Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 12

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Volume 12: Chapter 12 – Cultivation Recovery

“What weird thoughts will I have?” I said, feeling wronged. “It’s just that I don’t have a place to stay, so I thought of using your place to cultivate and recover my injuries. Big Brother and the others have too many people over there, it’s already a mess.”

Mu Zi and Hai Shui simultaneously exclaimed, “What?! You’re hurt?”

Seeing their worried gazes, my heart warmed. “Relax, it’s just a small injury. When I fought against the Three Great Monsters, my meridians were hurt by their shockwave of demonic powers.”

Mu Zi asked in astonishment, “You still can’t eliminate them even after the inheritance?”

I smiled wryly. “How can the Three Great Monsters be so easy to be deal with? They are our enemy’s strongest, excluding the Monster King. During the great war between the Gods and the Monster race, each of the three individually held powers that were on par with the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jie Lie. After returning to this world, they only recovered 30 percent of their powers. Otherwise, it would be alright to deal with one of them. But if there were two of them, we would be forced to retreat. Even if it’s the current me, it would be difficult to even defeat them while dealing with all three of them simultaneously.”

Mu Zi frowned. “What are we going to do now? They possess such powers. If the Monster King is added to the mix, won’t we lose without a doubt?”

I smiled. “I definitely have a way. After the inheritance, Mi Jia lie gave me orbs that contain the divine will for each of the brother’s divine instruments. Once the brothers have fully recovered, I’ll let them each accept their corresponding divine will. Their power will greatly increase. Only after we can simultaneously cast forbidden spells, we won’t need to worry about the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters.”

Hearing my words, a light flashed in Hai Shui’s eyes. She must be excited from being able to fight against the Monster race so I didn’t pay much attention.

Mu Zi replied, “Quickly recover your injuries, we’ll guard you.”

Ah! That’s right! Mu Zi, I heard that you are also hurt. Are you feeling better?” I shot divine power into Mu Zi’s body to check on her meridians. Mu Zi’s meridians didn’t seem to be hurt. My heart calmed down then.

“My injuries had already recovered. Ah! Your power is so warm! Is this your divine power?”

I nodded and smiled. “I’m starting my treatment. There’s no need to protect me, but I wish to see you when I wake up. My injuries aren’t serious. It shouldn’t take long to recover. Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I love you.” Upon saying that, I placed a gentle kiss on their heads. Mu Zi’s body shuddered, while Hai Shui was so stirred up that her body violently shuddered for a moment before calming down. Their eyes expressed an intense love.

After letting go, I put on the Ice God’s mask again before heading to sit on Mu Zi’s bed. “Alright, I’m starting. After my injuries recover, I’ll help to heal the brothers’ injuries. Right, Mu Zi, Xiao Jin came with me. He’s currently with Xiao Rou at the top of the city. In a while you should go and ask why the Dragon race aren’t here yet? Similarly, you should pay close attention to the actions of the Monster race.”

Mu Zi nodded. “Just take your time to recover. Leave the rest to me. Also haven’t you recovered your good looks? Why are you still wearing that mask? You no longer need to cover your face.” I could see that Mu Zi was extremely happy that I had recovered my looks. Who didn’t wish for their lover to be handsome after all?

With a deep look, I gazed at Mu Zi and Hai Shui. “The mask that I’m wearing is the Ice God’s mask,  another divine instrument. I’ve obtained it by chance. Its ability stabilizes my mind, which is most suitable for training. I’m starting.” Upon saying that, I didn’t dally and closed my eyes, circulating the divine power in my body. After checking on everyone, my heart settled. When I observed the golden sea in my body, I was shocked to see that the injuries had only slightly deviated the flow of divine power in my body. The power in my body was already recovering automatically. The golden river had gradually returned to its original position. The divine power in my body was constantly being willed to circulate, in order to quickly recover the initial route. The light elements in my surroundings were constantly absorbed into my body, converting into divine power. A faint gold light emitted from my body, filling Mu Zi and Hai Shui’s room with divine power. The immense pressure was making it difficult for Mu Zi and Hai Shui to breathe.

“Elder sister Mu Zi, let’s head out as the power from Big Brother Zhang Gong is too powerful. Soon I won’t be able to stand it.” Hai Shui said to Mu Zi, as her face strained with difficulty.

Mu Zi was slightly better off  compared to Hai Shui. “It seems that you don’t have a place to sleep tonight. Zhang Gong is so irresponsible, not telling us how powerful he currently is before entering his meditative state. But the divine power emitted from his body is really warm! Sister Hai Shui, why are you so pale? Is the pressure too strong for you? Let’s head out first.” After speaking, she went to the eastern  room to find Dong Ri, to have him to protect Zhang Gong. She then brought Hai Shui with her to talk to Xiao Jin. After leaving the western room, Hai Shui’s complexion became more natural and   recovered her rosy complexion. There was complex expression in her eyes as though her heart was debating something. All of these thoughts  occurred while Mu Zi, who was filled with excitement from Zhang Gong’s return, didn’t notice.

While circulating the divine power in my body, I found that when I resisted the Three Great Monsters, I wasn’t at full power and had used about 70% of my power. It was due to me rushing back to the God Protector Domain after inheriting the power so I wasn’t really familiar with using them and hadn’t fully incorporated them as my power. When dealing with the Three Great Monsters, I wasn’t able to use the full potential of my power to attack them. My confidence increased after discovering this. If I continued to work hard cultivating, I should be able to recover all of my power quickly.

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