” Mu Zi’s impeccable figure appeared before me, making my heart to race.

Fei Yu snorted. “You’re lying. You must hate me. You can go then. You don’t need to care about me. Hmph!” Upon saying that, she carried her Little Feather with her as she crouched, throwing off her Little Missy tantrum.

I sighed. “Fei Yu, I don’t hate you. How can someone like me be compatible with you? I’ll let you see my actual looks, ok?”

Fei Yu’s eyes lit up and raised her head to look at me. “Alright! Quickly let me have a look.”

I sighed inwardly as I gradually took off the mask.

“Ah!~” Fei Yu cried out mournfully and she abruptly retreated a couple of steps back before stopping. With terror in her eyes, she trembled and said, “You….You’re really fugly!”

I felt a stab into my heart as I sighed. “Now, you should know why I put on a mask. It’s to cover up my hideous face.” ‘I don’t blame her as she’s an ordinary person after all and I have a ghastly appearance. No matter who sees my appearance, they would be as shocked as she is. Who, excluding Mu Zi, would be willing to go out with me, who has such an ugly appearance?

Fei Yu looked at me silently for a long time. I pulled down the hood over my head and got depressed. Even though my heart had already opened up to Mu Zi, my ugly appearance was still painful to me.

“Teach….Teacher, I didn’t mean to do that. Sorry.” Fei Yu lowered her head as she apologised.

I put back my mask and shook my head. “I’m originally ugly so there’s nothing to apologise. Your reaction is normal. Fei Yu, actually…. Hmm, someone is coming.” I raised my head to look up at the sky and saw 9 figures heading towards our direction. Judging from their speed, the 9 of them should be ator almost at the Radiant Knight level. How could there be so many experts coming from the fort? I looked at Fei Yu and she seemed to be panicking. It seemed that these fellows were here for her!

The nine people landed simultaneously before us after a ray of light. I was shocked to notice that among them, there was Ke Er Lan Di that I had recently parted with. Could it be that he wanted to harm Fei Yu?

Ke Er Lan Di looked at me and immediately stepped forth. “It’s you as I’ve expected.”

I frowned. “Ke Er Lan Di, I didn’t expect you to help a tyrant. Could it be that you can’t let such a young girl go?”

Fei Yu stood at her spot motionlessly with awkwardness expressed on her face.

Ke Er Lan Di smiled wryly. “We let her go? We are the ones that need her to let us go! Princess, please don’t put us in such a spot and head back with us, ok? His Majesty is going to be anxious to death.”

I was stunned and looked towards Fei Yu. “Hmm? The one that is really searching for you is the Emperor of the Kingdom of Dalu, your father?”

Feu Yu lowered her head without replying. With my intelligence, I immediately realised what was going on. She had been lying to me all along.

Ke Er Lan Di said, “To be honest with you, His Majesty had come to the fort for an inspection. I also reached the fort not long ago and had already reported what happened when I was with you to him. His Majesty had attached importance in training the army. Princess Fei Yu had probably ran out due to loneliness. She’s His Majesty’s most doted upon princess. If we were unable to retrieve her, I’m afraid that we will be….” He looked towards Fei Yu, who had her head lowered. He suddenly thought about what Tian Feng had said and asked, “Princess, are you willing to head back with us?”

Fei Yu looked at me before looking at them. She replied after nodding, “I’ll head back with all of you.” She slightly bowed towards me and said, “Teacher, thank you for taking care of me during this short period of time. It was my mistake to give you trouble. Please come to our Kingdom of Dalu for leisure when you’re free.”

Even though there wasn’t any arrogance in her tone, I could clearly feel that she had greatly distanced herself from me. I knew that it was due to my ugly appearance. How could I blame her? Anyway, everything was just a lie. She had lied to me. I had Mu Zi so everything else didn’t matter. I should be happy getting rid of her, but why did I have such a feeling?

I calmly replied, “Princess, I hope that you don’t randomly joke around like this in the future. Brother Ke Er, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “Brother Zhang Gong, I wish that we could fight alongside you when the opportunity arises.”

I smiled. “Definitely.” I circulated the fusion power in my body before soaring into the sky, heading towards the south. I already withdrew all of my thoughts. What I needed to do now was to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible.


Ke Er Lan Di nodded with praise as he saw Zhang Gong Wei left.

Fei Yu stepped a few steps forward. “Brother Ke Er, let’s head back.” She looked dejected as Zhang Gong’s ugly appearance kept flashing through her mind. It was like there was a huge stone that kept suppressing her.Ke Er Lan Di looked at the beautiful princess and sighed. “Your Highness, why didn’t you persist in accompanying him?”

Fei Yu was stunned. “Didn’t you expect me to head back with you?”

Ke Er Lan Di sighed. “Your Highness, His Majesty had already passed down the order that if you persevered in following him, we weren’t to hinder you.”

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