Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 15

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Volume 12: Chapter 15 – A Sudden Strange Phenomena

The five of them cried out mournfully as they violently spurt out blood. Their bodies soared and landed heavily to the side and the Holy Sword’s boundary shattered. My chest felt as though I had been struck by an enormous hammer from the backlash, forcing me retreat a few steps. I was worried, the five divine wills seemed to be ignorant of what was happening and continued to quickly charge towards the divine instruments. There was a high probability that the brothers wouldn’t be able to currently withstand the enormous divine powers, leading to the destruction of their bodies.

At this critical moment, the Ice God’s mask let out faint white light. My mind seemed to have been electrified, forcefully clearing my mind. I hastily brandished the Holy Sword with my hand and formed an arc to block the five light balls from entering their divine weapons. With a wave of my left hand, it rapidly sealed the five divine wills and returned them to my space pocket once again.

My heart sank. Who could easily break through the Holy Sword’s boundary and simultaneously hurt the five of them? … Of course, the one and only ruler of the Monster race, the one who would bring carnage to the world, the Monster King. I never expected that he could so accurately deduce the most crucial time to strike.

“Hai Shui, why did you do that?” Mu Zi cried out. But when I looked at her, the beautiful and gentle Hai Shui had changed. Her hair was no longer a bright blue, but had turned greyish blue. Her eyes was constantly glimmered with red light. Her icy gaze held no feelings toward me. ‘Could it be that the previous grey light was from her?’

Hai Shui snorted and with a casual wave of her hand, Mu Zi, who was nearing the Magister realm, was sent flying to heavily strike against a wall.

Apart from Hai Shui, I was the only one left standing. I held the Holy Sword in front of my body and asked fumingly, “Hai Shui, do you even know what you are doing?”

Hai Shui broke into laughter. Her voice was no longer melodious and moving. Her tone was neither sinister nor normal, “Human, you’re really idiotic. There’s only one outcome for going against my Monster race, death. Brat, do you really think you can fight against me using Mi Jia Lie’s power? To me, Mi Jia Lie was nothing more than another fragile life. He was surmount to nothing. Not bad! Not bad! I can eliminate the hope of that old fellow, the God King, today. Afterwards, I shall see what he can still use to resist me. When this world falls into my hand, it will be the demise of the God’s Realm. Hahahahaha!”

I looked dazedly at Hai Shui, who looked crazed, and said with a deep hatred, “You’re the Monster King.”

Hai Shui’s laughter stopped abruptly. “That’s right! I’m the ruler that governs everything, the great Monster King. No matter what, you’ll fall to my Monster race’s feet. You understood too late.”

Why? Why did Hai Shui become the Monster King? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Seeing Zhan Hu and the rest still unconscious, I felt my heart as it ripped to pieces. I hollered as I brandished the Radiant Holy Sword, shooting a silver streak towards the Monster King.

Hai Shui chuckled disdainfully. “I’ve already told you that Mi Jia Lie’s ability isn’t worthy of my attention. You still want to fight me? You’re really too naive.” She raised her right hand to physically block the Holy Sword’s divine light ray. The enormous backlash flung my body high in the air before colliding against the courtyard wall. He held such tyrannical, strong power!

The Monster King looked at his arm. “This body is not bad. It’s perfect. With this vessel, I can bring out a sufficient amount of power to annihilate every life form in the world.”

I used the Holy Sword to support my body as I slowly stood. “Why? How could you possess Hai Shui’s body?”

The Monster King looked coldly at me. “Since you’re about to die, it won’t matter if I tell you that. To you humans, everyone has desires, which is what I like the most. That little girl Hai Shui’s desire was extremely intense, so strong that I couldn’t help myself in making her my new vessel. Do you know what her desire was? It’s to receive your love. Haha! How laughable? Too hilarious. Love is nothing, and yet she was willing to sacrifice her life for it.”

My heart trembled. Even though I knew Hai Shui had deep feelings for me, I didn’t expect it to be so great. ‘Hai Shui, it’s all my fault. If I had accepted you in the first place, you wouldn’t have been possessed by the Monster King.’ Fury filled my chest. I no longer cared about anything. I just wanted to raise the Holy Sword. Suddenly, I saw happiness in the Monster King’s eyes. Happiness? What was he excited about? He held an absolute advantage now, he shouldn’t need to be happy about it. The Ice God’s mask sent an electric shock through my mind, once again clearing it. I instantly understood, no matter how powerful he was, he still must have a weak point. An invader like himself shouldn’t need to talk to me so much, he could just kill me directly. His previous words were to provoke me. What was his purpose? Could it be that he didn’t have enough power to deal with me? It couldn’t be, his power was over three times more than mine, so naturally I wasn’t his match. What was it then?

While I couldn’t make a decision, I saw a look of conflict in the Monster King’s eyes! ‘I get it! He must not be able to completely possess Hai Shui’s body. Hai Shui loves me so she wouldn’t have any killing intent towards me. The Monster King wants to use my hatred of him to make Hai Shui think I hate her, and thus using that to kill me. That’s it! That must be the case.

Thinking about that, under the astonishment of the Monster King, I lowered the Radiant Holy Sword as I said gently towards the Monster King, “Hai Shui, awaken, chase that devil from your body. I love you. I really do! You want to experience a peaceful life with me, right?”

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