Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 30

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Volume 11: Chapter 30 – The New Radiant God

My consciousness returned after some time. Groggily, I felt that my body entered a variable hot and cold cycle, making me indescribably uncomfortable. The fuzzy feeling gradually got clearer and a icy cold feeling suddenly surged out from my forehead as it abruptly got in contact with the scorching heat at my chest. In that instant, time seemed to freeze. The two opposing powers suddenly merged together, creating a warm feeling that constantly spread as it circulated throughout my body.

Ah! I could use my inner vision again. I was shocked to discover that my body was completely different. I couldn’t see any bones or meridians, only a vast ocean. My entire body was made from dazzling golden lights. I was unclear on how many of the golden lights there were, but I could clearly see that they followed a natural orbit as they circulated. I couldn’t gauge how much power they possessed at the moment, but I could see that they securely protected my inner organs, which had also turned gold.

I thought, ‘If each of those uncountable light spots have the power of my initial gold dan, wouldn’t my power be unimaginable?

Suddenly, the light spots in my body suddenly quicken their pace. The lights transformed into a series of constantly looping rivers moving rapidly, charging into the heavens and transmitting like a gushing spring. My previously clear consciousness momentarily lapsed, after my sight gone out I felt that my body was being called back.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was still within the God Rended Canyon, but my clothes were missing. My skin was similar to sparkling and translucent fine jade,  divine light was constantly flowing underneath my skin. Even though it was night, I could still clearly see my surroundings. There were tremendous changes to the God Rended Canyon. I was surprised that all the lively vegetation had disappeared and what replaced it was empty, just melancholic rock walls. ‘Where are all the plants and animals? Can it be that they were formed by Mi Jia Lie and they disappeared after the loss of his support?

Thinking about Mi Jia Lie, my mood dampened. ‘It seems that I successfully received his inheritance, but he disappeared afterwards…. Inheritance?’ Thinking about the inheritance, I willed the powers in my body to activate.

It seemed as if I was formed by light after I activated my powers. My entire body gave off an intense light, eliminating the darkness around me. I started to experience a new feeling throughout my body. The light elements in the vicinity seemed to have accepted my command. A thick boundary was formed at the perimeter of the light screen due to the attraction of my powers. My entire body jolted as six golden wings appeared behind my back. My body lightened and I gradually floated off from ground. I didn’t have to use much control to hover mid air. I could unmistakably feel that a casual wave of my hand could cause the powers around me to eliminate anything before me. The vitality filled light elements were like my friends, they were never leaving me and constantly protecting me.

I withdrew my powers to land back on the ground. I knelt down and kowtowed nine time before sincerely saying, “Radiant God Mi Jia Lie, even though we didn’t meet each other in person, I know that you’re undeniably a god that possesses a benevolent heart. Because of what has been bestowed by you, so in my heart, you’re like my teacher. Rest in peace. I’ll definitely help you accomplish everything you wanted to see. This is my eternal promise to you.”

I’m currently not the previous Zhang Gong Wei. I can no longer live for myself, but for all life forms in the world. It’s my duty to protect them so that they are never to be harmed by any sinister beings.’ The sense of responsibility filled my chest.

I suddenly thought about the final words of Mi Jia Lie as he died after standing. I raised my hand to caress my face. As expected, the Ice God’s mask was still covering my face and there was a gold glove on my right hand. This glove should have been created from my Sukrad’s staff, so I would call it God’s Guard. With the flick of my right hand, the transparent gemstones on God’s Guard gave off an exceptional swarm of moving lights. A warm feeling could be felt from my chest as an auspicious and peaceful power surged out. As I willed it, the silvery-white Holy Sword instantly appeared before me. My heartstrings trembled, this was the genuine Holy Sword! I finally possessed it. I unhurriedly stretched out my right hand that had the God’s Guard to snatch the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword seemed to be spiritually connected with me, as it voluntarily lept into my right hand. The light aura emitting from my body intensified drastically upon holding the Holy Sword. A peerless divine power burst outwards from me,  filling the entire God Rended Canyon.

The six light wings on my back expanded and in a blink of an eye, I was already high up in the sky. The silver-white Holy Sword lit up the night sky. With a casual swing, a long silvery light shot forth. This was divine power! I had already become the new generation’s Radiant God. Blue, White, yellow, red and green lights suddenly soared out from the God Rended Canyon. Ah! These were the War God’s, Sky God’s, Titan God’s, Lightning God’s, and Wind God’s divine wills. With these, I was sure that it would increase our fighting abilities while resisting the Monster race.  

I carefully kept the five power balls in my spacial pocket, fearing that using my divine powers would damage them.

I took in a deep breath and tried my best to calm my emotions. I didn’t know how long had passed since I reached here, nor how the God Protector’s Domain was, so I needed to head back as quickly as possible. After uniting everyone’s power, we would head out in search of the Monster race to eradicate them once and for all. My confidence had increased drastically after receiving the inheritance. Even though I wasn’t sure what standard my powers had reached, it should still have reached the legendary Grand Magister’s realm.

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