Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 32

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Volume 11: Chapter 32 – The Change in the Continent

Jian Shan said snappily, “Have you gone nuts to not even remember how long you have gone? If it wasn’t for your voice, figure and the Holy Sword’s aura emitting from your body, I wouldn’t be confident that you’re Zhang Gong. You have been gone for about two years. Your princess from the Demon race and that girl from the Kingdom of Aixia have been missing you dearly.”

Stunned, I replied, “Two years? I’ve been gone for such a long time?” The inheritance felt like it only took a few days! I hadn’t expected that I had left for such a prolonged period of time. ‘Two years?! Of course there’ll be a lot of changes. Perhaps even the Monster King has already awaken.’ I asked anxiously, “Quickly, give me a run down on what has happened during the time that I’ve been gone.”

Jian Shan sighed. “Not long after you left, a little lady from the Kingdom of Aixia came. She’s known as Hai Shui Xing and Princess Mu Zi went to receive her. She has missed you, every morning she’d look afar at the peak of the mountain waiting for your return. She’s really infatuated with you! You mustn’t let her down. Even though Mu Zi has been helping the five elders with training the brothers, she didn’t express much emotion. But from her eyes, we knew that she really missed you. How was your trip? Did you obtain the God’s inheritance?”

Hai Shui? Why has Hai Shui come? I don’t have time to think about my relationships right now, because eliminating the Monster race is my top priority.’ “Jian Shan, don’t discuss with me such trivial topics. Can you tell me where everyone is and what movements the Monster race has made during these two years?”

Jian Shan nodded. “After you had been gone for about three months, there was a Monster race den that emerged in the Kingdom of Xiuda. A large quantity of monsters spawned from the den. Big Brother Zhan Hu and Xiu Si brought the First Division brothers to head there to assist. Unfortunately, those monsters were completely annihilated only after losing a third of Xiuda’s Earth Dragon Cavalry Squad elites. After such an incident, it let the entire continent develop fear after finally experiencing the invasion of the Monster race.

The Monster race’s dens started appearing again throughout the three kingdoms a few months afterwards. Our brothers were forced to mobilise and participate in the elimination of the Monster race’s forces. It could be said that our people’s support was in each of the three kingdoms. The brothers were led by Big Brother Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao, and the five elders personally supervised the brothers in the Kingdom of Xiuda. The Kingdom of Aixia had Princess Mu Zi, Hai Shui, Dong Ri, your Xiao Jin and the Demon Fox Xiao Rou, who can already transform into a human. Xiao Rou is really amazing. With her acute senses, she was able to accurately pinpoint every location which the monster den would appear, so Princess Mu Zi’s side currently has the least amount of losses.”

“Our six divisions of the Guard Battalion had been divided into two groups. Three divisions to defend the three human kingdoms and the remaining three divisions that has lower cultivation were also divided into three divisions to act as help out in the three kingdoms. Currently, there’s about 4000 of our people helping the three kingdoms. However, we have lost roughly 3000 of our brothers. The losses that the three kingdoms have sustained are undeterminable. If it wasn’t for us waiting for your return, us couple of brothers would have already joined the frontline long ago.”

My heart sunk. I didn’t expect that the Monster race would have such fast movements. As I thought about that, I asked, “How are the Demon and Beast races? It can’t be that the Monster race didn’t attack their side, right?”

Jian Shan explained seriously, “Since the Demon and Beast races were too far from the Human race and that we didn’t have enough manpower, we couldn’t support them. It was fortunate that the most elites of the Demon and Beast races also eliminated many monsters den, but they also received huge losses. The most terrifying part of the Monster race is that they are always hidden, making it impossible for us to know when they will appear. Once they appear, they would immediately destroy all the life forms and infrastructure in the surroundings. Their tyrannical powers is horrifying. I heard that there was a monster den that appeared in a middle-sized town. The entire town was in ruins within just two days, the monsters had even killed all 10,000 people. Currently, the various races of the worlarein within an abyss of suffering.”

I clenched my fists. “Could it be said that you have always been under attack?”

Jian Shan nodded. “In the beginning, a few tens of thousand people died under the hands of the Monster race. The quantity of monsters that we eliminated are innumerable. We had been under attack until the Dragons and Nature Elves appeared that the situation changed.”

I was shocked. “What? The Dragons and Nature Elves have already participated in the battle against the Monster race?”

Jian Shan smiled. “That’s correct! It’s due to them that our losses have been minimized and the Monster race couldn’t attack in an unrestrained manner. The information from the Nature Elves is exceptional. They were also responsible in guiding the forces in finding a possible location of the Monster race. Moreover, the Dragon race’s terrifying and powerful forces were uncomparable to any other race. I heard that the Dragon King has already personally joined the elimination of the Monster race. Wherever the Dragon race appeared, the monster dens were already destroyed before they had a chance to even damage anything. Only after three months of the Dragons and Nature Elves having stepped in, could the three human kingdoms stabilize themselves. The Monster race no longer created the large scale destruction as they did before.”

After hearing to here, I heaved a sigh of relief. “The Monster King hasn’t appeared?”

Jian Shab nodded. “There’s no news on the Monster King and the appearance of the monster dens has been decreasing lately. However, in every den that appeared now, there would be several strong monsters. Their powers are greater than the ones that were appearing previously, making it even more difficult for us to deal with them. There were a few dens that the Dragon King personally had to deal with. But it’s unknown why the Monster race focused on the Kingdom of Aixia and there weren’t many monsters that appeared in the Kingdoms of Dalu or Xiuda. Thus, the majority of our forces are stationed in the Kingdom of Aixia, while the Dragons and Nature Elves stationed themselves on the side in preparation to support any of the races. The Demon and Beast races were more relaxed. Possibly due to the strong powers that our Human race possesses, the Monster race couldn’t help but dispatch a large quantity over to our side so the Demon and Beast races could take it a little easier. The Monster race has been calm for the last few months. Our men have already gathered in the Capital of the Kingdom of Aixia. Not long ago, they passed a message, once you return for you to immediately meet up with them in the Capital of Aixia.”

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