Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 26

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Volume 11: Chapter 26 – Simmering in Pain

Could it be that I couldn’t find it due to a lack in cultivation? I landed on ground where it had a low patch of grass and sat crossed legged, carrying Sukrad’s staff on my back. I silently circulated the three gold dans in my body, constantly absorbing various magic elements from the surrounding.

The amount of magic elements in such a vitality filled place was exceptionally large. I could distinctly feel all of the elements entering my body. I had noticed that there were seven coloured power energy cells being constantly absorbed and converted. My body’s gold dans were filled to the brim with powers in a short moment and gold liquid-like powers filled my entire body, making my six senses to increase by several fold. It had made me feel exceptionally enriched with the abundant powers in my body.

The amount of powers gathered gradually increased to the point where I felt that I was becoming bloated with power as they accumulated. I was already having some difficulties adapting to the continuous increase in power, it was impossible to continue training. The amount of power here was too much for me. I realised that something terrifying was happening. The powers in my body no longer listened to my commands as they rapidly absorbed the powers from my surroundings. Numerous magic elements were entering my body, absorbed by my fusion power. My fears slowly intensified as it reached to the point that was unbearable. If this were to continue, the tremendous power would ruin my body, but what could I do now?

With the three gold dans as its center, the fusion powers gradually became more and more substantial, causing my normally smooth-flowing meridians to become congested. The speed of the absorption gradually increased. Currently, I was already unable to control any part of my body, excluding my consciousness. ‘Mi Jia Lie, you bastard, are you trying to kill me? I’m already going to explode with powers before I even receive your inheritance!

The elements in my surroundings didn’t share my thoughts as they continued their initial pace to gather towards me. ‘Sigh! I was too greedy. If I had stopped absorbing my powers after recovering to my peak state, this situation could have been avoided. According to this situation, once my entire body has been congested with power and continues to absorb powers, my body will explode. I didn’t expect that I will die with my powers going amok during cultivation, instead of dieing under the Monster King’s hands. This is such an irony!

The pain from being congested with powers slowly made my consciousness to start fading. I clearly felt my capillaries were spurting blood out from my skin. My body spasmed slightly, nearing the verge of collapse.

Finally, the powers in my body had reached the point of bursting.  Due to my mind still functioning clearly, I could hear the crackling of every bone in my entire body. ‘I’m finished. This is bad. Am I really going to die? Mu Zi! It should be unthinkable for you to guess that I will actually die so pathetically.’

Just when I felt hopeless in dealing with this situation, there was suddenly a warm power that surged out from my chest. That power wasn’t affected in the slightest by my congested meridians as it instantly covered my entire body, forcefully stopping my body from exploding. The suppression of the powers momentarily made my body to jolt as my body charged towards the sky, like a gold shooting star.

Hong!’ I was rebounded back by the Canyon’s boundary and fell heavily on the ground. Blood was continuously spewing from my mouth. The severe internal damage and exterior pain had made me feel like I was dying.

At this moment, there was a hot feeling that suddenly came from my back that instantly spread throughout my body. It seemed to be moving along through my meridians and dulled my pain a little. With my consciousness fading, I already didn’t have the strength to think about what that power was. I just wanted to be relieved from the eternal damnation of pain. Even death would be better to me than being tortured with such pain anymore.

The surrounding elements were still gathering towards me. The thick and overflowing fusion powers were constantly putting pressure on the bones in my body, causing sharp cracks to ring out. I clearly felt every single bone in my body being pulverized. ‘I’m done. I’m finished’ I felt intense pain constantly stimulating my nerves. ‘Why? Why is this happening? I didn’t do anything wrong before. Why are the heavens punishing me?’ When the last bone in my body  had shattered, the overflow of fusion power started to infiltrate my entire body. It would be much better for me to just die now than to suffer from such pain.

Initially, with such intense pain, I should have already lost my consciousness. But everytime when I was going to lose my consciousness, there would be a sudden cooling power that surged out from my upper dantian, inhibiting me from passing out. This torture shouldn’t be bearable to anyone. I currently couldn’t move, but could still feel wave after wave of intense pain that wracked towards my consciousness. ‘My fusion powers, I beg you, quickly end my life. I really can’t take it any longer.’ The pain from my bones shattering was beyond the limit of what I could stand. As I groaned from the pain, I pleaded for death’s arrival.

An icy feeling suddenly came forth from my forehead and started intensifying, making my consciousness become enveloped by it. I instantly felt my consciousness clearing up and the pain that I was suffering from decreased slightly. Just when I thought that I could catch my breath, the elements in the canyon suddenly increased their speed drastically in absorbing inside of me.

Ah!~” I yelled out. I didn’t know when, but I could let out my voice.

My body was constantly tumbling in mid air. The fusion powers were frantically pushing against my internal organs. There was a heart piercing pain that constantly jerked on my nerves, making my body to shake continuously. Purplish black blood was violently spurting from my mouth, mouthful after mouthful. My internal organs were starting to tear apart.

No matter if it was the warm feeling from my chest, the scorching pain from my back or the cool feeling from my forehead, they intensified several times over. The warm feeling maintained my body’s power so that it couldn’t breakout from my body, the scorching feeling was keeping my skin active and the cool feeling was maintaining my consciousness. I could clearly feel that my internal organs were disappearing one after another. The strange thing was that even though I was in constant pain, my consciousness was becoming much clearer.

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