Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 11

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Volume 12: Chapter 11 – Restoration of Appearance

Mu Zi said, “It’s the cheers from the top of the fort, we can still hear them, even from this distance. Of course, I……..” After she noticed the voice was different from what she had expected, Mu Zi’s voice quietly trailed off and her body shuddered before she turned around to me. Mu Zi’s beautiful face hadn’t changed, but was a bit thinner than before. She must have suffered a lot over these two years, all because of me!

Mu Zi’s body shook violently as she saw me hiding behind my mask. Tears flowed from her eyes as her pale lips constantly shivered, not saying a single word.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong!” A lovable call out was heard as Hai Shui abruptly leaped into my embrace and sobbed loudly.

Embracing Hai Shui’s moving body, my heart became completely infatuated. ‘Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I finally got to meet with you two.’The eager thoughts numbed my body, as I embraced the crying Hai Shui. The Hai Shui who was the same as Mu Zi, speechless.

After a while, Mu Zi wiped the tears from her eyes as she asked calmly, “You still remember  to return?”

“Mu Zi, I….It’s my fault. I’m sorry I’ve made you suffer.”

Hearing these words, Mu Zi’s freshly dried eyes flowed again with tears. She turned around, facing her back to me. As her shoulders continually shook, she said, “Why would we suffer? Who could be like you? God’s Envoy Zhang Gong, so carefree, able to leave whenever he wants without a single word?”

I continued to embrace Hai Shui as I moved towards Mu Zi. As I used my other hand to embrace her, Mu Zi slightly struggled, but still stayed in my embrace. I embraced them both tightly, enjoying every second of this peaceful moment.

“Mu Zi, I know it was my fault. Please forgive me. I promise never to leave the two of you from now on.”

Mu Zi slowly raised her head as she asked sentimentally, “You promise?”

I resolutely nodded. “I promise. No matter what happens in the future, I won’t leave you two. Mu Zi, I’ve got a good news to share with you two.”

Mu Zi was slightly stunned as she asked, “What good news?” Hai Shui stopped crying and raised her head to look at me.

Under their gazes, I slowly removed the Ice God’s Mask from my face. “My…my appearance has recovered.” What displayed before them was my originally handsome, unscarred face. My appearance recovered while I was hopeless. At the top of the fort, I was forced to remove the mask. When Teacher Di and Teacher Zhen simultaneously saw that I was no longer disfigured, they asked me why I didn’t have any scars. I was stunned. What could make me happier than recovering my looks? Appearance was extremely important to me! I, who regained my handsome appearance, no longer needed to have any consideration for feeling inferior and could simply accept Mu Zi’s and Hai Shui’s feelings. The recovery of my looks must have been Mi Jia Lie’s doings. He really treated me well. He had easily eliminated the only regret in my life.

Since Hai Shui hadn’t seen my disfigured appearance, she didn’t know how to react to it, but when Mu Zi saw my handsome appearance, her entire body shuddered. As she extended her delicate small hand to caress my face, she dazedly asked, “Zhang Gong, your scars…….”

I nodded excitedly. “Yeah, my scars are gone. Mu Zi, Hai Shui, now we really can be together.”

Mu Zi’s expression changed as she pushed me away, pulling Hai Shui along with her. “Zhang Gong, what do you really think of us? You think that we simply fell in love with your looks?”

‘Ah? I said the wrong words. Damn it!’ I tried explaining with stutters, “No, that’s not it! Mu Zi, I didn’t mean it that way. Please don’t be angry.”

Seeing my anxious expression, Mu Zi laughed. “Look at your silly expression! When did you return?”

Seeing that he didn’t really blamed me, I heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ve arrived not long ago. Mu Zi, please don’t get mad at me. The reason I departed without telling you was because I didn’t have confidence in being able to successfully accept the inheritance. I didn’t know if I would ever return, so I left without telling you. With your personality, you would have definitely wanted to accompany me. How could I put you in danger? But now it’s fine, I’ve already inherited the Radiant God’s powers and can completely control the Holy Sword’s power. Once we defeat the Monster King, we can be together forever.”

Mu Zi snorted. “I’ll forgive you this time. But you better remember what you just said. Furthermore, sister Hai Shui had given up a lot for you. You mustn’t betray her either.”

When I looked at Hai Shui, her lovable face blushed with shyness. I nodded. “I will. I will definitely repay what you both have done for me, from this day on. The most important thing for now though is annihilating the Monster race in order to return the peace and harmony in the world. We’ll really be together after that!”

Mu Zi nodded. “The Monster race is really powerful. When the Three Great Monsters  attacked the fort, if it weren’t for your brothers and the five elders, the fort would have already fallen. Since you already gained the Radiant God’s power, after everyone’s injuries recover, we should go on the offensive. Why hasn’t the Monster King appeared? If the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters were to attack the fort before you returned, we wouldn’t have been able to resist them. Can it be that he hasn’t resurrected yet?”

I frowned and replied, “I’m not sure, but when I reached the fort, I felt a strong demonic power nearby, and it couldn’t have been the Three Great Monsters. I think that the Monster King must have resurrected. There must be a reason why the Monster King didn’t join the monsters in attacking us. We need to be cautious.” I chuckled and I said, “Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I’ve got something that I want to discuss with you two.”

Mu Zi and Hai Shui simultaneously were stunned. “What matter?”

Looking at their impeccable appearance, my heart heated up. I moved forth to make them return into my embrace. “I wish to use your room and temporarily stay here.”

Hai Shui shyly lowered her head and Mu Zi punched me. “How can we let that happen? Where did you get such a weird thought at such a time?”

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