Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 4

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Volume 11: Chapter 4 – Drifting Away

Tears flowed down from Mu Zi’s face. She embraced me tightly and said, choked with tears, “No, nothing can happen to you. Only you can give me happiness. I’ll definitely live a bitter and lonely life without you. Zhang Gong, you must stay safe for me.”

I kissed gently on her forehead. Mu Zi’s unfathomably deep feelings for me greatly shook my heart.

“Mu Zi, please stop crying. I’ll definitely do my best. We’ll naturally settle the situation with Hai Shui. If we are destined to be together, then nothing will break us apart. I can’t currently give her any false hope, but if she is willing to give me a chance after eliminating the Monster race, I’ll definitely pursue her. I’ll bring you both to roam across the continent then, alright?”

Mu Zi didn’t say anything and just silently leaned on my chest. My spirit roused after a gentle breeze blew past. The most important thing that I needed to do now was to quickly receive the Radiant God’s inheritance. That way, I would have sufficient power to protect my loved ones. ‘God King! The mission that you left me really is too heavy.

Not only had I spent the following days accompanying the five elders in training the God’s Protector Squad, I also spent most of the time with Mu Zi and our friends. It had been a long time since I felt this free and unfettered. I didn’t know what would happen when I  received the Radiant God’s inheritance, but at that time, I was happy. We had almost wandered around the entire mountain range. I didn’t mention anything about the Radiant God’s inheritance to anyone during this past month as I didn’t want them to worry about me, especially Mu Zi. She was really happy these few days and I love seeing her happy. My ugly appearance was still my weak point, so I didn’t dare to stand by the river nor look into a mirror.

Forty-six days passed by quickly. I knew that time restraints would no longer allow me to continue having fun. I must do what needed to be done and follow through with my responsibilities.

The sky was still pitch black when I sat on my bed. I had lit up the room with my light illumination spell. I hadn’t slept much this night since I had to leave. I specifically stayed by Mu Zi’s side yesterday night. It had been such a long time since I had written Mu Zi a love letter. Since I was leaving, I would write a letter for her.

I took out my paper and pen from the space pocket. It took me a long time to focus as I really didn’t want to go! The sky was getting brighter when I looked out the window, to see if dawn was arriving. If I continued to dally, I would have to see the reluctance on everyone’s faces when I leave and I didn’t want their reluctance to influence my indecisive heart. I clenched my teeth and taking out my pen to quickly write a short letter.

I placed the letter under the lamp on the table after folding it. I sighed before tossing all of my personal items into my space pocket. I didn’t plan to bring Xiao Jin along this time. If the Monster race were to commence their attack on the various races while I was still receiving the Radiant God’s Inheritance, Xiao Jin could substitute for me to help the group.

I carefully withdrew my body’s aura as I snuck out of the room with Sukrad’s staff in hand.

The security of the God’s Protector Domain was very tight. If I were to just fly out, I would definitely be caught by the patrolling soldiers, so I didn’t do that. I stealthily climbed up a hill and used my sensitive elemental power to successfully dodge two patrolling squadrons of soldiers. I finally left the God’s Protector Domain’s perimeters. ‘I’m so pitiful as the leader of the Domain, here I am sneaking out like a thief in the night. This feeling is really embarrassing! I really have to go my friends, I apologise for this.’ I clenched my teeth as I activated the fusion powers in my body to fly out of the mountain range, staying close to the ground.


The God’s Protector Domain awoke as per usual in the morning. The soldiers responsible in farming had already gotten up and were busy tending the fields. The weather today was sunny and clear. It gave a refreshing feeling to everyone when the sunlight shone onto the ground. The morning temperatures in the mountains was a little low, but it was nothing to the members of the God’s Protector Domain.

Mu Zi walked out from her room, yawning. She had chatted with Zhang Gong late into the night yesterday. Recently, she kept feeling that Zhang Gong was a little down, even though he was often by her side. Thus, Mu Zi would spend every possible moment by his side to chat with him.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Mu Zi knocked on Zhang Gong’s door. “Zhang Gong, it’s me. Have you woken up? The sun has already risen.” After getting no response for a long while, since she was already used to Zhang Gong’s sleeping habits, Mu Zi said sharply, “You just know how to sleep all day. If you still don’t get up, I’ll use my water spell to freeze you.” Zhang Gong had told Mu Zi how his mother had woken him up before, which had now been learned and applied by Mu Zi, creating the best alarm clock.

Zhang Gong would definitely run to get the door after hearing that Mu Zi was going to use water magic. Mu Zi’s magic power was different from his mother’s, as she was approaching the Magister level. There was one time where Zhang Gong slept too deeply and didn’t hear Mu Zi’s calls. He was literally flushed out from the room by her spell. But today was a little strange as she still didn’t hear Zhang Gong’s voice.

Mu Zi had a bad premonition, so she didn’t use her water spell straightaway. She just violently pushed through the door. After seeing that the room was empty on entering, Mu Zi was stunned for a while before her gaze landed on the letter that Zhang Gong had left behind.

Mu Zi already knew what had happened. Her eye rims involuntarily reddened as she reached for the letter with shaky hands and picked it up. Upon opening it and reading it…

Author’s note from over 10 years ago:

“Thank you everyone for supporting me. There are many friends that commented that the pace of the book is a little slow. I’ll take notice of that and quicken the pace a little. Child of Light is my first book, after all so there will definitely be some mistakes; I wish for everyone’s forgiveness. Some of my friends asked me if the quality of the book would drop if I were to simultaneously write up this novel and Mad God (Kuang Shen). I can definitely give a reply that the quality won’t fall as I’m not writing the two books at the same time. I hope that everyone will continue supporting me. Thank you.-TJSS”

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