Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 8

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Volume 11: Chapter 8 – To Invite Great Kindness

He wanted to help me? It couldn’t be that simple. I became wary towards him. “I don’t need any help as nobody can help me with my affairs.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “With brother’s profound magic cultivation, if it is just this small city, it’ll definitely devalue your abilities. I’m Ke Er Lan Di. I’m currently in charge of a lot of duties in the army. If you’re willing, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to join the army. We can work side by side and become famous.”

I was stunned and felt that this situation was exceptionally funny. I never thought that he would unexpectedly try to recruit me to join the army. Seeing that Ke Er Lan Di didn’t have any ill intentions, I relaxed and smiled, “You want me to join the army? What position will you be giving me?”

A trace of happiness showed in Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes. “I’m the vice-captain for Lord Feng Hao. You should know him, right?”

I nodded. “Of course, he’s the great Marshall of the Kingdom of Dalu.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied dejectedly, “He originally was, but currently due to some changes in Ström Fortress, he has already resigned from his Marshall position, was demoted  and tasked to command the second defensive line.”

I smiled. “There’ll surely be a day that Marshall Feng Hao will regain his prestige.” I didn’t say that to be courteous, but Feng Hao resigned to shoulder the responsibilities of the Kingdom of Dalu. I believed that the kingdom would think of a way to recover his position in a short while.

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “Let’s hope that is the case. However, even if the Lord has been dispatched to the second front, his words should still carry weight due to his position serving the Kingdom for so many years. Currently, what the army lacks is mages, especially high leveled mages. If you were to join the army, I’ll definitely make you my aide. We’ll attack without restraint when fighting against our enemies.”

The Vice-Captain’s aide? That position couldn’t be low. It seemed that Ke Er Lan Di really needed mages like a man needed water in a desert. I said calmly, “Lord Ke Er Lan Di, we just met each other today. How can you be so certain about my personality? Can it be that you wouldn’t mind a person with bad character to be by your side?”

Ke Er Lan Di smiled. “Since you said that, it proves that you’re not that kind of person. Let’s go! I’ll treat you for a drink. We can continue to chat while we drink.”

I nodded and followed him back to the inn. Ke Er Lan Di ordered some food and an expensive wine, which was grown in the Kingdom of Dalu. He personally topped up the wine in a emerald green cup. “Please try some. You should be from the Kingdom of Aixia, judging from your accent. You mustn’t have tried the best wines from here. Please give it a taste. It’s definitely unique.”  

He really was an observant person, as he noticed the finest details. I raised the wine cup. The fragrance from the red tinged wine in the emerald cup made me relax. “Good wine!” I took a sip and the slightly sour and bitter wine flowed down my throat. Initially, I frowned, but as the wine entered my throat, it suddenly became sweet. A sweet feeling arose from my heart. My body was warmed from the inside, the pores from my body opened up, making me instantly feel exceptionally at ease. I couldn’t help but praise it again, “Good wine!”

Ke Er Lan Di also drank. “Although this wine isn’t top-grade, it’s not bad. I never got the chance to see your appearance. Can I……”

I shook my head. “My appearance has been ruined during my youth. It’s best that you don’t see. I’m afraid that I’ll frighten you.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, stunned, “Why would I be? I don’t judge from people’s appearance.”

I didn’t want to let him see as I didn’t want him to recognize my identity. Even if he was the Vice-Captain of Marshall Feng Hao, he might have seen me at Ström Fortress. I interrupted, “What is the general up to?”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “I plan to station the troops of Ström Fortress in preparation to wait for the new Marshall. I was previously ordered by Marshall Feng Hao to return to the city here to gather some rations so I missed the good show. I heard that when the three Human kingdoms and the Demon-Beast alliance were preparing to reconcile, Emperor Ke Zha from the Kingdom of Aixia suddenly changed his mind and wanted to attack the Demon-Beast alliance troops. His move instantly upset a few of the God’s Envoys. They created a one kilometer chasm on the flat plain in front of the fort by using some unknown power. That scene must have been astonishing. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see that.” He expressed regret for not being able to see that. After a while, he continued to say, “Brother, your age shouldn’t be too old, judging from your voice. How about joining the army?”

I shook my head. “I temporarily haven’t considered joining the army. My objective now is to go to Ström Fortress to have a look, which is to say I want to admire the chasm that you spoke of.”

Ke Er Lan Di frowned when I rejected the offer to join their army, but after hearing that I was heading to the Ström Fortress, he immediately said, “Let’s head there together then. Moreover, the distance to Ström Fortress from here isn’t too far. We’ll be able to reach it in a few days on horse back.”

Seeing his sincere appearance, I didn’t want to reject him. But if I were to fly with all my strength, I would be able to reach theStröm Fortress in a day. I wondered if I should agree.

Ke Er Lan Di saw me hesitating so he quickly added. “If you come with us, you’ll definitely decrease your troubles. You should know that the Ström Fortress is undergoing repair so ordinary people can’t enter. With my pass, if you come with us, entering the city will be much easier.”

His words didn’t have much effect as my goal wasn’t to be inside the Ström Fortress and I could just fly there. Forget it, since it wouldn’t take up much time, I would just go and travel with him by horse. I had always been riding Xiao Jin in the sky. I hadn’t ridden a horse since I was young. It would be good to give it a try.

“Alright, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

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