Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 14

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Volume 12: Chapter 14 – Divine Will’s Inheritance

I nodded. “That’s great then. Mi Jia Lie gave me the divine wills for each of your divine instruments before I left the God Rended Canyon. You need them so that you can use the full potential of your divine instruments. Since that’s the case, we can also bring out the full potential of the Ultimate Forbidden Spell. We won’t need to fear the Monster King any longer. Mi Jia Lie had instructed me that when receiving the divine wills, you must be at your peak condition. Otherwise, it’ll be risky so I’ll seriously ask you again. Have you guys really recovered completely?”

Zhan Hu looked at the rest before replying, “I’ve recovered, Xiu Si shouldn’t have any problems as well. We suffered the lightest injuries among us all, we recovered in two days. Afterwards, Xiu Si used his Sky God’s Horn to heal everyone so they injuries should already be fine. What is a divine will anyways? Is it really that powerful?”

I nodded. “It’s hard for me that explain in detail what the divine wills are exactly, but essentially it activates the genuine powers of the divine instrument by fusing your current power with the divine instrument. You’ll understand it once you inherit the divine will. From my estimation, you’ll reach at least the War God’s rank after the inheritance.”

Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri simultaneously cried out, “What?! War God?!” Excitement could be seen in their eyes.

As a cultivator, no matter who they were, they would always set the rank of War God as their final goal. It was a rank similar to that of the Grand Magister’s power! It was the peak cultivation for martial artists. If they all successfully gained the divine will, their combined powers wouldn’t be inferior to mine. We would then have a much larger chance for defeating the Monster King.

I nodded. “The Monster King can be appearing any moment now. Since everyone has recovered, let’s not dally and commence the inheritance now. Everyone, form a circle and summon your divine instruments.”

Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao, and Dong Ri gathered with me at the center. Mu Zi and Hai Shui retreated to a side.

Zhan Hu chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s Armor. No evil shall pass me, for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” A blue armour appeared in mid air and shattered into countless pieces as they covered Big Brother Zhan Hu’s body, piece by piece. A blue energy was constantly rippling, while his body emitted a divine aura filled with the desire to fight.

Xiu Si chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s Horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” A white light flashed and the Sky God’s horn appeared in Xiu Si’s hand. The pure white horn hummed, forming a benevolent divine aura around him.

Xin Ao chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s Hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” An enormous Titan God’s hammer, flickering with yellow light, appeared in mid air. Xin Ao extended both of his hand to grasp onto the handle. The yellow light instantly covered his body, making his body emit a domineering divine aura.

Gao De said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s Shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.” A small red shield appeared in Gao De’s right hand. The red light encapsulated him, making an intense divine aura to envelope his body. The flickering red light gave people a stalwart sense of steadiness.

Dong Ri said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s Bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently.” After a gold light flashed, a small golden short bow appeared in Dong Ri’s hand, emitting green lights. As the green light rays covered Dong Ri’s entire body, the auras emitting from the brothers fused together to form a five coloured halo, with me at its center.

After receiving Mi Jia Lie’s memory, I clearly knew that while inheriting the divine will, I must protect their bodies. Even the slightest disturbance could lead to their death.

I chanted loudly, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens!” A silver Holy Sword momentarily appeared before me. The intense golden light completely enclosed the five of them. I extended my hand to grip onto the Holy Sword, forcefully emitting divine power. My spirit shook and summoned the six wings of light on my back, instantly absorbing the light elements in the air.

“Brothers, you must focus on your divine instruments in order to fuse the divine will into your body. No matter how much pain you feel, you must endure.” I could still clearly remember the pain that I felt from when I received the God’s inheritance. I couldn’t predict what would happen to them while they received their divine wills so I warned them beforehand.

“Just do it, we can withstand it.” Zhan Hu firmly replied. The others looked at me in agreement, with a steadfast look on their readied faces.

I took in a deep breathe and waved my hand, making the blue, white, yellow, red, and green power orbs to appear before me. The five lights rose to the sky, simultaneously causing Zhan Hu and the others’ bodies to shake. The divine instruments started to slightly vibrate, almost as if they were alive, dancing around in a jubilant manner. The five of them showed grave expressions as they forcefully withstood the undulations of power from their divine instruments.

I raised the Holy Sword and enveloped the five of them in  a golden light. The courtyard filled with divine aura. I raised my left hand and abruptly released the seal on the five-colored light balls, making them charge toward the divine instruments like shooting stars. From what I learned with Mi Jia Lie’s memory, after the five lights fuse into their bodies, they would need a short while before being able to fully command their divine instruments. This instant seemed to be passing by slowly as I looked up nervously at the five lights.

Just as the five lights flew into their heads and was about to fuse with their bodies, an abnormally occurred. A fuzzy grey light suddenly floated over, seemingly unhindered by the Holy Sword’s boundary, and struck heavily onto Zhan Hu and the others’ bodies.

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