Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 3

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Volume 11: Chapter 3 – God’s Protector Domain

When I surveyed the crowd, I found that everyone, excluding Mu Zi, Zhan Hu and I, seemed to know what Xiu Si was referring to as their gazes uniformly fell on me.

Xiu Si cleared his throat before saying, “We’ve already discussed with the few others when I led the first division Guard Squad to Ström Fortress. We have decided to set a name for our team in order to have a sufficient reason to send troops. The name will be known as the God Protector Domain, which is meant to be guards for the Gods. Our army squadron will officially be changed to God’s Protector Squadron today, since Zhang Gong has returned. Our objective is to help the Gods to eliminate the Monster race to return the world’s peace and harmony.”

Once he finished his piece, everyone instantly cheered.

I asked, stunned, “Big Brother Xiu Si, is that the surprise from you?”

Xiu Si smiled. “Of course it’s not just that. You’ve got to let me finish what I’ve got to say. The five elders will be the supervisors of our God’s Protector Squad to guide everyone’s training and to supervise them. They will be forming the law enforcement division. There will be 6 squadrons from the 3000 of us. The first division squadron is comprised of the brothers that I’ve brought with us. The rest of the brothers have been arranged into their respective divisions already. Since our numbers aren’t much, we’ll not be going to assign a low class commander. The six divisions will be specifically led by Big Brother Zhan Hu, Xin Ao, Gao De, Dong Ri, Jian Shan and I.”

After hearing what he said, I couldn’t bear not to ask, “What will I be doing then?”

Xiu Si sniggered. “You get the surprise. Kingdoms can’t not have a leader and officials can’t lack armies. The one to take our God’s Protector Domain’s leader position will be you. You’ll be in charge of everything.”

I was startled. I knew that he had thought up a conspiracy. It was just as expected. If I were to be the leader, I would be the busiest person in the group. I hastily stood up to reject. However, my objection was already drowned out by the cheers from the few thousand people. Xiu Si smiled at me with a look that meant ‘my crafty plan was successful’, which made me break out a cold sweat.

I hastily turned to the five elders for assistance. “Elders, I don’t think the leader of the group should be me as I’m young so my knowledge is shallow and I lack fame. What do you think?”

The second elder smiled. “Zhang Gong! Don’t decline as we’ve already discussed this matter. Everyone unanimously accepted you as our leader. How can you be not famous? Who in the world still doesn’t know that God’s envoy, Child of Light Zhang Gong Wei, is famous for his fighting prowess? Alright, it’s finalized then.”

Xiu Si went to my side. “How is it? Zhang Gong, my surprise isn’t bad, right?”

I smiled wryly. “How is this a surprise? It just shocked me. Big Brother Xiu Si, you’ve caused me harm.” I suddenly thought of a plan. I hollered out, using my dantian, “Everyone, please calm down. I’ve got some words to say.” My voice that incorporated my fusion powers surged towards the horizon, instantly suppressing the clamors at the base.

I smiled. “Since everyone agreed that I should take the leader’s position, I won’t decline. However, I have still got a matter to announce to the crowd.” Upon saying that, my expression became serious, and with a awe-inspiring grandeur, I said, “Everyone shouldn’t be too complacent, even though we were victorious this time. We still don’t know how much power the Monster race truly possesses, so our path is still as arduous as it was. Thus, I hope that you can bring up your spirit to prepare for any difficulties that would occur. I’ve decided to head to the location that the God King had mentioned to me to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance,  and gain more power to resist the Monster King. I don’t know how long this trip will take, so I suggest that the base be under the five elder’s guidance during my absence. Since I’m impressed by Big Brother Xiu Si’s intelligence, he would be the interim leader of the team. I’ll probably return when the final battle against the Monster race is about to start.” My words were filled with passion, so it momentarily moved all of the God’s Protectors. Everyone was constantly shouting out for the downfall of the Monster King.

Upon saying those words, my serious expression eased. Mu Zi whispered, “Zhang Gong, what you said just now was filled with resolution.”

I maintained my current expression and whispered back, “Big Brother Xiu Si wants to harm me? Let’s see what he will do now.” As expected, Xiu Si’s complexion had already paled as he looked at me filled with helplessness.

Everyone went back to rest late at night. Mu Zi and I were standing on a mountain peak beside the base. The trees were gently swaying in the wind, under the moonlight.

“Tomorrow’s weather will be good.” Mu Zi commented.

I intimately embraced her lovable body. “That’s right! It’s cloudless.”

Mu Zi glanced at me. “Zhang Gong, how are you really going to settle Sister Hai Shui’s matter?”

My mood dampened a little when I heard her mention Hai Shui. I had left a letter with Ma Ke to pass it to Hai Shui when we left the Ström Fortress. In the letter, I had told Hai Shui everything that has happened and told her to forget about me as I’m no longer the Zhang Gong that she had known.  I really didn’t know how to face her with my current look and didn’t want her to see my ghastly appearance for her entirely life! Hai Shui’s deep feelings for me remained as new to me as if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to escape from the city

Mu Zi seemed to know that I was desolated, as she said, “Actually, Sister Hai Shui’s love for you isn’t any lower than mine. She won’t mind your looks. Why did you have to……”

I interrupted Mu Zi. “Do you still remember why I wasn’t willing for you to follow me initially? It’s the same reason for Hai Shui. Even though my feelings for Hai Shui can’t be counted as love, I’m really grateful towards her. How can I harm her with my current looks? Moreover, my heart can’t calm down when the Monster King’s battle isn’t over. Mu Zi, I want you to promise me that if something happens to me during the final battle with the Monster King,…….”

Mu Zi covered my mouth as she fumingly rebuked, “Don’t say such pessimistic words. You are God’s Envoy so how can you be defeated?”

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “It’s hard to say on this matter. You and Hai Shui are both good girls. I wish for your happiness, so if I can’t give you, I want you to find your own happiness. Mu Zi promise me that if that really happen, don’t miss me, ok?” Mi Jia Lie’s words constantly rang in my ears that he wasn’t fully confident that I would be able to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance. With that on my mind, how could I be certain about my future’s fate? I honestly had a lot of things that I couldn’t bear to part with, but I must follow through with my responsibilites for the world’s peace and harmony.

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