Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 7

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Volume 11: Chapter 7 – Whispers

That youth known as Ke Er lan Di felt something and surveyed his surroundings. I didn’t want to find trouble so I used a few short teleportations to enter the city. I didn’t care about them as I wanted to rest. After finding an inn to rest up at and get some food, I lay down on a large comfortable bed and fell into an extremely sound sleep. It was already difficult for me, a lazy person, to rush for an entire day. I wanted to rest up now and some more tomorrow to recover my energy. My skills in meditating by sleeping had been trained for more than a day or two already. My body relaxed after laying down on the bed. I circulated my fusion powers and constantly absorbed the light elements in my surroundings. I rapidly entered a dream state when my body was warm and comfortable.

I  stretched lazily getting out of bed the next morning. Not only had the powers in my body recovered after sleeping, but I felt exceptionally comfortable. I put the hood on to cover up my ugly face as I went to the lounge of the inn to eat in solitude.

The inn’s business was scarce as there were only a few tables filled with patrons.

I suddenly heard someone from behind me whispering while I ate. They seemed to be a couple from their voices.

The guy said, “Lan Lan, I heard that when our kingdom’s Marshall Feng Hao returned to the city, he asked His Majesty to resign from his position. Marshall Feng Hao has been working hard for all these years, even if he doesn’t have many contributions. Moreover, he’s the one who knows the most about the frontline. His resignation is such a shame.”

The girl sounded very gentle. She seemed to be a gentle and tender girl as she said, “En! I feel that Marshall Feng Hao has been treated unjustly. Actually, the one that suddenly changed his stance must be His Majesty, while Marshall Feng Hao became the scapegoat. I also heard that the Emperor of the Kingdom of Aixia has already abdicated his claim to the throne due to this matter.”

The guy replied, “Who told them to offend God’s Envoys? The negotiation with the Demon-Beast alliance is really a good thing because we can avoid loss of lives. However, I just feel that those God’s Envoys aren’t any good. They constantly say that the Monster race is emerging and made the various kingdoms to prepare to resist them. It’s still unknown whether it’s true or not. Anyway, I’ve never heard about the Monster race. It might just be something thee God’s Envoys fabricated to scare us.”

The girl said, “That’s enough, you shouldn’t continue to comment on them. Currently, there’s a lot of God’s Envoy believers. If they were to hear what you said, they would fight you with all their might. I’ve heard from the rumours that the leader of the God’s Envoys is an extremely ugly mage. He’s originally from the Kingdom of Aixia, but he was arrested for some various reasons.  He suddenly disappeared after that. He became God’s Envoy after reappearing.”

I inwardly smiled wryly after hearing their conversation. It seemed that the people thoughts on the current situation were quite hopeful. I didn’t mind their words as once the Monster race appeared, more carnage will occur. Shedding blood would be a wake up call for any non-believing humans.

My good appetite vanished as I shook my head after listening. Humans would definitely not trust me just from my words. I also couldn’t stand in the streets warning people, telling everybody that I know how scary the Monster King is. If I were to do that, I would probably be arrested for being a mad man.

I walked out of the inn with a slightly melancholic after settling the bill. The weather today wasn’t good. It was drizzling and was filled with dark clouds. I took in a mouthful of cold air while I walked in the rain. What should I do now? I had put in so much effort, but currently, there were still people that didn’t understand my hard work. Even though the words of two people didn’t mean that everyone thought that way, there would definitely be a group of them that would think that way too. Could it really be that they would only understand after people died? A feeling of depression filled my heart. I felt so helpless this time.

“What are you thinking about brother?” A clear voice sounded from my side. I didn’t need to see that I was the one he was talking to as I could feel his gaze on my back. I said calmly, “Are you talking to me? I don’t think we know each other.” I knew that person’s power was near the Radiant Knight’s rank, judging from the aura I felt from that person.

“Perhaps, but with brother’s profound magic, it’s really a pity not to join the army.”

I was startled as I turned around and looked at that person. Ah! He was unexpectedly the one that was leading the cavalry into the city yesterday, Commander Ke Er Lan Di. He was still wearing a silver armor and had a long sword at his waist, looking at me with interest.

I lowered my voice. “How did you know my magic is profound?”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “You told me yourself!”

I replied, stunned, “Me?”

Ke Er Lan Di nodded. “I’ve never seen a mage like you before. You can just stand in the rain and not get wet without chanting. Anyone that sees what is happening now will jump in shock. You should be at least at a Magic Scholar’s level from my judgement.”

I looked upwards after hearing what he said. As expected, the rain that would have landed on me automatically moved three inches away, leaving me completely dry. However, he was wrong to think that I was a Magic Scholar, currently my magic power might be beyond that of the continent’s first Magister, Teacher Zhen.

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “If brother doesn’t want to shock the bystanders, you should come over here.” Upon saying that, he pointed to his side. He was standing at the entrance of the inn that I just left. The downpour from the inn’s roof was like a barrier separating us.

I looked in my surroundings. There weren’t many people around due to the rain, for now no one would pay attention to me. I didn’t know what purpose Ke Er Lan Di had, but still walked over to him. I asked indifferently, “May I ask what you wished to discuss?”

Ke Er Lan Di looked unflustered with a faint smile on his face. “I just saw that brother was standing in the streets despondently, so I thought that you might have some matters that aren’t going too well for you. I don’t know what’s wrong, but maybe I can help?”

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