Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 33

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Volume 11: Chapter 33 – Capital of Aixia

I thought, ‘The Monster race is peaceful? No, there’s always a calm before the storm. If I’m not wrong, then the Monster King is currently reviving.

“Jian Shan, I’ll head to the capital of Aixia now. You guys don’t need to head there, there must be some people defending our base. Don’t worry, I’ve already received the Radiant God’s inheritance. Even if the Monster King appears, we will surely eliminate him with your assistance in protecting me when I cast spells.”

Jian Shan replied, “Zhang Gong, let me come along with you. It should be sufficient for the brothers here to guard the place.”

I looked at him. “Alright, then let’s head there together. Time is pressing, if I’ve guessed right then the Monster race will emerge again shortly and will have a large offensive attack. We must quickly meet with the rest to prepare in adapting to the changes.” Upon saying that and without wasting time, I immediately drew up a long distance teleportation magic array on the ground.

After drawing the magic array, the sky had turned white and dawn was gradually revealing itself. I instructed the remaining brothers to protect the base as I used my powers to protect Jian Shan and myself before activating the magic array.

A light flashed and we simultaneously disappeared in the magic array.


“Ah! It’s really this place.” Everything looked so nostalgic. After all, Jian Shan and I were accurately teleported within Aixia… the place I was standing was the Kingdom of Aixia’s Advance Magic Academy, the likes of which I studied at before. To me, everything was so familiar and nostalgic. I didn’t know how Teacher Zhen and Teacher Di were. Had they participated in battling the Monster race? Ma Ke should have already inherited the throne of the Kingdom of Aixia. How was he?

“Zhang Gong, what’s wrong? Did we teleported wrong?” Jian Shan queried curiously.

I withdrew the divine powers that were emitting from my body as I shook my head, saying, “No, there wasn’t a mistake in the teleportation. It’s just that this place is nostalgic to me. I lived here and even used to study at this very school.”

Jian Shan replied with a smile, “Let’s go, it’s not the time to be reminiscing.”

I withdrew myself from my thoughts and nodded. “Alright, let’s head to the palace now. There definitely will be information of where everyone is.”

Just as Jian Shan wanted to reply, dense sounds of footsteps could be heard. We were already encircled and surrounded. This was one of the Squads from the Royal Mage Union. There was a few hundred mages looking gravely at us. I knew clearly that they could attack us at full force from the light elements shining from their staffs. ‘En! Since there was the baptism of the Monster race, the Mage Union’s response is quite fast! They should have hurried over from the intense magic undulation from the teleportation array.’

The leader, who was an old mage, stepped forth as he asked heavily, “Who are you people?” From the marks on his chest, he was a Magic Scholar and his main magic should be fire.

I smiled as I walked forth. “Don’t make your move. We are on your side. I’m a student from the Royal Advance Magic Academy and just returned using a teleportation array.”

That old mage looked at me dubiously as he asked, “Who do you think you’re lying to? The undulation from the magic array should be from a long distance teleportation magic array. There’s only a handful of people from the Kingdom of Aixia that could use fixed positioning magic array. Tell me, are you related to the Monster race?”

I answered, stunned, “Can it be that I look like I’m from the Monster race?”

That old mage snorted coldly. “There are many people that had their body infiltrated by the Monster race. How do I know you’re not a spy?”

I thought, “His words made me think about Feng Liang Ri and Si Feng Ri. What he says is correct. The Monster King had already controlled many human bodies. I suddenly realised that his suspicion is correct. It seems that I must expose my identity.

I extended the God’s Guard from my right hand. “You should know that the Monster race can’t cast light magic and I’m a light mage. “Upon saying that, I brandished my right hand, making a white light to soar towards the sky that shone on Jian Shan and I. The light ray that soared to the horizon wasn’t dazzling and was exceptionally gentle.

The old mage cried out, “Holy Light! A Holy Light that didn’t need a chant!”

I nodded. “This should already prove my identity.”

The old man seemed to be excited as he nodded. “Please remove your mask.”

I frowned. “My identity and my mask doesn’t seem to have much relation. I’ve a lot of important matters to settle. Please stop wasting both of our times. Your mission should be to protect the city so that it won’t be invaded by the Monster race, right?”

The old mage smiled. “I don’t have any other intentions. I just wanted to see what the God’s envoy, Zhang Gong Wei, looks like.” His words startled me and the mages that came with him excitement. The previously threatening atmosphere disappeared.

“How did you know that I’m Zhang Gong Wei?”

The old mage replied, “The only one, excluding Principal Lao Lun Di, that can freely use advanced light magic should be you, the Child of Light.”

Under the mages that were nearing me, I smiled wryly and nodded my head. Their passionate gazes on me made me uncomfortable. They couldn’t be wanting to find me for an autograph, right? I glanced at Jian Shan before replying to that old mage, “You’ve guessed correctly, but we have a lot of matters to attend to now so my apologies.” Upon saying that, I brandished my right hand and after a light shone, Jian Shan and I disappeared before them by using a short teleportation spell.

After a few teleportations, we were already far from the Royal Advance Magic Academy. Jian Shan laughed. “Why are you running?! They don’t have any ill intentions.”

I said, displeased, “There are many matters that we have to settle now. How can I afford to waste time? Let’s go.” Upon saying that, I brought Jian Shan, who came to the Capital of Aixia for the first time, along with me as we rapidly headed towards the palace. I didn’t want to stay at the academy as I was fearful of being tangled up in other business. Who really knew what those people of the Mage Union wanted? I was already fearful after exposing my identity and being tangled up with Princess Fei Yu from the Kingdom of Dalu. There was a proverb that states that humans were scared to be famous like pigs feared to be fat.

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