Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 17

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Volume 12: Chapter 17 – The Great Battle Was Imminent

I was woke up to a warm power after an unknown amount of time. I opened my eyes to see Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest seated cross-legged. There was slight rosiness on their faces, but they still looked feeble like before. The Dragon King and Xiao Jin were seated to the side, looking at me. Even after my recovery, the light elements had already recovered most of my divine powers. However, it would still take some time for me to reach my peak condition.

I got up and retracted the six light wings on my back. “Uncle Dragon King, thank you for saving big brother Zhan Hu and the rest. How are their injuries?”

The Dragon King shook his head. “I’ve done my best, but they were severely hurt by the Monster King. Even though I eradicated the remnant powers from Monster King in their bodies, it’ll still take at least a month’s time for them to fully recover. It seems that time is pressing. We’ll need to adopt an alternative idea to deal with the situation at hand.”

My slight hope was completely crushed by the Dragon King’s words. ‘Can it be that the heavens want to eradicate the races of our continent? Didn’t they say that justice always triumph over evil? Why are you pushing us into such a distress then? Monster King, I really loathe you! Not only have you stolen my beloved, but you’ve also severely wounded my brothers. I’ve not been attentive enough. I should have see the difference in Hai Shui from her usual personality.

“Zhang Gong, don’t be so dejected. You’ve done your best.” Mu Zi’s voice entered my ears, making my body to shake.

“Mu Zi, are you alright?” I asked out of concern.

Mu Zi walked over before me as she forced a smile and took the initiative to cling onto my arm. “My injuries are much better already. I didn’t expect the Monster King to actually use Sister Hai Shui as his vessel. Poor Hai Shui! It’s all my fault for not noticing any changes after such a long time. I believe that the Monster King had already possessed sister Hai Shui’s body for some time already.”

I shook my head. “How can I blame you? Hai Shui got possessed by the Monster King because of my refusal to initially accept her feelings. I feel really guilty towards Hai Shu. If I had accepted her earlier or even gone to see her before heading to undergo the inheritance, this situation might have been avoided. It’s all my fault!” I bitterly pulled on my hair as tears of grievance and hatred dampened my clothes. I had become enshrouded with limitless suffering from despair towards the future and the guilt I felt towards Hai Shui.

“Bastard!” An angry holler was heard, making my body to tremble. I vacantly raised my head and saw the Dragon King staring fumingly at me. Xiao Jin just stayed to the side, quietly, afraid to rebuke his father. The Dragon King angrily chidded, “Zhang Gong, I didn’t expect you to be such weak trash. I really don’t know why the mission of saving the world has fallen onto you, falling into regret once you face a single setback. How can regrets help you? The pressing mission now is to resist the Monster King. Even if it isn’t successful in the end, there will still be many of us accompanying you. If the Monster King really wants to eliminate the races in the continent, he must first walk over our dead bodies to succeed. Even if we all meet our demise, we at least had fought and tried our best. It’s better than being trash like you. Xiao Jin, let’s go. Weak trash isn’t capable of being your Master.” Upon saying that, the Dragon King flapped his enormous wings and headed into the sky. Xiao Jin gave me a helpless look before following after his father.

I stood dazedly at where I stood, my mind completely blank. Mu Zi looked at me worried, but said nothing. I let out a long sigh after a long while and all the thoughts returned to my mind. ‘Two days! There’s still two days left. The Dragon King is right. Even if there’s no means of succeeding, I still have my life. I can at least fight to the bitter end. It will be even better if I managed to take down the Monster King with me. I suddenly thought about the method for the burning life force magic that I used previously.’

“Zhang Gong, how are you faring?” Mu Zi asked gently.

I let out a long sigh. “What the Dragon King said is right. I’ve thought it through. Mu Zi, don’t worry about me. I need a favour from you.”

Mu Zi replied, “Say it, if it’s within my capability, I will do it.”

I looked affectionately at Mu Zi’s delicate face. I hugged her body for a long time before removing the Ice God’s mask as I buried my head deeply at Mu Zi’s neck, greedily taking in the feminine scent extruded from her body. Mu Zi obediently stayed there as I gradually become infatuated with her. I really wished that this moment could last forever; to hug my beloved woman for all of eternity! However, the burden on me is too heavy, my life no longer belonged to myself alone. I must serve out my duty to all of the various races in the continent.

I gently whispered in Mu Zi’s ear. “I’ll be at the city gates later, waiting for the Monster King and his subordinates to appear. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of big brother Zhan Hu and the rest. You’re also hurt so rest up as well. You’re not allowed to leave this courtyard. No matter what, unless the city falls, understand? Can you promise me that? Furthermore, regarding the aftermath of three elders, I’ll leave you in charge for it. Even though there aren’t any remains, they still sacrificed their lives for me. I want you to find a place in the fort to make a cenotaph. Mu Zi, I…I really love you. But if I don’t return, please don’t miss me.”

The shoulder of my shirt had already become damp with Mu Zi’s tears, but she continued to stay silent. I knew that she would understand that I was forced to leave her. It was my responsibility.

“Mu Zi, I’ve got to go. I need to make preparations for the upcoming battle in two days’ time. Please take care of yourself. If I survive this ordeal, I’ll definitely make up for all the deep feelings you have for me, alright?”

As both her arms clung tightly around my neck, Mu Zi’s delicate body trembled .

“Please don’t be like this, Mu Zi. Be good.” I carefully separated myself from her embrace. Seeing Mu Zi’s tear stained face, my heart trembled. I shut my eyes to suppress the tears from falling. I abruptly turned around and feebly said in a shaky voice, “Mu Zi, I’m heading off.” I didn’t dare continue to stay, so I leapt off the ground and activated my divine power to soar into the sky.

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